Going To Thailand To Meet Ladyboys

I’m what some people would call a down low not straight person since I am strictly attracted to trans women, or lady boys as they’re famously referred to in Thailand but I’m not attracted to men or feminine men at all, it is very hard to describe.

I am 21 years old from London and nobody there knows that I am attracted to transgender women, they don’t even know that my current girlfriend in London is transgender, that’s how good she looks.

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Trying To Hide The Fact I Like Ladyboys

I got rich from crypto, I got lucky with Luna, lost a lot after the crash but I sold more then 30% when it peaked and I entered when it cost close to nothing anyway.

I graduated university and went straight to any lady boy lovers dream land, Thailand.

My girlfriend was understandably angry at me for just upping and leaving with no return ticket booked or reason for going but I didn’t care, I love her but I don’t see her as a viable long term partner.

Ladyboy in Bangkok

Venturing To Thailand To Meet Transgender Thai Girls

The only reason I haven’t broke up with her yet is because I’m worried about what she would do if I do, I feel like I’m trapped in this relationship, part of the reason going to Thailand was to get as far away from her as possible.

As soon as I landed at 11:45pm I got out of the airport quickly due to my ticket being first class; booked my hotel close to Nana Plaza (as I heard this was the best place to find ladyboys), showered and hit the strip by 1:30 am, and I was blown away at the beauty I saw.

I thought my girlfriend looked good but the lady boys here were on another level, when you date trans girls you learn to clock when another girl is trans very easily, so I knew exactly which girls were lady boys and which weren’t, and most of the lady boys looked better than the ladies, maybe just my preference.

Thai LB at the bar

First Night, First Ladyboy

I got some smoke, sat down at a bar and had a few beers when I saw a stunner walking past, I flagged her down and she sat down with me, her English wasn’t the best and my Thai was non existent as I’d just landed a few hours ago, but I got straight to the point.

I asked her how much and she said 4000 for long time at my place, I got her down to 1000 baht and once we agreed she told me that she rode a moped, and that she’d ride us back to my hotel which was around 5 minutes away

The whole ride back I was teasing her and she was loving it, she said she’d never been with a black man before, and she like all of the other ladies was fascinated with my hair, always touching it.

meeting ladyboys in Thailand

Spending The Night With The First Thai Girl I Met

We got back to my room and I gave her an experience she’ll always have flash backs, literally put her to sleep until like 4pm that same day.

When she woke up I gave her 2000 baht and asked her to leave, since my girlfriend was requesting to face time me.

She took the money, threw it on my dressing table and got back in the bed.

I ignored the calls from my girl friend and we went at it again, me and this girl were very compatible, which I think a lot more people need to realise is very important for a relationship.

Fast forward 3 days she was pretty much living with me, we would order grab, smoke and we even had fun at the hotel pool and in the gym.

spending the night with ladyboys

Falling Out Of Love With My Girlfriend Back Home

I believe I fell out of love with my girlfriend during this period, but not in love with this girl, she was just a breathe of fresh air from my always nagging girl friend and a better in the bedroom.

I was going to Hong Kong in 2 days and when I told alita  (My Thai ladyboys name) that I was going she started crying, not bawling but tears while she was asking me why and if she would get to see me again.

I told her that I’d be back in a couple of days, since I only booked the Hong Kong ticket because I thought that you needed a return ticket to enter Thailand, if you’re a British passport holder I guess they don’t really care.

dating a ladyboy in thailand

Flying To Hong Kong With My Ladyboy Girlfriend

The day before I was supposed to fly to Hong Kong me and my girl friend in London had an argument, so I said what the hell, and asked Alita if she wanted to come with me to HongKong, and she was so excited and she said yes,

keep in mind guys Alita is 23 and I am 21 but she is like half my size.

I had a first class ticket to HongKong so I booked Alita the same one next to me. We went to HongKong for 5 days and had a great time, Alita hit me with ‘I love you’ but I didn’t say it back because I don’t love her, I just fell out of love with my girlfriend back home.

We flew back to Thailand 3 weeks ago and we’ve been living in Pattaya since.

One of my friends lives in Pattaya, he’s a game developer who works remotely, he found me a 2 bedroom apartment with a big balcony for £900 a month, and I took it.

Trying To Break Up With My Girlfriend Back Home

When my girlfriend back home would call me Id just make an excuse after 5 minutes to end the call, gave her less attention and hoped that she’d take the hint.

Not nice but it was a lose lose for me, if I break up with her she could ruin me in so many ways if she was too angry, so the only way is to get her to end it with me.

I gave Alita an American Express under my account, so whatever she needs she can buy, she spends barely anything.

I still get with other ladyboys and get separate hotel rooms for the night to spend with them, I just don’t bring them back to my apartment out of respect for Alita, even though I make it clear to her that we are not exclusive but as long as I’m taking care of you you’re not allowed to be with anyone else but me.

Cute trans performer

Making It Clear I Want To Have Fun With Others

She seems okay with the arrangement but gets angry when I come back at 10am the next day because she knows what I’ve been Upto.

I’ve met Alitas parents and even gave them 20k baht since I’ve heard in Thai culture that’s what they do, they didn’t even ask me and were surprised.

Me and Alita fly to London next week as her visa just got approved, I still haven’t broken up with my current girlfriend and Alita knows this, she’s just convinced that I’ll pick her over my girlfriend, which is most likely what I’m going to do.

I’m only going back to London to see family for a few days, I’m not trying to be in that gloomy place for too long, then I am coming straight back to Pattaya.

I prefer Pattaya over Bangkok, it’s more peaceful, and I prefer the lady boys. But hey wish me luck guys, Thailand is the only place I can freely be myself and I love it.

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