My First Ladyboy Experience In Bangkok

Bangkok Ladyboy Experience

Hi, my name is Mark I am 49 years old and im from Leeds, the United Kingdom.

At 41 years old, I found myself standing at the crossroads of life, after going through a painful divorce after 9 years of marriage.

I was hurt and depression was creeping up on me, I have always had my life pretty more sorted out but for the first time ever, I really did not know what I was going to do.

I needed a change, a reset, a fresh start in life and that’s how I ended up on a plane to Thailand, the land of Smiles.

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Researching Life In Thailand


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During the time I was hurting over my divorce, I was researching online on how to fix a broken heart and loneliness.

For some reason “A Trip To Thailand” kept coming up in my searches, albeit for the wrong reasons.. but I was still intrigued.

The searches kept showing me a place known for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes… and of course, the amazing night life.

So after a few weeks of tossing the idea around in my head, going back and forth of wether to go Thailand or not, I decided what the hell. You only live once right?

I booked my ticket, and before I knew it, I was on a 13 hour flight from London to Bangkok with absolutely no plans on what I was going to do, just a hotel booked.

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In Bangkok With No Plans

I was pretty excited, traveling alone at my age, with no plans.. It made me feel like a teenager again breaking some kind of rule

Little did I know, this journey would lead me to a love story unlike any other.

I finally landed in Bangkok and headed straight to check into my hotel which was located on Soi 11 on Sukhumvit Road.

It seemed like a fancy hotel but it didn’t look like it when I was booking it.

Although I was knackered, I was eager to go for a walk and check out the scenes of Bangkok, it was early evening and the drive down to my hotel it already seemed pretty busy.

As I wandered the bustling streets of Bangkok, a city that seemed to have lots going on and the streets packed with cars and food carts, I stumbled upon a hidden gem of a bar.

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Exploring The Streets of Bangkok At Night


My Thai Ladyboy Experience 🇹🇭😳 #thailand #ladyboys #thailadyboys #bangkok #bangkokstory

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It was around 9pm at this time, so I decided im going to have a drink, just one or two because I’ve was shattered and jet lagged from the flight over here.

Inside it was pretty dark, but still had a good amount of customers inside.

I thought it would be wise to point out here, that at that moment I had no idea how the bar scene worked, but I was soon to find out.

I sat on the balcony part of the bar which over looked the busy streets so I could do some people watching while having a drink.

A girl approached me and asked me what I would like to drink.

Beautiful Transgender

Something Is Different About This Thai Girl

The way she looked, spoke, acted, just seemed different, something I have not experienced before.

I asked her what is a popular drink to have in Thailand?

She replied “Chang” in a somewhat deep tone of voice.

When she went to get my beer, the light bulb went off in my head and I realised she was a ladyboy, something that I have heard is very common in Thailand.

This was my first time interacting with a ladyboy let alone seeing one in person.

When she came back with my drink, she sat chatting with me, she had this aura of confidence and charm, she was very sweet but slightly mischievous as well. Her name was Nong.

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First Time Speaking To A Ladyboy

She asked me questions such as what I do for a living, why im in Bangkok etc.

I didn’t want to bore her with my divorce and how im in Thailand because I’ve been having mental health issues, so I simply replied that I am in Thailand just to let off a bit of steam on go on holiday on my own.

Our conversations flowed effortlessly, and for the first time in years, I found myself laughing wholeheartedly.

For some reason, It never bothered me that she was a ladyboy, although I am straight and like females, I couldn’t help but feel so attracted to her.

Maybe it was the Thailand bug of being my first time here, or that for the first time in years someone has shown me a bit of attention.

Whatever it was, I liked it.

I must have stayed there about 4 or 5 hours drinking and talking with her, I did buy her a drink every time I got one, though I did not realise at the time that lady drinks are more than normal drinks, ah well, lessons learnt, it didn’t bother me.

Ladyboy performing at a show in Bangkok

Spending My Night With A Thai Ladyboy


My Thai Ladyboy Experience😳🇹🇭 #bangkok #thailadyboys #ladyboys #thailandladyboy #bangkokstory #thailand

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During our night, she did leave to welcome customers and get them drinks but she always returned to sit with me which I thought was pretty sweet of her.

Anyway, it got to about 1am and I was feeling a little drunk. Alcohol, tiredness and jet lag is not a good combination.

I told her that it was time for me to head back to the hotel because I have had a long trip and need to get some sleep.

She asked me if she would see me again, I said that I can come back here again tomorrow if she liked, to which she replied “Yes please

I pain my bill, which was a bit higher than I expected due to lady drinks and off I went back to my hotel.

That night I think I slept like 10 hours, I was exhausted and a little tipsy.

Once I woke up and showered, I went to grab some street food as it was around 1pm.

I’d never tried Thai street food before but I can see why people love it, it’s absolutely delicious and very cheap.

Ladyboy Bar Girl

Returning To The Bar To See Her Again


My Thailand Ladyboy Experience 🇹🇭😳 #thailadyboys #ladyboys #thailandstorytime #thaigirls #bangkokstory

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While I was eating, my phone started vibrating, upon checking it – it seemed like I had downloaded an app called LINE and added the ladyboy from last night, or she did it for me.

I wasn’t aware of this app but later found out its very popular in Thailand for messages, kind of like WhatsApp back home.

Nong had sent me a messaging saying “Thank you for the drinks last night, I enjoyed your company, I hope you return again tonight

I was thinking wow, someone is actually interested in me? This feels great. I want to stress again that I am a straight man but this still felt fantastic.

Anyway, as night time approached, I was sitting in my hotel room after an afternoon texting with Nong, it was time for me to get ready and hit that bar again.

I went back to the bar to meet Nong, and like the previous night, the drinks were flowing, the attention was being shown and memories were made.

Ladyboy performer taking a picture

She Seemed Like A Female Not A Transgender

During our chats Nong kept touching my hand and being very flirty with me, it felt great and I just looked at her as a female not a ladyboy really.

I noticed there was a lot more ladyboys in the bar that night, in fact, they were all ladyboys from what I could gather.

So I had to ask nong “Is this a ladyboy bar” to which she giggled and replied “Yes, you didn’t know?

When I told her I did not know it was a ladyboy bar, she stepped back and said “You know I am right?” And I said yes, but you look like a very beautiful girl.

Then the questions came such as “Have you ever been with someone like me?” “Are you into girls like me?

I told her I was very interested in her, but it was my first time with someone like her, I don’t think she believed me because she laughed and said “Yes that’s what they all say” but I was being honest, this was my first time.

The night was coming to a close again, and it was time to leave. She told me that she had a day off the following day, so I built up the courage to ask her on a date, to which she agreed.

Dating Transgenders In Bangkok

Dating A Transgender In Bangkok

The next day we spent the day together, just getting coffee and chatting, telling each other about each others life’s, the highs and lows.

I opened up and admitted the reason I am in Thailand was because of a past divorce and how I’ve been feeling ever since.

She was very affectionate and shown me a lot of sympathy, even though I was not looking for it. It was very sweet of her.

Days turned into weeks, and my connection with Nong deepened, we spent almost every day together exploring Bangkok, seeing temples and learning about each other.

It’s strange to say that I was not one bit embarrassed about being seen with her in public for some reason, it just felt natural, I really did like this girl.

Dating a thai transgender

Bar Fines In Bangkok For Ladyboys

I have to say though, every day we spent together, I did have to pay her 300 baht that she could give to the bar to let her out. I later learned that this was called a bar fine.

Remember, I am new to all this.

As more time passed with us spending time together, I felt myself being drawn to her and I can’t really explain but I was certainly catching feelings for her and enjoying every second of it.

She did spend a few nights with me at my hotel, but nothing happened.

I don’t know if it was because of her you know what, or just because it wasn’t time, but we just enjoyed our nights.

Nong understood my pain, my longing for a fresh start, and she offered me a new perspective on life.

I decided to extend my visa for an extra 30 days because I wanted to spend more time with her.

As she hadn’t been working and spending time with me, she requested that I help her out with 1,000 baht a day to cover her loss of earnings, I didn’t think much of this and thought it was totally understandable so I did just that.

Bangkok Freelancers

Becoming More Than Friends With A Holiday Girlfriend

As our relationship becomes more than just friends, I knew that she was a transgender ladyboy, and while it initially took time for me to adjust, my feelings for her remained strong.

However, not all love stories are destined for happiness. One fateful day, I woke up to find my ATM card missing, and a sinking feeling gripped my heart.

Panic and disbelief coursed through me as I realized that Nong had taken it.

I checked my bank account using my phone, and around 30,000 money in my account had vanished.

I quickly transferred the remaining money to a separate bank of mine that couldn’t be withdrawn. I guess 30,000 was the limit I could withdraw in 1 day.

Ladyboy Stole From Me In Thailand


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I tried texting her multiple times and was not getting a reply, until late in the evening she replied “I am sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, I will pay you back”

That night I went to her bar and confronted her, hurt and betrayed by the person I believed I was falling for and her falling for me.

Nong’s confession was a dagger to my heart.

She admitted to stealing my card and using it to withdraw money. Her reasons were a tangle of desperation and misguided intentions, but the damage was done.

With a heavy heart I decided to cut all ties with her after that, and ended our relationship.

But was it even a relationship? Looking back on all this, could this have been her plan from the start?

To take advantage of a guy who’s hurting? Its cold to think that could have been her plan.

ladyboy stole from me

Leaving Thailand With A Broken Heart

Returning to the UK was a mixture of relief and sorrow.

The memories of Thailand and Nong certainly remained in my mind, a reminder that not everyone is who they seem to be.

The experience taught me that love can be found in unexpected places, but it doesn’t always come without its share of challenges.

Nong and I had shared a connection that I hadn’t felt with anyone else since, but in the end, trust and honesty is two big things needed to make a relationship work, and it seemed she was missing them.

As time passed, the feel of betrayal began to heal, leaving behind valuable lessons but still some good memories.

Life moved on, and I began to feel good again. I don’t really regret going to Thailand because it made me feel alive again.

Yes I regret trusting too easy and not doing research about the bar scene, but it was still a good experience for me, one that im happy to share. Thanks

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