My Horrible Marriage With A Thai Go Go Girl

unfaithful thai wife

My story begins in 2007 when I was thinking about going on a vacation to either Thailand or the Philippines.

I was going to go with a friend from work named Tom.

He’s an older guy who used to work as an engineer in the same company as me.

In the end, we agreed to have a two-week vacation in Thailand in August of that year.

Tom was excited about it because he had heard my stories about Thailand.

I had been to Thailand a couple of times before, just for holidays, hanging out with bar girls.

I enjoyed their company but didn’t want a serious relationship with any of them, especially after hearing the horror stories of other guys losing everything.

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Choosing Thailand Over The Philippines

August arrived, and we hopped on a flight to Thailand.

We had plans to spend three nights in Bangkok and had reservations at the Nana Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4.

After the first three days, our plan was to catch a flight to Phuket.

On the first night, we just hung around Nana Plaza, having a good time, joking around, and enjoying in the night life.

On the second night, Tom asked me where he could find fake football shirts, Rolex watches, DVDs, and stuff like that.

I suggested that Patpong Night Bazaar would be a good place to find all those things, so we got a taxi and headed to there.

Tom managed to get a Rolex at a really good price, which surprised me, considering it was his first trip to Thailand.

A little while later, the sky opened up, and there was a huge downpour. Everyone rushed for cover.

Tattooed back of a thai go go girl

Go-Go Bars Are The Best Shelter

Tom yelled, “Let’s take shelter in this go-go bar!

The bar was called “The Kiss Spa,” and it had lots of girls performing on the stage.

I sat down next to a girl who worked there.

She introduced herself as Annie, but said I could call her Pre, which was her nickname.

Annie pointed to a girl on stage and told me that the girl up there was her niece, which I found a bit unusual.

Meanwhile, Tom was joking around with a cheerful, overweight woman who looked to be around 45, and she was more than happy to share drinks with him.

Annie mentioned she was 34, around the same age as me back then.

I was torn about inviting her to join me outside the bar because I hadn’t slept much since arriving and didn’t really feel like continuing the party.

In the end, Tom and I left the bar alone.

We had one more drink at Nana Plaza before heading back to the hotel for a well-deserved night’s sleep.

The next day, Tom wanted to shop for presents for his family, so we returned to the MBK shopping mall and In the evening, we made our way back to the Kiss Bar in Patpong.

two go go dancers getting dressed

Bar Fine For Bangkok Go-Go Girl

Annie was there, so we chatted for a while.

By now, I was feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

I made the decision to pay Annie’s bar fine, and we left the bar together.

We had a drink at Gulliver’s.

She told me that her mother was in poor health and started crying.

I tried to show sympathy and tell her I was sorry to hear that, and she also apologized to me, but I understood andt it wasn’t a problem.

I felt a bit concerned for her.

She went on to tell me that she had two sons from past relationships with two different Thai guys to which I told her that it was not a problem for me.

I asked her what she’d like to drink, and she said water because she had never drank alcohol.

I was surprised by this, as most of the bar girls I knew could drink a lot.

We went back to the Nana Hotel, and we had a great time together.

Thai go go girl becomes a wife

Time To Head To Phuket

The next morning, we said our goodbyes, and Tom and I headed off to Phuket.

Our trip to Phuket was planned for one week, and we did the usual stuff, like visiting the bars on Bangla Road, drinking, and playing Connect Four with the girls working in the bars.

After two days in Phuket, I said to Tom, “I really miss Annie.

I don’t know, we just clicked”.

Tom said that Annie seemed like a nice girl, unlike the other girls from the bars.

I asked, “What do you think if I cut my trip short here and go back to see her?

Tom replied “Yes, go for it. I can’t see you finding a nice girl down here in Phuket.”

I went to a travel agent and booked a flight for the following day back to Bangkok.

gogo wife

Had To Go Back To Bangkok After Falling For A Go-Go Girl

I arrived back in Bangkok in the afternoon, and I booked just one night at the Nana Hotel.

In the evening, I returned to the Kiss Bar in Patpong.

Annie looked happy to see me.

I explained that I had cut my trip to Phuket short just to see her.

I had a little over a week left on my holiday and told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my time in Thailand with her.

I had to pay the bar for taking Annie out for the week, but it wasn’t too much, and I was excited to spend time with her.

I also agreed to pay Annie for her time.

Once all that was settled, we were all set for a good time together.

inside a go go bar in pattaya

Taking Thai Girl On Holiday

I asked Annie where she’d like to go, and she asked if I had ever been to Koh Samet.

Since I hadn’t been there before, we decided to go to there.

That’s where we stayed for five nights, just relaxing on the beach and enjoying candlelit dinners in the evenings.

Koh Samet was peaceful and a great spot for couples looking to escape the busy life of Bangkok.

I soon found myself falling for Annie.

She used one of those classic bar girl lines, saying that the night we met was her first night working in the bar.

She continued, saying that she only wanted to be with me and no one else.

She also mentioned that she had earned 50,000 baht in her first month of working there, which I found funny because I met her on her supposed first night at the bar.

Nonetheless, I was enjoying her company.

The Koh Samet trip had come to an end, so we headed back to Bangkok for our last night, and once again, I checked into the Nana Hotel.

We met up with Tom and decided to do a bar crawl around Nana Plaza.

Annie was with us, but she was just drinking water, and she seemed quite different from the other girls in the bars.

In the morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport.

Annie came with us.

taking a girl out a go go bar

Leaving My Holiday Girlfriend At The Airport

When it was time for me to say my goodbyes to her, I promised that I would be back to see her as soon as possible.

She started crying and said she didn’t want me to leave.

I had never seen anything like that before, and it made me feel guilty about leaving when she was so upset.

I later asked Tom, “What do you think? Do you believe her crying was genuine, or do you think it’s something they do to tug at your heartstrings and get the last bit of money you might still have in your pocket at the airport?

Tom replied, “No, I don’t think so. You could see how genuinely upset she was.

I turned off my phone for the flight home.

When I landed at Heathrow, I switched it back on and found about 10 messages from Annie.

They all said something like, “Have a safe flight. Please call me when you get home to let me know you got home.

I thought it was very sweet of her, and we continued to talk every day for the next few months.

However, one day she told me that she was having a house built in Surin, her hometown.

She asked if it would be okay if she worked in the bar for one more year to pay for the house.

I wasn’t sending her money, so I couldn’t really say no to her request.

It was really bothering me, thinking about how many guys would see her during that year.

I didn’t have the highest-paying job in the world, but I wanted her to stop working in the bar.

The next day when we spoke, I told her that I had very little savings, only about £3,000, which is around 120,000 baht.

I asked if giving her all that money would be enough for her to stop working at the bar.

She said yes, but she wanted to work one more month just handing out flyers outside of the bar.

I agreed and said, “No problem, but I’ll only give you the money in person when I get there.

holiday girlfriend

Paying For My Thai Girlfriend To Leave The Bar

On my next trip, I booked a flight for December 28th for a couple of weeks.

I thought it would be wonderful to welcome the new year with Annie.

Annie met me at the airport, and it was wonderful to see her again.

We stayed at the Nana Hotel once more.

On New Year’s Eve, we went to some go-go bars.

I couldn’t help but think of my friends back home, either staying in or going to their local pub in the freezing cold weather.

Meanwhile, I was in a t-shirt and shorts, with a beautiful girl on my arm, celebrating in a much warmer climate.

We welcomed the new year at the Nana Disco, and it was the best New Year’s celebration I had ever experienced.

Just after midnight, I was getting a bit drunk and ended up saying something very foolish.

I had made plenty of mistakes in my life, but this one was going to be the most foolish of all.

Paying a girl out the bar in thailand

Asking Girlfriend To Marry Me… First Of Many Mistakes

I turned to Annie and blurted out, “Let’s get married on this trip before I go home.

Annie looked at me in surprise and asked, “Are you serious?

I nodded and said, “Yes.

The next day, Annie called her family to share the good news, and I called my family in the UK to tell them about the upcoming wedding.

To say they were surprised is an understatement.

A few days later, we went to the MBK Center and bought gold rings for both of us.

Annie told me that because I had given her the three thousand pounds or 120,000 baht, I wouldn’t have to pay anything more; we would just have some food and a small party with her family.

We got married in a registry office in Bangkok.

Afterward, we traveled to Surin and stayed in a hotel because Annie’s house was still being built.

marrying a pattaya bar girl

Meeting The Thai Family

That evening, I had the chance to meet Annie’s mother, brother, sisters, and her youngest son, who was only seven years old at the time.

I also saw Annie’s niece, the one she had pointed out to me in Patpong.

She had also married one of her customers, Tim, an English guy who was around 60 at the time.

They lived in Thailand and were having a house built next to ours.

It was wonderful to have someone English to talk with.

Eventually, the holiday came to an end.

I told Annie that I would be back in April, but in the meantime, I would apply for a visa for her to join me in the UK because that’s what we both wanted.

Pattaya bar dancer

Applying For A UK Visa For My Thai Wife

When I returned to the UK, I found out that a friend from work had also married a girl on his first trip to Thailand.

He was very kind and came over to my house to help me with the paperwork for Annie’s visa.

It all seemed like a complicated process to me, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help.

In April, I flew back to Thailand, and Annie’s visa was approved, which made both of us very happy.

We then decided to take a holiday in Pattaya.

Time seemed to pass quickly, and it wasn’t long before it was time to fly back home.

This time at the airport, it felt alright, even though it was a bit strange to say, “See you next month in the UK.

Thai Wife Visa

Time To Bring My Girlfriend To England

I was in the UK for a month, and it was almost time for Annie’s flight.

I sent her the money for the ticket, and when she arrived, I met her at Heathrow Airport.

We then took the National Express coach to my hometown.

The first few months went smoothly.

I got Annie registered with a doctor and a dentist, and I helped her open a bank account because she wanted to work.

After a few months, she got a job in the same company as me, but on the night shift while I worked during the day.

She earned a lot more money than me, but I ended up paying for most things, and I didn’t mind doing so.

taking thai girl to your country

Spoiling My Thai Wife Was A Mistake

I would treat her to weekends in London to see a show, and she had a liking for buying Louis Vuitton handbags.

At least, the handbags she bought were with her own money.

I didn’t really understand the need for brand names, but if that’s what she liked and she used her own money, I didn’t have a problem with it.

During the summer, I would pay for us to go to Cornwall.

It was enjoyable to have a woman to share life with, but she would often get very upset over trivial matters.

My Wife Is Slowly Showing Her True Colours

It wasn’t too bad at first, but over time, it got worse.

One afternoon while we were at home, she asked me about the girls I saw in Thailand before I met her.

I didn’t want to talk about it because it was all in the past, and that’s where it should stay.

Annie got angry and told me that if I ever saw another girl in Thailand, our relationship would be over.

I tried to reassure her that I would never do that because I was married now, and the girls from my past were just that—part of my past.

But she kept pushing the issue, and in the end, I raised my voice and said in a sarcastic tone, “Let’s talk about the past. Let’s really enjoy ourselves.

Thai Wife Attacked Me

Thai Wife Physically Attacked Me

She looked shocked and then slapped me across the face.

She ran out of the kitchen, through the garden, along the side of the house, and back inside through the front door where I was still sitting.

Just for good measure, she gave me another slap.

I think she hoped I would follow her outside after she slapped me again.

She quickly apologized and suggested that I could do the same to her to make it fair.

I told her that there is no excuse for a man hitting a woman, and there’s no excuse for her hitting me either.

I felt like she might have hoped I would do the same to her so she could tell people at work and show them any marks, but I made it clear that I would never hit a woman.

Thai Wife Being Unfaithful

Jealousy Is A Big Problem When Married To A Thai

There were many similar instances like this over time, and it was starting to dawn on me that I had made a huge mistake marrying someone I barely knew, whom I had met in a go-go bar in a red-light area.

About a year later, we flew to Thailand to visit Annie’s family.

By that time, the house in Surin had been built, so we stayed there and had a small party with her family.

I took her son swimming in the hotel swimming pool because he had never been in one before.

He looked really happy and was having a great time.

Annie was planning to spend more time with her family, so I asked her if she would mind if I went to Phuket for a few days to enjoy the beach before we headed back home.

To my surprise, she was okay with it and said she would join me in Phuket in a few days.

I checked into the CNN Hotel, a nice place at the top of Bangla Road.

I didn’t feel like going to the busy bars at night because I was now married, and it didn’t seem right to do so.

Relaxing On Bangla Road

There was a quiet bar at the top of Bangla Road that was showing American wrestling on TV.

I decided to hang out there, and there were two ladies who worked there.

They started the usual bar girl conversation.

Jealous Thai Wife

Getting Friendly With Bar Girls In Phuket

They told me their names and asked for mine, but I quickly mentioned that I was married and that my wife would be joining me in a couple of days.

They were understanding and friendly, saying that I should bring her to the bar, and everyone would be welcome.

They seemed like nice people.

A couple of nights later, Annie arrived, and we had a night out, visiting some bars.

At the end of the night, Annie wanted to buy something from 7-Eleven.

As we walked past the bar where I had been drinking before, the girls there remembered me.

They waved and said, “Hello, Dave!

I waved back to them, but the look on my wife’s face was one of horror.

Jealous Thai Bar Girl

Wifes Jealousy Is Becoming Too Much

Annie was clearly angry, and she asked, “What happened in there?

I reassured her, saying, “I just went in for a beer and watched TV, nothing more.

She asked, “Then how do they know your name?

I replied, “They asked me, and I also mentioned you, so they know I’m married.

I suggested that we have a drink in the bar to prove I was telling the truth, but Annie refused, saying, “I’m not going in the bar. Bar girls are not good; they give my country a bad name.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

After all, I had met her in a go-go bar, but I didn’t say anything.

I figured there was no point in arguing, and I just wanted her to stop talking about it.

We were supposed to be on vacation, after all, to have a nice relaxing time.

thai bar girls on halloween

Thai Wife Is Constantly Wanting To Argue With Me

Once we got back to the room, she couldn’t let it go.

She continued to go on and on about those girls in the bar for over three hours, and it became quite an exhausting and frustrating conversation.

I don’t usually lose my temper or raise my voice, but after three hours of her constant nagging, I finally snapped and shouted, “I had a couple of cold beers in the bar while watching TV! What the hell did you want me to do, sit in the room until you got here?

In response to my outburst, she scratched her nails deep into my back until they drew blood.

I didn’t say anything; instead, I just got into the single bed in the room and left her to it.

The next day, she apologized, and I told her that I had lost control and it was my fault for raising my voice.

I suggested that we just forget about it and that I didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

As it was soon time to go back home, we found ourselves sitting next to another Thai lady on the flight.

Thai wife fighting with me

It Seems I Cant Do Anything Right In Her Eyes

She was struggling with the overhead lockers and her bags, so I asked if I could help.

She smiled and said, “Thank you.

Annie gave me a very disapproving look later during the flight.

When the lady had gone to the toilet, Annie told me not to help her when we land at Heathrow, saying, “She’s not worth it; she looks down on us.

I didn’t agree with her because the lady seemed quite friendly, and even more so than Annie.

I helped the lady again despite getting shouted at.

I was relieved when the holiday was over, and I could go back to work.

Several more years passed, and now it’s 2017.

Annie hadn’t been to Thailand for a year, but she was planning to go in March.

She had saved up her holiday time at work and carried some days over for this trip.

She was planning to go for a total of seven weeks, but I decided not to join her.

I wanted to save money and go on a trip the following year instead.

A few weeks before her trip, Annie said something very strange.

She told me, “When you go to Thailand, if you want to take a girl back to your room, no problem.

I was shocked and upset to hear this coming from the same woman who used to tell me that she would divorce me if I ever looked at another girl, let alone slept with one.

thai girl taking a selfie

My Wife Wants Me To Meet Other Thai Girls

I reassured Annie that I would never do such a thing because it just wasn’t in my nature to deceive someone.

Then she responded with the popular bar girl line, “Up to you.

The day of her flight arrived, and I accompanied her on the National Express coach to Heathrow.

She was on messenger all the time, and I assumed it must be her family getting excited about her return.

During the entire journey, she barely said two words to me.

When we arrived at the airport, I simply told her to let me know when she arrived safely.

In response, she shouted back at me, “Don’t tell me what to do.

The next day, I received a message on my tablet (since I didn’t have a smartphone at the time).

The message was from a guy named Paul who worked with us, and it read, “Have a great holiday. See you when you get back, sexy legs.

wife wants me to meet other girls

Catching My Thai Wife Cheating On Me

It turns out that she had sent this message to my account, forgetting that I had access to the messages.

I believe she thought that since I didn’t have a smartphone, I wouldn’t see any messages, but she had forgotten about the tablet.

I scrolled through the messages between Paul and Annie.

I checked the timestamps, and it turned out that she was even talking to him when I was sitting right next to her on the couch.

I discovered a message from Annie to Paul where he said, “I cannot wait for the seven weeks to go quickly so I can see you again.

Another message said, “I will be single next year, latest haha.

Paul wrote, “When you come back, you can get into bed when he is at work.

Annie sent silly love heart stickers in her messages to Paul.

caught cheating wife

Hard To Accept My Wife Had Been Unfaithful

Now, I understood why she had told me I could sleep with other bar girls if I wanted to.

It seemed she wanted me to take the blame for the marriage not working out, as her messages clearly indicated she was involved with someone else.

I couldn’t fully comprehend what was happening.

While I knew our marriage wasn’t the happiest, I didn’t expect her to do this to me.

I went ahead and filed for divorce anyway.

While I spoke with Annie in Thailand, I acted as if everything was normal.

Little did she know that I had not only discovered her cheating, but also, while she was still in Thailand, I had cleared out our apartment and moved out.

Since it was a council property, it wasn’t a significant loss.

I held onto the keys until she returned.

When she got back, I met her at the airport but didn’t reveal anything about what I had done.

I had printed out her messages, including a photo of her not wearing a lot of clothes while with Paul.

I left these on the coffee table in the lounge for her to find.

Thai wife manipulation

Confronting My Wife About Her Cheating

When she got back and saw all the printouts of the messages, she looked at them with disbelief.

I told her, “You won’t be single next year; you’ll be single this year. I’ve also moved out.

It was unfortunate for her because by that time, Paul had found an English girlfriend.

Annie would still ask me to help her with small tasks, which I did for a while.

She told me, “I’m only in this country because of you, and we shouldn’t divorce, okay?

She continued, saying, “I will give you the money back for doing that with Paul.

I responded, “It’s not about the money; I just don’t trust you anymore.” She became very angry and said, “You’re a low-class person with no good heart.

I replied, “If that’s how you feel, that’s fine. But it wasn’t me who slept around, was it?

That’s about it.

I left her to deal with it, and I received around 20 more messages from her, apologizing and saying, “You’re a good guy; I just get angry with people.

unfaithful thai wife

She Is Trying To Make Me Forgive Her

She also claimed it wasn’t true about Paul and her, despite her previous apologies and the evidence I had.

She tried to dismiss it as work gossip, which I found hard to believe.

The divorce was finalized in January 2018, exactly 10 years after I had married her.

I later found out that she went on a date with a lorry driver from the same company, but their relationship only lasted about a year.

Friends have told me that if he sees her, he just ignores her.

I can only guess that she may have treated the lorry driver the same way she treated me.

It appears that she has now started seeing a retired man in his 60s.

As for me, I’ve been back to Thailand.

My friends were surprised, and they said, “We thought you would have had enough of visiting Thailand after such a bad experience.

Thailand is an amazing country filled with nice people, and I’m not going to let one person put me off Thailand.

Looking Back At My Marriage With A Thai Go Go Girl

Looking back, I realize I was simply naive.

I did everything wrong.

I married a girl I barely knew from a go-go bar.

Bar girls are okay for fun on holidays, but you have to wake up to the fact that they are there to make money, despite what they might tell you.

These girls in the bars aren’t typically looking for a lifetime partner.

That said, there are many nice, educated girls in Thailand who I believe can be loyal, but you’re less likely to find them in the bars.

I’m now talking to another girl, and she’s not from a bar.

However, I’m definitely not rushing into anything ever again.

Right now, it would be great just to get back to Thailand and enjoy it all again.

Thanks for reading my story.

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