My Evil Thai Ex Wife

Evil Ex Thai Wife

This story is about my now ex wife named Aom, that I met in Bangkok about 10 years ago.

I met her in a massage parlour, I know, not a great start to the story already.

I kept going back to her because ive always had issues with my legs, and she was just so good at massaging them, always eased the pain slightly.

One day going in for the massage I thought I would try shooting my shot and asking her out on a date.

So after a massage I simply asked if she was single, when she said yes I said would you like to go on a date sometime?

She was this young cute shy girl and she just gave me a smile and said “yes when I can because I work a lot”

Which is true, every day that I went in for my massage she was there, I never turned up to find her not working.

Anyway, I gave her my number and told her to call me whenever she is free and we can arrange something.

If im honest, with how shy she seemed, I did not think that she would text me or see me out of work.

bangkok streets at night

Dating My Future Thai Wife

A couple of days went by and I didn’t go for a massage in hopes that she would call me, sure enough, she dropped me a text to see how I was and why I have not been into the parlour.

We got chatting and finally set up a time to meet, one night after her job, just going for a drink and a chat.

It was a nice evening, I learnt a bit more about her personal life and her family. I also learnt that she did go with customers sometimes but only when she really needed to.

I kind of knew that they go with customers so I wasn’t exactly shocks, nor did I really mind. She was single, she can do what she wants.

On the 3rd or 4th date, I can’t remember which, we ended the night by her coming to my hotel, we ended up sleeping together and having a good night.

I want to make it clear that no money was exchanged, she did not ask for any and I did not offer any, it felt like a mutual choice for us both to stay together.

We dated for about a month and I was feeling great, but I wanted to know how she felt or if I was just something she wanted to pass time.

I asked if we was in a relationship or if she would like it to be serious with us, she replied that she is my girlfriend and likes to be in a relationship with me.

Things did move a little fast between us, but I wasn’t complaining, I really liked her and was more than happy to be in a relationship with her.

Since then, she practically came over to my hotel and stayed every night after work, she had more or less moved in with me.

About 2 months into our relationship, she tells me that she wants me to meet her parents that live in a village in Isan, to which I agreed.

She told me that she wanted her parents to approve of me so it would be a good idea to buy her a gold ring and some nice looking clothes, so it seems like I have enough money to take care of their daughter.

Maybe I was being stupid, but at the time, it did make sense to me and I really wanted her parents to approve of their daughter being with me.

Picture of thai girls outside a bar

Meeting My Girlfriends Family

So with that said, I gave her around 20,000 thai baht to go shopping and buy some clothes and whatever else she needed.

We made our way to Isan for the weekend, where we stayed in a hotel close to her family home, as their home was too full to host us and if im honest, their way of living I don’t think I would have survived.

Even with no aircon it’s a big no no for me.

When I met her parents they seemed nice and tried making a fuss of me even though they did not speak English, basically doing sign language to each other.

The first night of meeting the parents, more and more family members kept slowly showing up to see me, although I was flattered with the attention, I couldn’t help but feel like they are sizing me up for how wealthy I am.

Aom told me that in order for her parents to give her away to me, I had to pay them 30,000 it was like my way of showing that I will take care of their daughter.

I was pretty much shocked and unaware that this was actually something that Thai people do, was I being scammed?

Where im from, if a father is giving their daughter away it means that she is getting married.

Aom and I have never spoke about getting married at that time, and in my eyes it was way too early anyway, we had only been dating about 3 months at that time.

Never the less, I was a naive fool in love with this girl, and wanted her father to accept me and it seemed to be his choice if she is with me or not, so I reluctantly made some transfers and withdrew 30,000.

Thai Freelancer On Soi Cowboy

Giving My Thai Girlfriends Family Money

Handing it to her father, he looked like he had won the lottery which I guess was kind of true. Aom was then handed over to be and I was gave some cotton bracelet to wish us luck.

After being down 50,000 with 20,000 on Aom new clothes and 30,000 for her dad, I realised I was in a bit too deep right now, but I thought the finance side was over now, and Aom was mine.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Back in Bangkok, we carried on as normal, dating and living together, she was all lovey with me and made me feel special, I think she was very happy that I went to meet her parents and paid her father.

It was almost time for me to go back to Australia for a bit, Aom had expressed interest in going back to school and studying.

Now this is something I didn’t mind paying for, because it wouldn’t be money wasted I guess as it’s going on something productive for Aom rather than her parents.

I told her I would pay for her school and help her out with what is needed.

Before heading back to Australia I gave her 50,000 to help with stuff because I did not know when I would be back, and didn’t want her to resort to other jobs if you know what I mean.

I also agreed to send her 20,000 a month if she promised not to go with customers from the parlour or do anything that involves entertaining tourists.

She happily accepted this, though, I doubt she would have turned down an extra 20,000 a month.

Thai Wife

Supporting My Thai Girlfriend While Im Away

Once I got back to Australia, we kept in contact as much as we could and things seemed to be going fine. Until one day she asked me for an extra 10,000 baht

I asked what it was for, and she said it was for a massage course she wanted to take which her work would send her on.

I didn’t exactly believe this but being the love blinded guy that I am, send her the money.

I was returning to Bangkok to Aom in 2 months, I would have been away from her for 3 months at that time and would have gave her a total of 100,000 baht.

Every time I think of my story I cringe at how stupid and naive I was, why I didn’t just get out of their at the first red flag, I know we all make mistakes but damn, I was so stupid.

Anyway, back to my horror story.

It was time for me to fly back to Thailand, Aom said she would meet me at Bangkok airport.

When I arrived in Bangkok, Aom was nowhere to be found. I searched around all the exits and couldn’t find her, sent her multiple texts and got no response.

Finally after 2 hours of sitting there thinking to myself what the hell have I got myself into, she messages me saying that she was stuck in traffic and she will be there as soon as she can.

I waited about another hour before she finally shown up, I was expecting her to have a big smile on her face running up to me to give me a big hug but it was pretty much the opposite.

When we saw each other, she had a miserable look on her face, gave me a kiss like it was forced and proceeded to complain that I should of got a flight that lands at a different time so she wouldn’t have been stuck in traffic.

Thai Wife

Ignoring Red Flags In A Relationship

So as you can see, there has been a number of red flags already in my story, but of course, like many guys in my position in Thailand, we decide to ignore all the warning signs.

She later told me that she did not like being at school and the massage course that she was on so she decided to stop going.

I should have asked where all the money had gone but I did not want to cause any problems yet.

It wasn’t until after my experience that I thought she probably never went to school or on any courses, it was just a way to get money from me.

The jewellery and new clothes that I had purchased for her before we went to meet her family had also disappeared. This I did question her about.

She claimed that her family was in desperate need of money and she did not want to keep asking me for money so she had to pawn some of her things.

Wether this was a lie or not, I don’t know, but I once again was the love struck fool and offered to give her money so she could get her jewellery back from the pawn shop.

After a week in Bangkok, I brought up the idea of us going on a short holiday to Ko Samui for the rest of the month that I was there.

This holiday was actually good, we got a long really well and had a fantastic time.

She did confine in me that she used to do freelancing, but I kind of already assumed that, as she had already told me that she used to go with customers from her work.

I did not mind what she used to do before I met her, as long as she wasn’t doing it now then I did not have a problem.

After Ko Samui, we headed back to Bangkok for my last day there with her and again we had another good night with a romantic dinner at a restaurant followed by a lot of bed room fun.

I said my good byes again the next day when Aom came with me to the airport, and off I went.

Bangkok Night Life

Agreeing To Marry My Thai Wife

While back in Australia, I did not want Aom go back to her old ways of making money, so I made sure to keep sending her money to support her.

Back at home we would keep in touch daily and things seemed to be going good, we decided to take it to the next level, we agreed to get married and I invited her to come to Australia.

This meant us applying for her visa, which we did on my next trip to Thailand.

The part of the marriage and getting the visa is long and boring, with not much to say about it really.

Going into the process is complicated and that’s not what the point of my story is about, so I’ll skip to the day that we got the visa for her to come to Australia.

The first time I knew in my heart that this was the begging of the end is the day that we got her visa approved and delivered.

When we got the visa and went back to the hotel, I said that we should go out for dinner and celebrate, to which she agreed.

As we was both getting ready to go out, she was constantly on her phone and then said that she would have to cancel our plans because her friend needed her urgent.

I tried to explain that I wanted to celebrate this moment in our relationship, but she couldn’t care less, she basically told me I don’t have a choice and she is going to meet her friend.

Wether her friend needed her or not, I don’t know, but she went anyway. Leaving me in the hotel room angry, disappointed, sad and feeling a little used.

I Should Have Just Left

I kind of knew deep down at that moment I should have just packed my stuff and done and runner, but I let my heart do the thinking and not my head, thinking to myself this might just be a one off incident.

She came strolling in around 2am the next morning, completely drunk.

She just got onto the bed full clothed and fell to sleep, at this point I was seething with anger but I managed to sleep it off.

Just to add, this trip I had gave her around $500 for new clothes, jewellery and spending money.

Fast forward a bit to the next incident, we are now both in Australia.

I took her to meet my father at his house, I wanted him to meet my girlfriend and potential future wife, and would have thought she wanted to meet my father as well like I met hers.

We got there, and after about 10 minutes Aom told me she was bored and wanted to leave, I know it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but it was extremely rude for her to want to leave.

When I refused, she escused herself and went outside for about 30 minutes chatting on the phone to her friends, yes I would let her use my phone to call Thailand.

Taking Thai Girl To your country

Bringing My Thai Wife To Australia

This is yet another red flag that I ignored when I really shouldn’t have.

When Aom first came to Australia I took her sight seeing, we went on short vacations around my country, eat at fancy restaurants, she did a lot of shopping and pretty much always got she wanted.

I was just really love struck and always overlooked the bad times and red flags with the good times and her charm when she decided to show affection. I know, I was stupid.

She even wanted to get better at English so I paid for a professional teacher to help her.

I was completely in love with this girl and wanted to give her whatever I could to make her happy, oh how I regret my decisions.

It wasn’t long until the questions for money to send back to her family came up, she said I should be sending 300 dollars to her parents to help them, foolish me complied and once again she got what she wanted.

I did start putting my foot down a little bit, maybe I should have done it a bit more. Several times after we argued about her not getting what she wanted, I would tell her to just go back to Thailand and leave me.

I even paid for her tickets at one point and told her I would send her money until she found work, but each time we had a fall out she would find a way back to me and be all lovey dovey with me.

Of course, silly me would forgive her and welcome her back with open arms.

Thai Girl Praying

Heading Back To Thailand

After spending time in my country, we headed back to Thailand but this time we went to Chaing Mai because I had never been and wanted to explore that area.

Aom of course was reluctant to go, she said she would be bored and rather go to Bangkok while I was in Chaing Mai.

After her complaining and moaning about everything she reluctantly agreed to come with me, and my god was it an awful trip.

All she did was complain about every little thing, every restaurant we went to there was something wrong with the food, she brought up going to Bangkok every day, it was a complete nightmare and just drained the life out of me.

And guess what? That’s right, I didn’t leave her and stayed with her.

It was now coming up to Christmas, and I wanted to do something special for her and spoil her, but rather than me buying her something and her complaining about it, I gave her 1000$ dollars and told her she can spend it however she wishes.

She came back at me saying that she wanted to buy a new phone and 1000$ wasn’t enough. Now, I know ive been foolish so far in our relationship but im pretty sure no phone costs over 1000$, though I could be wrong.

Group of Bangkok Bar Girls

My Thai Wife Just Wants More and More Money

I told her that 1000 was already a lot of money and she should be thankful that im giving it her as a Christmas gift but of course, she wasn’t happy or thankful.

After she left and sent me a lots of texts telling me im the reason she isn’t working and has no money, how im a lousy partner and only help when I want to, she finally threatened to break up with me and leave me.

Like the clown I am, I gave in and gave her an extra 300 dollars more.

I spent Christmas with her in Thailand but had to leave back to Australia shortly after because I had to work. Aom planned to come to the Oz after 2 months of her being in Thailand.

This time while we was apart the communication died down a little bit and we spoke less, though we did still speak every day, just not as much as we used to.

I actually enjoyed being back at work and alone for 2 months, it was nice to relax and just unwind.

Those 2 months were short lived and flew by, Aom was soon on her way back here.

As soon as she got here I could tell that something was wrong, she seemed very distant from me and wouldn’t engage in any bedroom activities, I was lucky if I even got a kiss.

I pressed her about why she is being like this and why so distant, I told her that I can’t live like this especially with someone a partner that can’t even kiss me.

She finally admitted to cheated on me while she was in Thailand and admitted she had a boyfriend fling in the 2 months that I was gone.

Stupid me still stayed with her but things got much worse from there.

After a year or so I just gave up trying, nothing was working and I could finally see that I was being foolish thinking that this could work out.

farang and thai couple

Not Supporting My Wifes Family Anymore

I put a stop to sending her parents money, as every time we visited them they had nothing to show for the money I had sent, and her father always seemed to be drunk, so Im guessing my money was going to him and not the family.

I could see Aom wasn’t happy with where we was and we agreed to move, still in Australia but out of the city that we was currently in.

I was hoping that this might change things between us, a new house, new jobs and a new start. Guess who was wrong again? Me.

Things was ok for about a month until Aom finally got a job and started to earn an income for herself.

Now I was getting the attitude of she doesn’t need no man to take care of her anymore, and I was just on the back hand.

We would constantly argue, nothing I did was ever good enough for her, she would pick fault with every little thing I did.

She would only show me some type of love when she wanted something from me.

On one occasion I snapped and we had a big argument over something so small, she told me she was going to stay at her work friends place because she did not want to be around me and stormed out the house.

I did not hear from her again until late the next evening when she called me apologising for the night before asking if she could come back home.

As I had cooled off and again being naive, I told her she can come home but only if we stop arguing because I really can’t take it anymore.

She promised that things will be better and that she was just angry and tired from her job.

ex thai girlfriend

My Wife Cheated On Me With Her Work Colleague

Once she got home I pressed her about who the work colleague was that she spent the night with, it turns out it was a guy that was into her.

She later admitted that she slept with him. I knew that she was a cold hearted person but I did not think she would go this far, I guess the saying “You can take the girl out the bar but not the bar out the girl” is true.

I asked her if she is just saying this to hurt me and get back at me, but she told me it was the truth. I was so angry and hurt at this point words can’t even explain.

On another occasion, she would constantly be on her phone and her tone of voice would be different.

I couldn’t speak fluent thai but I knew some words and it was obvious she was talking to another man and not her family or friends.

One night after she had been on the phone, I dialled the last number she had called and surprise surprise a man answered the phone.

She told me that it was her sisters boyfriend, this was clearly a lie and not even a very good lie.

She eventually admitted that it was her ex boyfriend in Thailand that she had met when we was apart for 2 months.

Your listeners are probably thinking this is the part where I leave her, but wrong again, I stayed with her and we seeked help in our relationship.

We decided to go to counselling and try get some professional help, though it was more my idea than hers, Aom wasn’t keen on going at all.

Evil Ex Wife

Marriage Counselling… Step 1

After just 1 session, Aom said that there is nothing wrong with her and that the counsellor did not know what she was talking about and was just using her position to make money from us.

She claimed that she did not need counselling and it was me that was causing all the issues in our relationship, it was clear that she was oblivious to her behaviour.

Although she did not want to go back, I secretly went to counsilling a couple more times on my own, I just needed someone to talk to and tell what is going on in my life.

Eventually I broke down to her and everything came out, she was really good and without beating around the bush she pretty much told me straight that the only person that can help me is myself and I need to leave her.

She practically told me that our relationship was beyond repair and it was hopeless trying to make it work.

I don’t know why I never actually left her properly, I should have took the advice and been long gone.

One night after an argument she completely smashed my front room up, destroyed a lot of my possessions before leaving and going to her work colleagues house again to late return at around 4 AM completely drunk.

I finally told her to leave my house to which she did, I don’t know where she was staying and to be honest I did not want to know.

She would occasionally come over to my house to talk, she would never leave my life completely, she always wanted to have hold of me in some way.

I was running out of money and it was difficult to find work in the new city that we moved to, so I decided to make the move back home to get my old job back.

Cute Girl Evil Soul

Asking My Wife To Help Me Out

I told Aom that I have helped her out financially over the years and now she is in a position to help me out a little bit, I asked if I could borrow some money to make the move back and hold me over until I start working again.

She laughed at me and basically said no, her money is hers and she won’t give me a dime.

A couple of days before I was moving back, Aom came over with all her stuff and said “You bought me here, you keep me with you”

I know what you are thinking, I should have told her she is not coming with me, but I didn’t. She made her way back home with me.

A couple of weeks being back home, I get a phone call that my mother was in hospital and things wasn’t looking too good.

My life was pretty sad at this moment, I had lost all my friends, my money, self respect and now losing my mother.

For the next few weeks I would have to take care of my mother, Aom clearly was really angry about this but I did not care anymore she can be as angry as she wants, she won’t get in the way of me caring for my mother.

Aom really did make my life miserable, it was getting me down so bad.

I kicked her out my house once again, and this time in my heart I meant it.

She went on to find a run down apartment, she told me that she had a friend in the apartment block that would help her out with money when she needed it.

She was probably selling herself to him, but I didn’t care then. People like her only care about money and nothing else.

It wasn’t until my mother got sick that I really started to hate Aom.

It took me way too long to realise what a fool I had been, and how I let her get away with everything and walk all over me.

2 bangkok freelancers

I Can Never Forgive My Thai Wife For The Way She Treated Me

I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive her for lying, cheating, using and hurting me.

I had always told her I loved her but that stopped, I completely fell out of love with this woman, she was pure evil to me.

I think that is one of the reasons I am sharing my story. I know I will be laughed at and made fun of for allowing all of this to happen.

But If I can stop just one man making the same mistakes I made then I’ll be happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Thai women are bad, this thing happens all over the world, there is bad people everywhere, but im saying think twice if you are thinking about getting in a relationship with someone that was in the same line of work as Aom.

It is so easy to fall in love in Thailand, no matter who you are.

These beautiful ladies will treat you like a king and show you the affection that you have never felt before, they are sweet and nice and once you get feelings for one of these, it’s over.

There are plenty of horror stories about marrying a bar girl or a girl on the game, taking her to your country and then she takes you for everything you are worth.

I had treated this woman like a queen, and I got nothing in return, I was an easy target with a big heart.

It was clearly time to get out of our relationship, there was no love there anymore and I was regretting ever meeting her.

Thai Bride

Divorce and New Boyfriend

Anyway, fast forward a little bit more.

Aom had told me that she had met a new guy and has been dating him for a few weeks, they were planning to move to a different city for his job.

I hadn’t been that happy in a long time, her getting as far away from me as possible is the best thing I could ask for.

I wanted her to go, so I can rebuild my life and try put this bad chapter of my life behind me.

But before leaving she asked me to do one more thing for her.

Her boyfriend had to leave a week before she did so he could get all his work stuff set up, and she asked me if I could drop her at the train station when it was time for her to leave.

I happily obliged, I want to make sure she gets on that train and out my life.

I took her to the train station and I sat in the car park for a good hour after her train was set to leave, just to make sure she wasn’t going to walk back out and all this was a scheme against me.

When she did not walk out, I was happy she got on the train and I left.

Ex Thai Girlfriend Threatening Me

My Ex Wife Is Now Stalking Me

But this did not stop Aom calling me every chance she got. She would call me every night.

I had to change my number and block her everywhere that I could.

Unfortunately, she had some of my friends numbers and would be constantly calling them to tell me to talk to her.

Eventually I gave in and called her so she would stop harassing my friends and family.

She would tell me that she did not like where she was, she was sorry, she loved me and wanted to try again stating that she really missed me.

She called me pretty much every night telling me how much she misses me and just wants to hear my voice.

Im not going to lie, all this time being alone and going through my mothers sickness had made me quite vulnerable and weak.

I straight up asked her ”are you sure you want to be with me?” “If I take you back, its not going to be like it has been, you are not going to walk all over me”

She replied that she was very sorry and that she was 100% sure she wanted me in her life and wanted to be with me.

I did not rush, I wanted to make sure she was being serious, so for the next week or so when she would call me, I’d ask her the same questions to see if she had changed her mind.

She replied the same every time stating that she loves me and wants to make up for what she did to me.

Trying again with a thai girl

Stupidly, we agreed to try again.

Now, I had to make the trip to her in a pick up truck to get her stuff and then make the trip back. This wasn’t a short trip, it would take me about 3 days in total to get there and back, stoping at hotels a long the way.

I don’t know what I was thinking, in my head for some reason I was thinking that even after everything she has put me through that we can make it work.

It was time for me to make this long journey.

On my way there, Aom would be on the phone constantly to me, telling me how thankful she is that I am giving her another chance and how much she loves me.

I know what your listeners must me thinking “Damn, can this guy get anymore foolish”

I was only about 5 hours into the drive when I got a call about my mothers health which had took another turn for the worse and did not sound like she was going to last much longer.

I called Aom to tell her that I was going to be a few days late because of my mother, I had to go back home for her.

Aom went absolutely ballistic at me, her true colours shown again, it was a blessing in disguise about my mother because it snapped me back into reality about Aom.

Thai Girl Stalking

My Mother Or My Ex Thai Wife

Aom pretty much gave me an ultimatum, I had to choose between her or my mother. Of course I chose my mother.

Aom fed me a lot of insults and barrage of texts messages telling me that she will clear me out of my mother inheritance and that she is entitled to at least half of it.

She truly is the most evil woman I have ever came across. She did not care about anything or anyone but herself and money.

I must mention that by now we had already gotten a divorce, I fast forward through that part of the story as it was pretty straight forward, it happened when she found a new boyfriend and it seemed we both wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible.

So because we were divorced, I was under the impression that she isn’t entitled to any of the inheritance my mother would leave behind when she passes away.

Though I wasn’t sure if the courts could screw me over on this, as I had brought her to the country.

I moved into my mothers place to take care of her, and the phone calls did not stop from Aom.

This time, they wasn’t nice lovey calls asking for another chance, they was insults and threats on my life.

Evil Ex Thai Wife

Fearing For My Safety

She knew where my mother lived and I did not know the type of people she is friends with her what her boyfriend is like so I was scared for my saftey but more importantly scared of my mothers safety.

After everything she has put me through, I think she is capable of almost anything, especially hurting me.

I have changed my number and everything again, and for about a month, I have heard nothing from her.

Im hoping this time she is happy with her boyfriend and has a future with him, im glad she is finally out of my life and none of my concern.

Writing my story for you to read does make me very emotional, time spent with this evil woman could have been spent with my mother instead.

I did everything I could to help this girl, I gave her a better life, everything she ever asked for and wanted she got, and what did I get? A broken heart, broken bank account and a lifetime of regret.

Im not too old that I can’t start over in life, but I have wasted a good chunk of it on Aom.

I feel like this was her plan from the start and I was just blinded by love that I completely ignored the warning signs.

Like I said, it’s been over a month now and I have not heard anything from her, I think this is finally it.

But if she does ask me for another chance, the answer will be 100% no.

My only concern now is making sure my mother is comfortable and then I’ll carry on with my life after that.

I know im a fool guys, but if my story can help at least one person, I don’t mind being made fun of.

I will make sure to update my story with a part 2 if anything else happens.

But for now, it’s thanks and good bye from me.

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