From Online Thai Girlfriend To Wife

Me a Yuri meet on a app called thai friendly

Dont get me wrong, there are freelancers on there, but there are also Thai traditional women as well.

We started talking over the 6 months period and began video chatting eventually after a few weeks, we both knew there was a real connection and realised that we had a lot in common.

Over time the video chats became more and more frequent every day as we started to fall in love with each other.

I was determined for us to meet and be together.

So I made arrangements to come to Bangkok so we could meet in person an see how things would go between us.

Online Thai Girlfriend

Booking Flight To Bangkok To Meet My Online Thai Girlfriend

I booked the ticket an she was so happy to see I was being real with her as I sent my flight info to her.

keep in my im just a average guy and not rich what so ever and some what over weight even tho I’m 6 ft tall.

She is this tiny little thing thats 5.2 ft maybe.

I had explained this to her an she didn’t mind.

She also lives with a lady an they have a Thai traditional massage shop an Yuri dose custom nails.

No happy ending on the massage an clothes stay on other than your feet.

Anyway I sent Yuri my flight info an the day had arrived that I finally landed in Bangkok airport.

I text Yuri as I was going through immigration an told her I was there.

A few minutes later she text me back and ask me where I was at?

I told her I was going through immigration an then I’d get my luggage an be on my way to the condo I rented off Airbnb.

Keep in mind we call an talk to each other on whatsapp.

10 mins later she text me and told me to wait, I ask what for? She replied.

I’m waiting for you at entrance 6.

Thai Girl In The Pool

Meeting My Thai Girlfriend For The First Time

much to my surprise Yuri had decided to meet at the airport and I was so happy, because we had planned to meet at the condo later that evening.

we meet and it was pure joy as she came running toward me when she saw me and wrapped her arms around me an hugged me with a kiss on the cheek.

So we went down to the Mrt an caught it because I knew that massakat station was only two blocks from the condo I had rented an I had paid in advance for two registers guest in hopes that she stay with me.

For the whole 10 days I was there she did decide that’s what she wanted to do, she stayed with me every night.

She Is A Traditional Thai Woman

As a traditional Thai woman I can tell you there was no bedroom fun involved for the first two nights an that was fine with me cause I done my research before coming to Bangkok and knew how Thai traditional women were.

If they are true traditional woman, they are not just going to throw there self at you an say here it is.

The first night we cuddled all night and after a flight from U.S to there that’s all I wanted to do anyway, rest an sleep.

Finally we got out an about an she started showing me around an we were so in love with each other that on day 4 I knew I had to have this beautiful lady as my wife.

picture of a traditional thai wife

Asking My Girlfriend To Be My Thai Wife

It was funny because I ask her if she would be my wife an she looked at me an said, if you hadn’t ask me I was going to ask you if you be my husband tonight.

So she accepted with a yes, but said we must make a trip first, Im like “where to babe?”

She said well we must go to where I used to live an we must meet my parents, I need to get there approval for our marriage.

Next day we got up an caught the BTS, busses, and taxis all the way to saraburri.

Once we got there, we then walked a short distance to her parents house, she had called ahead to let her parents know we was coming and her mother had cooked us a meal to eat so we all could sit down at the table together and get to know each other.

Finally after about 2 hours the question was presented to her mother and dad, as I watched her parents look at each other with a smile and her dad turned to me and said

“yes you may have my daughter as your wife and welcome to the family.”

And from there you know the rest of the story with embassy’s an so on.

wife in thailand

Looking For Love In Thailand

To anyone that’s looking for a Thai wife.

They will never ask you for money or to buy them anything I could see Yuri was real an truely in love with me as I was with her.

if were out shopping I have to ask her to this day if she wants this or that and buy it for her, she never ask me to.

and of course now that she is my wife

I send money from u.s. to her every week as this is what’s expected of a husband married to a Thai wife and now I have two step children that are in school as well.

I couldn’t be happier and I travel back an forth every couple months now and will be finally staying in Bangkok as of June 2024.

Point is, do t fall for a Thai bar girl or massage girl or go go girl, they are there for one thing an that’s for you to have a good time an to make money.

just read my story guys an you will see key points of a true thai woman that’s real an in love with you.

Good luck to all.

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