Thailand Relationships – The Good and The Bad

Pattaya Girl In The Bedroom

I will be flying out tomorrow in what should be a long day—23 hours on two flights.

Rio de Janeiro to Paris with a 2-hour layover, and then on to Bangkok.

My Thai girlfriend speaks the typical English that Thai people pick up simply from interacting enough with foreigners.

Her name is Chomo, so I already know she has quite a bit of experience with foreigners.

What kind of experience? I have no clue.

I suspect I will find out when I get there.

Thai Girl Is Playing Tricks

Trying To Figure Out If This Thai Girl Is Playing Tricks

We were chatting last night on messenger, and she sent me a string of 20 or so gifts that were very romantic.

I thought this was cute, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Why does she have so many?

I am totally paranoid thanks to all the videos I’ve watched.

I’m still feeling confused as to where this woman is coming from.

She seems sincere, but I know that everyone, including me, can have alternative motives.

As far as I can tell, she is a typical working-class Thai and perhaps just a little education.

But she is very smart and remembers nearly every word I have said to her.

Two Thai Girls Kiss

Is She After Money or Love?

At this point, I am thinking that her background story is true and that she has been trying desperately for the last 10 years to find a decent boyfriend with a decent bank account.

I can’t hold that against her since I have been doing basically the same thing here in Brazil, minus the bank aspect.

She has an English friend who has been in Thailand for many years.

She says he speaks nearly perfect Thai.

I think he lives somewhere under the radar because Chomo said he can barely feed himself.

I have no idea how much they see one another or what their current relationship is.

Chomo told me he is always asking for bedroom fun, and she does not like it.

She didn’t say when this happened or how long ago.

I’m assuming that they had a relationship in the past that became more of a friendship.

I fight with myself not to feel put off by this, as I also have many Brazilian women friends who I truly consider just friends.

Photo shoot small asian lady

Finding Out More About My Girlfriends Financial Situation

Apart from the rented room she has in Pattaya, she also has a house that isn’t far from the airport in Bangkok.

She is planning on meeting me on Tuesday, and she will move to her house to be closer to the airport.

She sent me videos of the house, which looks like a simple place that has been left unused for quite a while—full of clutter and completely disorganized.

From my perspective, living in Brazil, I would say it is a typical working-class house.

It also looks like it is in need of some small repairs, as it has a leaky roof.

Girlfriends Ex

My Girlfriends Ex Is Still In Her Life

She has an ex-partner who she sometimes lets stay in the house.

I still cannot quite figure out what her relationship with him is now, although I believe her when she says he is just her ex-partner, and since they spent so long together, he still has a place in her life.

I am still a little torn about my feelings with Champo.

She seems like a nice woman.

I think she is very attractive, as a lot of Thai women are.

Not a 10, but for her age, I would definitely give her a strong seven or even an eight.

Sometimes she seems very focused on my money, what little I have.

But then I have to understand where she is coming from with such a hard life.

Bangkok Girl

Arriving In Bangkok For My Girl

I finally arrived in Bangkok, and Champo met me at the airport with her daughter, as planned.

I was so tired that I could barely stand, but we managed a big hug.

We then went to a food court in the airport to have a quick meal. I was not sure where my body was—9:00 a.m. in Thailand or 7:00 p.m. in Brazil.

I don’t really remember much about it, as I fell asleep on the bus ride down to Pattaya.

Actually, I can’t remember it at all, other than getting off and having Champo be a little distracted and stressed because the bus stopped by the side of the road and not at the North Terminal bus station like it normally does.

Tattooed Asian On Bed

Having My Guard Up In Thailand

She had me sit at a roadside table while she arranged for a friend to come to pick us up.

We arrived at a hotel, and I think I slept for 8 hours straight.

Two weeks later, I’m finally beginning to get on with Thai time.

I’m feeling less tired by now.

The first week was pretty much “suck it and see how it turns out” because all of the videos I watched and stories I had heard about Thai women being very devious, so I was always on my guard.

Thailand Girlfriend Keeps Asking For Money

My Thailand Girlfriend Keeps Asking For Money

Sometimes we got into silly little arguments, and I often threatened to leave her on her own if it continued.

I even spent an afternoon searching for apartments in Jomtein.

The subject of money always came up.

she was always trying to persuade me that I should support her, as she was quite poor.

As I was aware that many relationships here in Thailand were based more on transactional activity rather than love, this didn’t come as a great shock to me.

Thailand Girl Wearing Gold

Now She Wants Me To Buy Her Gold

I did get really angry with her once when she asked me to buy her a gold bracelet, just after I had paid all the bills for her house.

An itemized bill was presented to me for what it cost her to meet me at the airport.

I was starting to feel like this woman was not really interested in me at all, only how much I could provide for her.

I had made quite a lot of inquiries regarding agents and requirements for getting a long-term Visa in Thailand.

I had selected one agent that I had heard was quite reliable and honest.

However, she was insisting that I used one of her friends to get my Visa done.

Girlfriends Beautiful Friend

Meeting Her Friends Did Not Go To Plan

Once again, I was starting to lose my temper with her, and we had words.

She kept telling me I shouldn’t overthink things.

During the following week, she introduced me to a lot of her friends.

She must have told them that we had argued a lot because all of them told me that I should calm down and relax and take things easy, which was quite strange to hear from multiple people that I’d never met before.

They also told Champo to be more understanding of my feelings, as I was in a new country that I had never been to before.

I had also started working with an agent to arrange a long-term Visa that I alone chose.

Champo really wanted to be part of the process with my Visa, but the agent didn’t want her interfering with his work.

He appeared to be working with lots of foreigners obtaining visas.

The last thing he needed was some random Thai woman telling him how to do his job.

Sponsored Asian Bar Girl

Asking For My Sponsor Money Back

Chomo was very insulted when he suggested that she not come on the subsequent visit to the immigration.

So much so that she went there on her own while I was back at the hotel one day.

Why, who knows? I had got to the point where I was really fed up with her.

I’d given her 50,000 B to put into her bank account to help her out, but I demanded it back at this point.

To my surprise, she actually gave it back to me, which apparently is very rare in Thailand.

I really thought this is it—time to get out of this horrible relationship.

But then things turned for the better.

I don’t know why, but over the next few coming days and then weeks, we started to really get on well.

I think her past experience with foreigners had taught her not to push too far.

She always hinted about money, but she never got on my nerves again, and we hardly argued.

We were really starting to have a good time together.

Tattooed Thai In Lace

Things Went From Bad To Actually Pretty Good

We would ride all over Pattaya on her little scooter, meeting her friends, go out to the market, and yes, a little bit of shopping here and there.

One afternoon, we spent our time pulling weeds out of the rented land that she had.

I might eventually one day build a little house for the both of us, and we are now getting on very well.

I think she’s realized that it’s her Last Chance Saloon.

She’s not getting any younger, and I treat her decently, and I don’t mess around with other girls, which is rare for a guy living in Pattaya.

Apply For Thailand Visa

Waiting For My Thailand Visa

We are living in the middle of the dark side, that’s an area of Pattaya that many people know.

So it’s very easy to walk everywhere, although the street dogs can be quite intimidating—you just should never look them in the eyes.

I’ve got my bank account now, my Visa is being processed, and I have a license to drive her scooter.

I’m very optimistic about the future, and I really hope things work out.

Thank you for reading this story.


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