My Dating Experiences In Thailand

dating in thailand

Hi, im Daniel.

In 2019 I retired pretty early in my life, I had more than enough saved and got good welfare due to a disability caused from my line of work.

I wanted to do some travelling around South East Asia, and Thailand was my first destination.

I want to give a little insight to my life here in Thailand and my dating experiences.

Not long after being in Bangkok and finding some Thai friends, I was introduced to a girl named Kop, which im pretty sure is Thai for Frog.

I hadn’t met her in person yet, one of her friends was just telling me about her as apparently we was both looking for some companionship.

experience dating in thailand

First Time Dating In Thailand


A viewers story giving sharing his experiences with dating Thai girls in the Land of smiles, Thailand 🇹🇭 Currently dating a Thai girl that is already married 👰 #thailand #thailandstorytime #thaigirl #relationshipstory #datingexperience

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Kop is 32 and has a young kid, she is from a poor village in Isan.

Her friends told me that she works as a cashier at a bar in Chonburi.

Now I know, alarm bells should be ringing when I was told she works as a cashier at a bar.

As most women who say they are cashiers in a bar, they are actually much more than that.

But as I had my head screwed on and I planned to go to Pattaya soon anyway, I thought what the hell and told her friends to set up a meet.

The following weekend I headed to Pattaya and we had arranged to meet in LK Metro, which is a popular spot with lots of bars.

The first night with her wasn’t actually that bad, the lady drinks were flowing, the conversations was good and all in all it seemed like we was both having fun.

dating a bar girl in thailand

Lady Drinks and Bar Fines

That night I paid the bar fee and we headed off to my hotel where the night continued, for a price of course.

We went on a few dates that week but I quickly realised she was very enjoyable to be hanging out with, and regardless of her line of work she was actually very intelligent and smart.

Her English was next to perfect which made communicating with each other a lot more easy and fun.

I really hate it when you get attracted to someone in Thailand and there is a big language barrier.

Although I had fun with her and had some great laughs, I think she enjoyed spending my money rather than spending time with me.

I never really understood the stories about sick buffaloes, but Kop kept telling me a lot of false tales.

Especially about a broken motorcycle and debts to friends and rent.

Going into this, I wasn’t planning a relationship anyway, just a 1 night fling so there was no loss to ending our week romance.

trying to find a good thai girl to date

Cutting The Relationship Short

To cut a long story short with Kop, I cut the relationship shortly after it started, I wasn’t going to be one of them guys that gets drained.

I did like her, and was willing to stay friends but any financial support, she will after look elsewhere.

We still spoke occasionally on LINE but it was northing serious, just general chit chat.

A few weeks later i get a random message on Facebook from a guy in the UK, it turns out it was Kop’s boyfriend.

Beautiful Thai Girl Working At A GO GO bar In Bangkok

I had no idea about him as Kop obviously kept it quiet, I was lead to believe that she was single.

Probably stupid thinking on my side.

Anyway, he messaged me asking how I knew her and stuff, he wasn’t being aggressive or anything, he sounded really into her and I think it broke his heart with my replies.

Although he was hurting, I wanted him to know the truth because I didn’t know how deep he’s in with her, especially financially, I didn’t want him to lose everything.

cute thai girlfriend

First Thai Girlfriend Had Multiple Boyfriends

He told me that they met while he was on holiday in Pattaya and spent the whole of his trip together, he claimed he didn’t pay her anything while there but helped her out by sending money when he went back to the UK.

Sounds like she was playing the long game with him and seen him as an easy mark.

After talking to him and giving him a little advise, I decided I did not want to be involved in anything like this, so I decided to block Koy and her boyfriend, they can figure it out themselves.

Not long after the incident with Koy, I wanted to get out there and actually date someone that could potentially lead into something a little more serious.

I joined a couple of dating sites like Tinder and Bumble, I was getting matches left right and centre, but I wasn’t naive enough to believe I was only getting matches based on my looks.

cute thai girl selfie

Trying To Find A Thai Girlfriend With A Professional Job

I had to weed through the list of matches to find people that I did not think was into the thailand night life scene.

Im not against people in that line of work, It just after my previous experience I wanted to find something more serious.

After a few dates with different types of women, nothing really came of anything, they was all either boring with nothing in common, or just straight up had no connection whatsoever.

I did however date a girl a for a couple of weeks named Pui.

Pui was actually Cambodian, im not sure if she was here illegally in the massage shop where she worked, but I thought it was best not to ask.

The less I know about this, the better.

Pui loved to party, something I was not too keen on but each to their own.

Although Pui’s English wasn’t the best, she was actually a very sweet and loving girl.

We used to talk quite a lot, I wouldn’t say it was romantically but more like close friends.

thai woman dating a lot

Meeting A Girl That Is Already Married


My Thai girl is already married 👰🇹🇭 #thailand #thailandstorytime #relationshipstorytime #pattaya #thaigirl

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One story she told me really stood out to me and I felt bad for her.

She told me that she was married to a Thai man, and moved here to be with him, later having a son with him.

She told me her husband was a big alcoholic and she used to suffer the drunken beatings, but wouldn’t leave because of her son.

Her husband sent their child to live in Isan with the husbands father, so Pui had to do massage work so she could make money for her husbands family to look after the child.

It sounded like she was in a real bad relationship and was suffering at the hands of her abusive husband.

Beautiful Thai Girl Working At A Bar In Bangkok

She didn’t have any family to turn to here apart from a step sister that lived in Phuket.

All that being said, it’s best not to believe every story you hear from people here, a lot of them lead to requesting money for help.

I advised her to go to the police about the situation with her husband, but she replied that her husband has connections high up in the police and feared that it could lead to more harm to her than him.

farang and thai couple

Now She Is Asking For Money…

After hearing all her problems, it did pull on my heart strings a little bit and I guess that’s when my soft side come out.

I asked “What can I do to help?

She replied that she would like a flight from Bangkok to Phuket so she can escape to her sister.

A flight to Phuket is cheap so I accepted as long as I was the one booking the ticket for her.

Bargirl Wearing Red

She agreed and gave me all her info.

She mistakenly sent me her marriage visa which has expired over a year ago.

That’s where I drawn the line, I did not want to get involved with anything like that or helping an illegal immigrant, so I wished her luck with her problems and blocked her.

It may have been a bit of a harsh thing to do to her, especially since she was in an abusive relationship, but I have got to think about me first and I did not want to be assisting in anything illegal within the Kingdom.

relationship with a married thai woman

In A Relationship With Yet Another Married Woman


My Thai Girlfriend Is Already Married 🇹🇭😳 #thaigirlfriend #married #cheating #relationshipstory #datingstory

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Currently I am in somewhat of an relationship with a woman that is already married to an American, who supports her financially.

She has been married for almost 15 years, which she was straight forward and honest about instantly when we met.

We actually met in a market in Bangkok while I was doing some shopping for some new clothes.

Most people might be shocked that I did not run for the hills when she told me she was married, but you have to think, how many married western men come to Thailand and have a fling with a girl here while they have family back at home.

That being said, im guessing her sponsor may have an issue with her dating, I didn’t ask but im pretty sure she hasn’t told him about me.

Like I said, its an open relationship that we are in, so there’s not really any strings attached, I can do what I want and she can do what she want, she’s probably just bored while her husband isn’t here.

married thai girlfriend

Ignoring Western Values and Adapting To Thai Values


My Thai Girlfriend Is Already Married 😈🇹🇭 #thailand #thailandstories #thaigirl #thaigirlfriend #married

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I’d say that quite a few foreign men here might be somewhat mistaken if they try to compare their Western values to Thai values.

Of course, there are many foreign men happily married to Thai wives in the traditional sense, as well as those involved in open boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.

I respect those relationships, and I also understand that if you’re mentally prepared for the possibility of infidelity, it won’t be such a massive letdown.

You’ll be better equipped to handle it rationally.

It’s not unusual for Thai men to have both a main wife and a minor wife, known as a “mia noi.

So, it’s not really shocking when women also follow this pattern and find fulfilment in various relationships.

Just like men do.

I’ve personally shifted away from what I see as dull traditional Western attitudes.

This change has made me feel like a better person, but I understand these are my own views.

Others might see things differently, and that’s completely up to them.

Thai Girlfriends Not Being Honest

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