I Think My Thai Girlfriend Already Had A Boyfriend

My Thai Girlfriend Already Has A Boyfriend

Hey everyone, it’s Rob.

I’ve been to Thailand a bunch of times before.

I want to share my long distance relationship story, and how bad it actually was.

Back in 2012, I met a really nice lady online.

Her name was Pim She was 27 and had a little boy.

After a while, she asked me to come see her in the village close to the Cambodian border.

She told me how to get there on a bus.

Beautiful Thai Girl Working At A Go Go Bars

Flying To Meet My Long Distance Thai Girlfriend

So, I flew into Bangkok airport and then took a bus from there to a bus terminal.

From there, I caught another bus to Surin.

Once I got there, I got a room at a small hotel close to the bus station.

In the hotel lobby, I met an older guy from Norway.

He seemed really sad, like he had a rough day or something.

Later, I ran into the same guy again.

We had a couple of beers and he told me his story.

His Thai girlfriend had kicked him out of their house, and now her new boyfriend from Germany was living with her.

Quite a welcome to this enchanting place, right?

Village In Thailand

Not The Thailand Welcoming I Was Expecting

The next day, I hopped on a bus to the village where the lady I’d met online lived.

But when I got there, I couldn’t find her.

It turns out, my new girlfriend had turned off her phone, even though she knew I was coming.

A few hours later, her cousin called me up and asked where I was.

I told her I was at the bus station and had checked into the hotel.

I asked about Pim, and she said that Pim would come to my hotel later that night.

So, I was by myself in that dull hotel, pretty late at night.

thai village

Finally My Long Distance Thai Girlfriend Shows Up

Then, out of the blue, Pim showed up at the hotel.

She asked the front desk which room I was in, and they just told her without checking her ID or anything.

I later learned that the hotel didn’t even verify who she was – she could’ve been anyone.

I have to say, seeing her at my hotel door was a big shock.

At first, I was happy to see her there, but it quickly became clear that she was completely drunk.

It seemed like I was probably an afterthought to her.

She was a typical former bar girl, covered in tattoos, even in sensitive places.

I’m keeping it appropriate for YouTube, but you likely understand what I mean by “down south.

Her phone kept ringing, even at 2 in the morning – probably her customers trying to reach her.

I wasn’t too pleased, but I figured I’d come all this way, so I might as well try to make the most of it.

Two Tattooed Thai Bar Girls

This Meeting Has Gone From Bad To Worse

Unfortunately , it turned out to be a horrible night.

It felt like watching a TV that wasn’t even turned on.

Pim showed up again late the next night, once more drunk.

She asked me for money again.

I gave her some, but she wasn’t satisfied and told me it wasn’t enough to support her family.

I let her know I was feeling pretty bored being all by myself out in the countryside.

I mentioned that I hadn’t traveled all this way to spend my time alone. She came back saying, “Well, come to my place. I live with my mom and son. You can stay with us in our village home.

I figured, why not? How much worse could it get?

So, I left the hotel and moved into her little place, which Pim called a house.

Her mom was really nice.

We all shared sticky rice, sitting on the floor and using our fingers to eat it.

It was quite a change – I was now experiencing a really simple way of life with Pim’s mother.

Pim would often vanish and return with cash.

It’s not hard to guess where she was going and how she was making money.

But honestly, I stopped caring.

Then, one night around 2 in the morning, we were both sleeping in the same room but in separate beds to be respectful to her mother.

I heard some noise in the room.

I pulled aside the mosquito net and saw a man in the room.

He walked over to Pim’s bed, sat down, and began whispering to her.

I woke up and questioned what was happening.

The man left the room quietly without a word to me, and he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

I asked Pim who he was, and she said he was her brother.

They hadn’t seen each other in two months, and he just came in to say hello.

Young Sweet Bar Girl

I Think My Thai Girlfriend Has Already Got A Boyfriend

I thought it was a bit odd for it to happen at 2 in the morning, and I mentioned this to her.

She explained that he had been out fishing and decided to stop by to make sure she was alright.

He was concerned because I was there alone, so he checked in on her to ensure she was safe.

I always made sure to have a plan ready just in case.

But I told her it was all good – he’s her brother and cares about her.

I gave her cousin a call, and her cousin spilled the beans – turns out, Pim had four boyfriends, and she was getting money from all of them.

Two Young Thailand Dancers

The following day, I told Pim that I had to go to Laos for a visa run because my visa was about to expire.

This was my way out.

I was concerned she might get upset and cause a scene if I tried to leave, but honestly, our relationship was going nowhere.

It had reached its end, and I was ready to move on.

The next day, I left.

I told her I’d be back soon, but I knew better.

Some Thai ladies have their own ways to handle situations like this – they might talk about a sick mother, a funeral, or a brother having a motorcycle accident.

It’s a script we’re all familiar with, even though we know it’s not true.

But they keep using these excuses.

My advice to anyone would be this: don’t travel halfway across the world to meet someone you’ve never even met before.

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