I Married A Soi Cowboy Thai Go Go Dancer

Married Soi Cowboy Thai Go Go Dancer

I was 26 years old, and as single as a man could be, with no ex-wife, no children, and lived at home with my parents.

I had never been out of the UK before, and after months of persuasion, my work colleague convinced me to join him on a trip to Bangkok.

It’s not that I did not want to visit Thailand, the place looked amazing, I was just scared of flying so far, especially for the first time.

I had no commitments at home apart from work, so I thought what the hell, and agreed to go.

I was earning very good money at the time, did not have a girl to spend it on or many bills to pay, the perfect newbie for Thailand you may think.

marrying a soi cowboy go go girl

Background And Past Traumas

Just a quick little background of me and my past.

I was never the popular kid at school and went through a lot of bullying.

This caused me to lack a lot of confidence, and I had never been good with the ladies.

I was always led to believe that I wasn’t good enough for Western ladies, or any ladies for that matter.

I did not have much of an exciting life with the ladies if you get what I mean, apart from the paid encounter here and there.

Bangkok Go Go girl spankys

Traveling To Thailand With A Veteran

My colleague that I was traveling to Thailand with was 58 years old and had been going to Thailand since the early 90’s, he had been about 25 times when I made the first trip.

Even though he was a lot older than me, he was still young at heart, and Thailand made him feel even younger.

He had a lot of experience in the bar scene, especially with the ladies, and he was a fun guy to drink with.

It was good having someone like him on my first trip; I was able to trust him to show me around the places that he knew.

group of thai girls in go go bar on bangkok

My First Time Experiencing Bangkok Was Overwhelming

We left for our two-week trip to Bangkok in June and what an experience this was.

I was excited and overwhelmed during the whole journey, asking my friend a million questions about Thailand.

I knew it was hot in Thailand but I was not prepared for the way too hot humid air hit me when we stepped outside the terminal.

I am sure you all remember the first time you arrived in Thailand and the complete disbelief at how different the country is.

The whole taxi ride to the hotel close to Soi 11, I was just looking out the window and taking everything in.

There is stuff going on all over the place, people and traffic everywhere, the smell from the street food vendors, it was all very fascinating.

line up of billboard go go girls

Thai Street Food Before Thai Beers

We soon got to the hotel and although I was tired from the flight, I was buzzing and couldn’t wait to get out there.

We wasted no time getting dressed up and sorted for the first drink of the night, and first drink in Thailand for me.

It wasn’t too late so the nightlife was just beginning, my friend suggested us going to Soi 4, grabbing some street food and then go drinking at the bars there.

I was a bit peckish, so off we went, walking up Sukhumvit road just taking in all the surroundings.

My Gogo Girlfriend

I was amazed.

We got onto Soi 4, walked past the area where all the bars and Nana Plaza was until we came to a bunch of street food vendors.

I got a bunch of sausage balls on a stick, with green chilies, it was delicious, definitely a snack that would be destroyed after a drunk session.

I was just hoping I did not get food poisoning, as that would really put a damper on my first and short trip to this amazing country.

go go girl in soi cowboy bangkok

My First Barfine Minutes After My First Drink

After we had eaten, it was time to have a dabble in the scene that I have heard so much about.

We went to an Irish bar to start with, it was located pretty much in the middle of Soi 4.

We were only sat at the table for a couple of minutes before 2 beautiful freelancers joined brought our drinks to us.

One sat with my friend and the other sat with me, she was very touchy-touchy and flirting with me, this was amazing and the attention was very much welcome.

finding girls on soi cowboy

Remember, I had not had much luck with the ladies all my life, so to me, this was fantastic, and a completely new experience.

We were only 2 drinks in and I couldn’t take it anymore, the things she was saying to me were driving me crazy and I was about to burst.

I said to my friend, let’s take these back, he also had the same thing in mind.

The girls agreed, we jumped in a taxi and went back to the hotel, which was only a couple of minutes, we could have actually walked it.


My First Freelancer Seems A Little Crazy

After we had done the deed, the night was still young and my friend wanted to show me Nana Plaza.

His freelancer left us but mine asked if she could join us going to Nana Plaza, it was fine with me so we all entered this complex together.

Throughout the night, this girl had been practically begging to stay with me at the hotel overnight.

So at what I thought was the end of the night, we all went back and me and the freelancer headed to my room.

When we got back to the room, the freelancer was so energetic and would not stop talking.

I don’t mean she was in a drunken state, I mean she was clearly hyperactive as if she had something wrong with her.

I did not mind, as I was there to have fun also, but because of the long flight, the jet lag, lack of good food and a belly full of beer, I just wanted to sleep.

She kept going on and on about going back out again to party some more, she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

It was my first night in Bangkok, and she knew it.

She was able to take advantage of this seeing how naive I was.

I found myself back out again and walking down Sukhumvit road with this loony toon freelancer.

go go girl in nana plaza bangkok

Trying My Best To Get This Freelancer To Leave Me Alone

She took me onto a bar on Soi 7/1, where she knew all the girls in there.

I sat at the bar, with no energy whatsoever but still managed to sink 2 beers, to which she also had 2.

When it was time to pay, I realized that she had lady drinks.

That’s why she wanted to take me there, she would be getting a little commission.

Sneaky little devil.

Found love at go go bars

Anyway, after 2 drinks it really was the end of the night for me.

I told her I wanted to go home but she was begging me to stay.

I explained that she more than welcome to stay, but I must go back.

She gave in and followed me home, if I’m honest, I would have much preferred her to stay in the bar and leave me be.

young teen soi cowboy go go dancer

Finally Got Rid of The Crazy Thai Freelancer

We got back to the room and after I put my belonging and cash in the safe, I pretty much passed out without no bedroom activity.

This girl was so annoying, while I was asleep she woke me up to complain that I had taken most of the bed covers and if I did not give her some then she would leave, I was tempted to kick her out there and then.

All the events that happened that night and the way she had acted completely turned me off her and I knew I wouldn’t be sticking around for round 2.

I made a school boy error and gave her my number when we first met, so the morning after when I paid her and she left, she would constantly be calling me and texting me asking me to go out with her again.

No thanks, blocked.

spoiling bangkok bar girl

Heading To Soi Cowboy To Check Out The Talent

The next few days and nights we went to Khao San Road, Patpong, and a night market that had lots of beer stalls.

We also had a lot of female company every night.

It was the fourth night and we went out for our usual drinking session after having dinner.

My friend suggested we head to a certain bar on Soi Cowboy that he had been to before on his previous trips.

I had never been to Soi Cowboy yet, I only heard about it, so I was happy to go check it out as it’s all great fun and everything is still new to me.

soi cowboy girls bangkok

Meeting My Future Wife On Soi Cowboy

Halfway down Sukhumvit road heading towards Soi Cowboy, the heavens opened up.

I don’t know if you have experienced Bangkok rain before, but it comes out of nowhere and it absolutely gushes down.

When we finally got to Soi Cowboy, we were absolutely drenched, soaking wet through.

We quickly ran through the soi before taking shelter in the bar that my friend suggested.

When we entered the bar, we were greeted by about 4 or 5 absolutely young beautiful girls that took us to a table and sat with others.


We ordered drinks and one of the girls took my fancy.

She noticed that I was paying her a lot more attention so she got closer to me, giving me a massage as we drank and chatted.

I found out her name was Ann.

Me and my friend were discussing on where to go next, again we landed on Nana Plaza.

We drank up and as we were about to leave, I asked Ann if I could pay her barfine and bring her with me if she was up for it, to which she was.

sexy thai girl on soi cowboy

Spending The Night With My New Bar Girl

I paid the tab and Ann and her friend joined us, I did not pay for her friend’s barfine, and I’m not even sure if my friend did or not.

I think her friend was just along for the ride or did not work in the bar.

That night was something else, it was one of the best nights so far, we all got along great.

Ann’s friend and my friend hit it off also, lots of kissing and drinking throughout the night.

paying bargirls barfine in bangkok

Ann was really fun to be around, and she had better English than most other bar girls that I had come in contact with.

Just her speaking English made the night better because we were able to laugh and joke with each other.

I asked her if she would like to spend the night with me and after we discussed a price, we headed back to the hotel together.

That night was perfect, spending the whole night together having bedroom fun, she was an expert and she knew it, absolutely unreal.

meeting a bargirl on soi cowboy

Paying Barfine and Taking A Trip To Pattaya

The morning after, me and my friend had planned to go to Pattaya for 5 nights before returning to Bangkok for our final night.

I told this to Ann, I got the feeling that she wanted to join, so I asked her if she would like to come and she agreed.

She did explain to me though that I would have to pay the barfine for the nights that she will be with me in Pattaya.

I really enjoyed our night together and wanted more of that so I agreed and off we went to the bar so Ann could pack and I could pay the bar.

I got chatting with the Mamasan while Ann was packing, and she gave me a deal on the barfines.

I’m not sure if this is a normal thing that bars did but she told me that if I paid x amount of baht, that would cover the barfines for taking her to Pattaya and any other future barfines should I return.

I can’t remember the exact amount that was offered but I remember thinking it was a great and cheaper deal so I took the offer.

So with everything packed and me being squeezed out as much baht as possible from the bar, it was time for me, Ann and my friend to get in a taxi and head for part 2 of my trip, Pattaya.

In the taxi to Pattaya, that is where the holiday girlfriend experience kicked in, she was holding my hand, kissing me, and acting like we were in a relationship, I was on cloud nine and loving every second of it.

It was sad to leave Pattaya after 5 great days with my holiday girlfriend, but it was time to head back to Bangkok.

Ann went back to the bar, I told her I will probably come and see her later, but I needed to go to the hotel and rest for a bit, she gave me a kiss and said goodbye.

lineup in butterflies

The Dreaded Feeling of Having To Leave Thailand

I was lying on my bed, thinking about the trip and the reality kicked in that I would be leaving to go back home soon.

People that go to Thailand on a regular basis must hate this feeling, where the departure date is creeping up on you.

I was thinking, after meeting Ann, a beautiful Thai woman, how can I go back to my boring single life, living with my parents?

I was hooked on Ann and the attention she had been giving me, I did not want it to end.

Soi Cowboy Changed My Life

Me and Ann were keeping in touch by messenger and I started organizing another trip to Thailand.

I did slowly tell my parents about Ann and that she was a Thai girl I had met on holiday.

They reacted exactly the way you would imagine, with a lot of skepticism and doubt about her intentions.

Which I fully understand, but they did not realize how Ann made me feel as a person, nobody had ever made me feel special before.

Group of soi cowboy go go dancers

Being In A Relationship With A Girl That Does Bar Work Is Hard

Because I was saving up for the next trip to see Ann, I could not exactly support her, so we agreed mutually that she would carry on working at the bar and go with customers.

Obviously, that is not an ideal arrangement for me, of course I did not want her meeting other customers but I just did not have the funds to support her.

On the other hand, this gave me a chance to see if she was genuinely interested in a relationship or just stringing me along to make me a sponsor in the long run.

go go girl wearing pink bikini

I just had to grin and bear the current situation that we were in until we could work something out where she gets a normal job and maybe I can support her with extra money.

During this time, we had been discussing marriage, visas, and relocating.

Ann was just as keen as I was about her relocating to the UK in the future to start a life together.

Applying For UK Visa For Thai Girlfriend

So I started looking around online for someone who knows a thing or 2 about marriage visas for the UK, I came across an agency that offered the whole package with translation included.

Once I reached out and emailed them about our situation, they quickly followed up saying they could certainly help us out.

I had to send them as many documents as possible and proof that me and Ann were in a relationship.

We got as much as we could and sent it to them.

The following October, I was back on a flight to Thailand, this time flying solo.

This was only my second time flying out of the UK, but it was the first time that I was flying alone.

I was a little worried because I did not have a Thailand expert with me this time, so if anything went wrong then I would be all alone.

Knowing I was going to see Ann though, made the worrying trip totally worth it.

marrying a thai girl from bangkok

Meeting My Girls Family In Isan

Again checked into the hotel and it was not long before I was heading back to Ann’s bar on Soi Cowboy.

As I got closer to the bar, I saw all the girls sat outside with their face in Thai food, until they noticed me walking and started smiling.

Ann ran up to me and jumped into my arms with girls from surrounding bars cheering and screaming.

It was a little embarrassing but such a great moment also, feeling her in my arms and being able to kiss her again.

We had discussed traveling to Isan so that I could meet Ann’s family.


So after a couple of days in Bangkok and the barfines paid, we headed to Ann’s home village.

I have heard other people on this channel describe Isan and I completely agree with them, it’s an absolutely amazing and eye-opening place.

Going from Bangkok to anywhere in Isan, it’s like a completely new country.

The visa agency told me to take as many pictures of me and Ann as possible and if I can, pictures with her family also.

So that’s what I did, I took way more photos than I probably should have, and Ann kept reminding me when we were together “No touching or kissing!

UK Visa For Thai Gogo girl

When we were back in Bangkok and had some time alone at the hotel, I questioned Ann again if she still wanted to get engaged and wanted a future with me in the UK.

She said yes straight away, and I believed this is what she really wanted.

With that set, and us both 100% sure what we want, I realized I had a lot of work to do!

Yet another sad goodbye at the airport and off I flew to reality again.

Speaking with the agency guy about the documents, he said it would really help if Ann had a mainstream job where her pay was deposited into her bank so she could show proof.

I told him that she worked in a bar, he chuckled and said he understood.

go go girl bent over

Time To Pay My Girlfriend Out The Bar And Become A Sponsor

So I made the decision to actually start supporting Ann as I wanted the best chance of getting a visa as possible.

We agreed that she would find a different job that is not related to bar work and I would send her money to make up for what she would have been making, as we knew she would not be able to get a well-paying job.

She moved to On Nut in Bangkok, got a very small apartment and took a job in a restaurant close to her.

She was able to get a contract from the restaurant outlining her job, income, and any other information.

Two Beautiful Thai Ladies

This contract we sent to the visa agency to help with the application.

She was actually enjoying her new job, she said it was refreshing that no customers were hitting on her and she started making friends there.

Collecting all her wage slips for the visa application and saving whatever money she can.

Meanwhile, we kept in constant contact with messages and phone calls.

go go bars in bangkok

The Visa Process To Bring Your Thai Girlfriend To The UK Is Difficult

It was hard work collecting everything for the application.

I got bank statements, chat logs, photos, wage slips, work contracts, phone logs and whatever else I could get my hands on.

It’s really not a simple process, but I guess, that’s for the best really.

It had been around 5 months now since I saw Ann, so in March I booked another trip, this time for 2 weeks in Bangkok.

Before arriving in Bangkok I had been in talks with the agency, and it seemed that I had everything I needed to have ready for the application to be submitted.

Thai Girl Applying For Visa

His office was located in Pattaya, so me and Ann took a trip there to give him all the original documents and exchange paperwork.

He said he would put the application together because he was in Bangkok in a couple of days and could meet me with it.

Just 2 days later we met again in Bangkok and he gave me a binder and the finished application with all the documents inside ready for me to submit.

He then gave me the location of the building to take the application, he warned me not to talk to anyone and just head straight to the office he said.

When I asked him if he could come with me, he stressed that he does not like to go there too often because the government are not exactly fans of visa agencies in Thailand and he did not want the staff there to know how many applications go through his office.

I did not know this information about agencies being frowned upon and it made me a little worried, but he assured me that nobody would know I have used an agency.

falling in love in Bangkok

Submitting The Visa Application and Playing The Waiting Game

Once I went and submitted the application, it was time to play the waiting game now for Ann to have an interview, everything was starting to feel real now.

The rest of the 2-week trip went by and no phone call was made to Ann.

I asked my agency guy and he said it can take a lot of time for them to reach out to her for the interview, not to worry.

Again, it was time to go back to sunny UK.

i married a bargirl

And then 1 week everything changed.

During the afternoon one day, Ann called me saying that she had her phone interview and they seriously grilled her but she kept her cool and answered all the questions.

They asked her things about me about the city I live, tell them my birthday, my work life, and family.

She knew all this information and said she answered whatever she could.

She was confident, but doubt still lingered in my mind.

dating a soi cowboy go go girl

Visa Approved!

Then just 2 days later while I was at work, I got a message from Ann “Visa approved!

I was so relieved that morning at work, it felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off me,

I just couldn’t wait to finish work so I could get home and start arranging for Ann to come to the UK.

I sent Ann the money so she could buy the ticket from Bangkok, for some reason the one-way ticket was a lot more than my return ticket to Thailand.

I was able to book a flight to Bangkok for a week before me and Ann would fly back to the UK together, so she would not be alone.

cute go go girl at suzie wong

Waiting For Our Trip Back To The UK For The First Time

I booked the same hotel I had on the first trip, and requested the room I had when we first met, luckily they granted my request.

Ann checked in before I got there, and on my arrival I checked in, knocked on the door and again we held each other so tight.

That week was both stressful and exciting, getting everything ready for her departure to the UK to start our life together.

We had come so far already, it’s crazy how everything is falling into place.

We went to Ann’s old bar where we met so we could have a few beers, tell her friends the news and we had a great night there.

We ended up pretty drunk that night and pretty much passed out when we got back to the hotel.

Bangkok waitress

My Thai Girlfriends First Time In The UK

The time came for me to head back to the airport, but this time, I wasn’t going to be leaving alone.

A handful of Ann’s close friends joined us at the airport to see her off, a few tears were shed and lots of hugging.

Also a couple of warnings was passed onto me about looking after her and what would happen if I didn’t.

Because I had no holidays left at work, I still had to work full time.

I did not want Ann to be alone, so we lived with my parents for the first few months while she got used to the new country, and new life.

We did not get married straight away, because I wanted to give Ann time to see if she actually liked living in the UK, I gave her time to back out if she really wanted to.

But after about 5 months, Ann was still happy and determined this is the future she wanted, and wanted it with me.

bars on soi cowboy

Moving Into Our Own Place Together

We had been saving money for quite a while, so after looking at a few places, we finally moved into our own flat, it was like a dream come true.

We were so happy when we moved into the flat together, and the wedding had been planned for the following month.

Obviously we had spent a lot with sorting out the visas, flying to Bangkok, moving into our new place and buying whatever we needed for the apartment.

So we were not exactly rich and could not afford a lavish wedding, so we just booked the registry office and had reception at the back of our local friend with a few friends and family.

Marrying My Thai Girlfriend In The UK

We used gold rings that we had purchased from Thailand on previous trips, and just like that, we were now husband and wife, it was surreal.

We later discovered that our downstairs neighbor was also a Thailand veteran visitor.

I used to sit outside the apartment building to smoke, and one day he came home with a large suitcase saying he just arrived back from Thailand.

He was telling me about his trip, and what he got up to.

He told me he met a girl on Soi 6 in Pattaya, and was interested in bringing her back to the UK as well, what a coincidence.

married a thai girl

I have learned a lot from my first trip to Thailand, and I know that Soi 6 in Pattaya probably does not have the type of girls you would want to bring back to your country.

But who I am to judge? I married a girl from Soi Cowboy, so I did not say anything to him.

A great friendship started from that point. He ended up marrying a Thai girl, not the one from Soi 6 but another one that he met on a different trip, I helped him out with the visa paperwork.

She would come over and visit him, she was similar age to my wife so they hit if off really good, it was great because when I was out to work, Ann had her new Thai friend to keep her company if she wished.

took gogo girl to my country

Future Moments With My Thai Wife In The UK

After we got married, we finally got a 2-year visa which granted Ann the right to work in the UK.

She found a job quicker than we expected, she became a receptionist at a hotel close by to us and still works there to this day.

She is on minimum wage but she still can’t believe she gets paid that much an hour, that’s pretty cute, and the extra income has helped us out a lot.

Starting A Family With My Go Go Girl Wife

In January 2010, Ann was given permanent residence in the UK, and in April the same year she became a British citizen.

The following year we had another blessing, Ann fell pregnant.

9 months later, we were introduced to our healthy baby boy, and life had just got even better.

Half Thai, half English, he is a beauty.

I decided to share my story, because of other stories out there.

starting a family with a bargirl

My aim was to not invalidate all the advice given about bargirls relationships, that is still very correct and I agree that most of the time it’s risky business and will end in heartbreak and tears.

Everyone is different, including bargirls, and if you are a good judge of character, you can weed out the good from the bad.

You will know yourself if she is a good girl, I can’t explain it, you will just know deep down inside she’s the one.

When I first went to Thailand, it was just because my friend had asked me to join, I wanted to be a bit of a butterfly after the first night and have fun with girls.

I did not want to meet anyone, but could I have risked throwing away such a lovely girl?

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