Experiencing Bangkok Nightlife For The First Time

My Bangkok Night Life Experience

I travel around Asia a lot, mainly for business but also pleasure when I have free time.

Recently I was in Malaysia for business and I had free days coming up, as I had been speaking to a girl online from Thailand, I decided to fly over for the the week to meet her in Bangkok.

It was pretty nice and she actually seemed like one of the good Thai Girls you read about in these stories, I know, normally they turn out to be not so good.

Although I had a nice time with her, it was more of a friends thing, we didn’t touch or stay the night with each other, she just shown me around Bangkok, taking me to nice places to eat and seeing some temples, she even introduced me to some of her friends which was a nice experience.

She needed to work in the mornings, so she never spent the night with me.

After the days end and she went home, I would go out exploring by myself if you know what I mean.

Bar Girl Stood Outside On Soi Cowboy

Exploring The Bangkok Go Go Bars

I would end up and places like Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza, enjoying a show or 2.

I also explored Khao San Road one night, but it really wasn’t my scene, maybe I am too old for that place.

One thing I noticed about the go-go bars in Nana Plaza, all the dancers looked extremely bored and fed up, like that didn’t want to really be there, though I can’t blame them to be honest.

I can’t imagine that they are doing the job they dreamed of when they was a kid.

I also noticed that a lot of the Thai Girls walking around with farangs outside looked the same, sad long faces and tired.

Though I guess many of them girls are spending time with farangs for one reason, and we all know what that reason is.

When the week was finally up and I needed to head back to Malaysia, me and my friend thanked each other, gave each other a hug and I headed to the airport.

Both of us knew it would probably be the last time we see each other, there just wasn’t that spark between us, that being said, its not like we had a nightmare of a time, it was enjoyable but just as friends.

A bitter sweet ending so they say.

I planned on returning to Bangkok in the upcoming weeks and I wanted to explore more of the Thailand entertainment scene, so I did a bit more research online about what the night life had to offer and I came across some interesting information to say the least.

So I would like to share my impressions and some of the experiences that I had during my solo week in Thailand.


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My First Impressions On The Bangkok Night Life

I got to Bangkok solo, no attachments, no girl, no company, no problem.

I was there ready to let my hair down and have some fun.

The first evening I went to Soi 4 on Sukhumvit Road, the same soi that has Nana Plaza and visited a couple of bars on there, I remember one of the bars was called Stumble Inn but I can’t remember the name of the others.

My first impressions wasn’t good, I did not see any attractive woman in there that i would have like to spend time with.

Bangkok Soi 4 Bars

Maybe it was because I was a bit younger than most people in there, all the women was much older, looking tired and warn out.

No thanks, not my cup of tea.

Without saying my age, Im not too young but im not too old either, im kind of in the middle.

One girl did come and sit with me in Stumble Inn, but I made it very clear without sounding rude that I just wasnt interested in her, so I drank up, paid my bill and left.

Time for plan B, Soi Cowboy.


Bangkok nightlife experience, exploring Soi Cowboy 🇹🇭😳 #bangkok #bangkokstory #gogogirls #agogo #storytime

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After not a great start to the evening, I headed to the famous Soi Cowboy that I have heard so much about.

While I was doing research before my trip, Soi Cowboy came up a lot of times, apparently known for its go go bars and night life, and even making an appearance in a couple of movies.

Anyway, I found myself in a go go bar, it was busy with way more performers than customers, but again, I couldn’t imagine taking any of them home. Am I just being too picky at this point?

Go Go girls stood outside the bars

A couple of them tried their luck with me, they either couldn’t speak English or they was just so fake, I know its their job to be like that but come on, at least try be a little bit believable.

It turns out that Soi Cowboy was just as bad as Soi 4, though the girls were slightly more attractive there.

My First Thai Freelancer Experience


My first thai freelancer experience 🇹🇭😳 #thailandstory #bangkokstory #thaigirls #thaifreelance #gogogirls

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I thought I’d call it a night and head home after what I classed as a disastrous night, maybe the Thailand night life isn’t for me after all.

As I left cowboy and was walking to my hotel, there were 3 young beautiful ladies standing on the street smiling at me, one of them was more attractive than the other 2.

They called me over and asked if I’d like to take all 3 for the night.

3 Bangkok Freelancers On The Street

Now I know im in Thailand to have fun and im not too old but even I don’t think I can handle all 3, 1 girl is more than enough for me.

I replied that I would just be interested in taking you, and pointed at the most attractive one there.

She smiled at me and said something in Thai to her friends and we began walking.

I didn’t want it to be an awkward walk back to the hotel so I started with the small talk.

She told me she was studying at university and was 21 years old, she shown me her ID for proof.

She said she only does this type of work to pay for her studies until she graduates and finds a proper job, she also mentioned she has 2 foreginer boyfriends that send her money.

I very much doubt her boyfriends knew what she was doing to make money.

But I didn’t care about any of this, at least she was being open and honest about it, which was nice change from the fake girls on Soi Cowboy

Young Thai Freelancer

Well, I don’t know if everything she told me was true but I didn’t really mind, as long as I had proof about her age, I was ok.

We got back to my hotel, she gave me a fantastic massage and then we spent the rest of the time doing you know what.

After that we just relaxed and she cuddled up to me for an hour or so, it was a great experience and just what I needed after what I thought was going to be a disappointing night.

I should also mention that I got married at a young age and only got divorced a few years before this, so it was a great experience to feel alive again.

I took her phone number, she left and I had a great night sleep feeling all relaxed.


My First Thai Soapy Massage Experience 🇹🇭😳 #thaimassage #thailandstory #soapymassage #bangkokstory #bangkokmassage

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Time To Have My First Soapy Massage

The next day I was chatting to a guy around the pool of my hotel, and he suggested that I check out this specific massage parlour that’s meant to be fantastic and popular.

I have forgot the name of the place though, if I can think of it, I will leave the name in the comments if you post my story.

Anyway, that evening, I decided to go and check out the parlour he recommended, instantly I was not attracted to any of the girls at all and I was thinking to myself, this is actually popular?

Girls In A Soapy Massage Parlour

I was about to leave until I noticed one girl, she was average in terms of looks and she had a great smile directly aimed at me so I thought, what the hell im already here and ive never tried a soapy massage before.

When I told the mamasan that I was interested in a soapy massage with the girl that I noticed, she called her out and I was instantly disappointed.

As the girl got close to me, I soon realised she did not look at attractive as I thought.

I couldn’t exactly back out now.

We went upstairs and she gave me a massage, if im honest, it was nothing to brag about, it felt like she was new and when I asked how long she has worked here she replied “1 month”

She did ask me if I wanted extra services, I was in the mood but I thought I’d be wasting my money with this one.

I didn’t want to be rude so I politely declined saying that I just wanted the massage and that she did a good job.

I got dressed and left, feeling disappointed once again.


Exploring Sukhumvit Road Bangkok Nightlife 🇹🇭🙈 #bangkok #bangkoknightlife #bangkokstory #story #storytime

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Thermae Cafe on Sukhumvit Road Looks Shady Yet Promising

When I was doing my research before coming to Bangkok, I saw a lot of stories and videos about a place called Thermae cafe on Sukhumvit Road, I won’t explain what its like but you can google it and see for yourselves.

I decided to check out the place the following evening.

I was very curious and wanted to see what this place had to offer, rather than looking for some fun, I was more interested in having a good chat with a girl learning about why they do this job

The girls I spoke to said that they do this type of work because most have families back in Isan or other poor places of Thailand that they send money back to support, its very clear that family comes before anything else to these girls.

Thai Girl Taken From Thermae Cafe in Bangkok

I got chatting to one woman that was very flirty and friendly and she spoke fluent English, I clicked with her straight away and she told me that I should take her back to my hotel.

I explained that I was not really looking for some fun, but she said she can give me a massage and a girlfriend experience.

Again, I thought what the hell, you only live once right?

Off we went back to my hotel after paying her out the bar or cafe or whatever you want to call it.


My bangkok nightlife experience 🙈🇹🇭 #thailand #bangkok #bangkokstory #thailandstory #gogogirls

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Taking A Girl From Thermae Cafe

As soon as she entered my room she started undressing herself wasting no time.

She told me to lie down and begins massaging me.

She was super rough with it though, it was more pain than pleasure so I told her to stop and that we could just take a bath and relax for the night.

She seemed happy with this but was confused to why I didn’t want to do anything other than talk, and to be honest, I did not know why either..

I guess I just was not in the mood to do so.

While we was chatting I asked her if she had a boyfriend or married to a farang, she said that she makes more money being single and doing what she does than being married and tied down.

It felt like supporting her family is more important than her happiness, but each to their own I guess.

Giving Soi Cowboy Another Shot

The next evening I went back to give Soi Cowboy another chance, while walking through I met a very beautiful girl stood outside, she grabbed my hand as I was walking by.

She said that she is a dancer in the bar and if I’d like to go in for a drink, “Sure” I said, “Lets go”

I got a drink and also got her a lady drink, and tried to start a conversation, but again I instantly could tell that she was acting interested in me and did not really want to be sat drinking with me, like these girls are such bad actors, I don’t know how anyone can fall for it.

Cowboy 2 Bar On Soi Cowboy

She asked me if I wanted to bar fine her to which I replied im not interested, just wanted to have a few beers and try out some of the bars, but then she said I could short time for 1000 baht.

More out of curiosity than anything I went with her, but it was very unsatisfying for me.

More money wasted on someone I did not want.

Ah well.

Anyway, after the past few days of going with women that I didn’t really want, I decided that I am wasting too much money for absolutely no reason, so I gave the college girl a call, the one girl I actually enjoyed my time with.

Dating A Thai Freelancer

We spent the next few days together.

In the day time we would go out to eat and she would show me around places in Bangkok and temples, she would even hold my hand while we walked in public, it was a nice feeling but I wasn’t planning on getting attached to anyone.

One night we went to some bars on Sukhumvit 11, I noticed this is the place where the more younger tourists hang out.

Dating A Thai Freelancer In Bangkok

We was enjoying ourselves in one of the bars there until she said she wanted to take me to a none tourist place so I could experience how thais really enjoy their night, we was surrounded by young foreigners that was way more handsome than me so I agreed that we go.

Going To Places Where Tourists Dont Go In Bangkok


Partying with a thai freelancer in bangkok 🇹🇭😳 #thaidating #dating #datinginthailand #thaibargirls #thaigirls #storytimes

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We got a taxi and drove, and drove and drove, the place that she was taking me was so far away and really out of the main places of Bangkok.

We finally get there and walk inside, she introduces me to some of her friends and I noticed that I am literally the only foreigner in there, I felt really out of place but they was really friendly to me and all seemed to be having fun.

What I also noticed is that none of the thais were touchy or flirty with each other, even while dancing.

My girl on the other hand was all over me, practically grinding on me while we was dancing.

I could feel people looking at us, but she didn’t seem to care.

When I told her people are looking at us she said “Just ignore them, we are having fun”

Anyway, that turned out to be probably the best night of my holiday, it was a great experience to see how Thais party and not be surrounded by drunk foreigners.

Thai Discos Are Great!

I really enjoyed the time I spent with her, though I wasn’t looking for anything serious and she knew that, we even agreed to not contact each other when I leave, and we haven’t spoke since.

I really hope she does graduate and gets a good job so she can stop doing what she’s doing, I just hope the money doesn’t go to her head and she makes her current side job, her main job.

The last night In Thailand I decided to spend the night alone, preparing to leave.

I know this story isn’t the most interesting story you have read out, but just thought I would share my first time experience of the Bangkok night life, for me, it was ok, it sounds better when I read about it online but I guess im just picky at times.

Until next time.


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