Crazy Stalker Thai Bar Girl

Inside a bar in bangkok

I want to share a little experience I had with a bar girl on my very first trip to the land of smiles.

Besides this experience, I completely fell in love with the country. The food, the way they live out there, and of course the beautiful women.

I love their outlook on life compared to the western world.

Before visiting, I tried to do my homework by watching travel vloggers, figuring out places that I would like to visit and explore,  learning the do’s and don’ts of the country and watching some videos about the night life in Thailand.

Although it looked really interesting and tempting, my plan to go to Thailand wasn’t because of the nightlife entertainment, though I wasn’t against trying it out.

Bangkok bar girl

Experiencing The Bangkok Nightlife

Anyway, within 24 hours of me being in Thailand, I found myself in a bar and already falling in love with the night life.

I did not have much knowledge about how it works inside bars with the girls, I was a complete newbie to the nightlife scene here.

One night, me and my friends went to this bar, and I found myself chatting with this girl inside, she was very friendly and flirty.

My friends told me she was a working girl but in my head I thought she was just a girl who works in the bar to try and get customers in the bar and keep them there.

She seemed way too sweet and innocent to be a bar girl or on the game.

Now, I don’t want to brag, but I have been told im quite handsome, im in my 20s and I try to keep healthy and fit. Qualities that ive learn Thai Girls seem to like.

That night meeting her, and a few nights after that, she came back to my hotel, I didn’t pay and she never asked for for any money. Really the only money she got from me was for lady drinks in her bar on the first night.

She did tell me that she does not normally go with customers from the bar. This made me think that she really wasn’t a working girl and maybe she was actually into me or something.

Bangkok night life

Are You A Bar Girl Butterfly?

A few nights of being with her, she told me that her friends called me a Butterfly. Now, I had no idea what this meant, at first I thought it was a compliment so I replied with a “Thanks I guess”

Then she told me “No, it means you have many girls in different bars” I replied “Well I am on holiday… im going to have fun”

Her face changed a little when I said that, as if she was disappointed or jealous.

Anyway one day I was just chilling in my hotel room, hungover and listening to music. Having a day off.

I hear a knock on the door and when I open it, I find her stood there, im guess to see if I was alone or with someone else. I don’t really know, but I found it very weird that she would show up unannounced.

I did not want to invite her in because I didn’t want her to get the idea that she could just come over whenever she wanted and I’d let her in, so I suggested that we go out and get something to eat as I was starving anyway.

We had dinner close by to the hotel, but because I left in a little bit of a hurry, I forgot my wallet and told her ill be back I just need to go and fetch some money.

To my surprise she said she wanted to pay as I had paid for everything up until then, this lead me to think even more that she was just a normal girl.

We did go for a couple of beers after dinner even though I was hungover and not in the mood for it. Her English wasn’t the best and my Thai was terrible so boredom quickly kicked in and I told her that I needed to sleep and I’ll see her some other time.

Thai bar girl is stalking and crazy

Bangkok Bars and Bangkok Girls

So, more nights on the session, going different bars, chatting with different girls and having fun.

Now I found a new bar that I liked to go to, with a lot of girls, all very flirty and fun to be around.

On one night the girl from the first bar unexpectedly shown up to the bar while I was getting friendly with a different girl.

I thought it was just a coincidence, but when it happened 3 more times it was pretty obvious that she was following me or had tabs on me somehow maybe by other friends of hers that work in the bars.

Im on holiday to have fun, I don’t want to be followed around by some weird bar girl

Being Stalked By A Thai Bar Girl

The 4th time that she decided to show up unannounced and uninvited, I was sat with a girl and I told her straight that I have a new female friend and politely asked her to not follow me around anymore as its concerning and im on holiday to have fun, not to be tied down.

She went crazy at me infant of everyone making me feel stupid, she dragged me out of the bar and I followed just so we wouldn’t be around everyone while she’s kicking off, she was refusing to let me go back in the bar with my new girl

I managed to get back into the bar after breaking free from the crazy girl, this was getting out of hand a bit.

Back in the bar I found my new girl, and was thinking to ask her if she wanted to call it an early night and head back to my hotel

So, me and the new girl headed out of the bar with the intention of carrying on the night back at my place with a few drinks and.. you know the rest

When we got outside, there she was again, the stalking crazy girl, just stood there staring at me.

I just want to be clear here, even though I was incredibly frustrated with this crazy girl, I was polite and being nice with how I was explaining what I wanted and didn’t want.

She came over and started speaking to my new girl in Thai, obviously I had no idea what they was saying so I was bracing myself for anything dangerous to come my way.

My mood was wearing off and I was back to thinking with my big head and not my little head, I saw a taxi, called it and jumped into it, thinking ill go home alone I can always come back another night.

But before I even had time to tell the taxi where to go, the crazy girl and the new girl both jumped into the taxi both at either side of me.

Crazy thai girl stalking a farang

2 Girls For The Price of 1?

So here I was, sat in a taxi with a girl who apparently had feelings for me so much she would stalk me, and another who was there to make a bit of money. This night really did take a strange turn, welcome to Thailand I guess.

On the way to my hotel, the 2 girls were talking in Thai and the new girl was telling me that the stalker really loves me and classes me as her boyfriend. I told them both that this was too much and I wasn’t interested in continuing the night, I just wanted to get back to my hotel and relax after this encounter.

In the past hour, my mood has gone from wanting some bedroom fun all night, to wanting to sleep all night alone.

Finally we got to my hotel, when the driver turned around for me to pay him, he had a huge grin on his face, he clearly found the situation I was in quite amusing and to be honest, I can’t blame him

I was heading towards my room and I thought I made it clear to them two that I wasn’t interested in continuing the night, but they kept following me while chatting to each other.

We get to my door and the crazy girl states that I can’t have them both, which was fine for me, it never crossed my mind. But when she said this, the new girl stormed off in a fit

I was quite disappointed that she left because out of the 2 of them, id prefer to spend my night well her, ah well, One down, one to go.

My friend who was in the room next to me could hear the commotion and came to check if everything was ok, the crazy girl complained to him about me being a butterfly and going with other girls. My friend politely told her to go home.

Two thai bar girls for the price of 1

Causing A Thai Girl Lose Face Is A Bad Idea

She turned at me, said some words in Thai, even though I don’t understand Thai I could clearly notice that they wasn’t the nicest of words, then called me a butterfly and stormed off as well.

Finally, I am alone. What a night it’s been I thought to myself as I walked in my room, ive never been so happy to be home alone in my life.

I got into bed, put some music on and laughed about it, though the thought of the new girl made put me back in the mood, however I was too tired now to act on it and go find someone new so I tried to get some sleep.

About an hour late, I was still lying there listening to music and thinking about what a wild trip ive had so far, I heard someone knocking on my door.

I shouted “Hello?” And I heard a girl calling out my name.

I thought great, the stalker is back, but in the back of my mind I thought well at least I can get lucky even if it’s not with the girl I planned on.

So I took a deep breath, walked over to the door and got myself ready to give her a piece of my mind about tonights actions and prepare for whatever follows.

The Freelancer Came Back To My Room!

I opened the door and to my surprise and absolute pleasure, it was the new girl! She had came back for some reason.

She told me that she thought that I wouldn’t have gone in with the crazy girl, so she came back.

My night went from great, to bad to great again and now it was time to have some fun with the girl I wanted in the first place.

The next morning we had some more fun and I gave her 1000 baht even though she didn’t ask for it, but she seemed ok with that amount.

I thought she would have left after I gave the money, but she seemed to stick around, I kind of wanted some relaxing alone time so I told her that the crazy lady might come back and I don’t want no trouble so its best if she leaves and ill come and see her again sometime. And that was it, she left and I never saw her again.

The events that happened that night made me think about the behaviour of Thai women, well Thai bar girls.

Thai girl is obsessed with customer

Are These Thai Girls Playing The Long Game With Me?

During my time in Thailand after that, I spent some time with more bar girls, and although I did spend money on lady drinks for them, they all spent the night with me without any money being exchanged, while they was all girls from the bar, they seemed to come with me because they was interested in me.

On my final night of my trip, I spent pretty much the whole day at a bar on Khao San Road with a super stunning freelancer that I had been speaking with online for a couple days.

She told me that she was really into me and only went with customers who she’s not attracted to, I kind of believed her that she had feelings for me because she was sad to see me leave.

She even came with me to the airport and started crying when I was going to leave with her saying “I don’t want you to go, promise me you will come back for me?”

I was left wondering, is this genuine? Maybe what they told me is true, or maybe I was just falling for how these bar girls work and the money will be coming later, they was just playing the long game or something, I dunno, what I do know is that I hardly ever paid for fun.

Do you think going with customers for free is part of their plan for some ulterior motives or do you think they are just genuinely interested in someone?

I mean, I was always willing to pay but it was them that never asked me to.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening to my story.

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