Nightmare Marriage With An Indonesian Girl

Evil Indonesian Wife

I stumbled upon your channel and was entertained by stories from your followers.

And after watching the nightmare marriage story, I would like to share my experience.

After few failed relationships with Polish women, I thought I could try to have relationship with an Asian girl.

I created an account on DateInAsia and talked to few women, narrowed it down to one, an Indonesian girl who I found attractive and she seemed serious with me.

She was telling me her story, which later in the story, you will realize was totally just in her mind.

Indonesian Girls Dating Profile Picture

Online Dating In Indonesia


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She said that she is very broken hearted after her ex Italian boyfriend played with her feelings.

He swore to her that he will take her to Italy and they will get married there.

In her story, this Italian was her first boyfriend and biggest love of her life.

They were together for long time, over a year, but he had to go to back to his country

After few weeks of online contact he stopped contacting her totally.

I was eager to take her because I feel like I would like to heal her broken heart.

Flying To Indonesia To Meet Online Girlfriend

Flying To Asia To Meet A Girl Online

I would not like to lose time, so I immediately booked a ticket to Indonesia to take the relationship to another level.

As a first timer in Asia, I did not have any expectations.

Though, she had few requests also before I come to her.

She asked me to buy 3 Babyliss hair curlers for her and her 2 friends as you cannot buy this in Asia at the time.

It was not a big deal and I would like to make her happy.

I stayed in a hotel because she was just living in a dormitory with other girls and they wasn’t allowed to take anyone back there there.

she shown me around Jakarta, we went to some nice restaurants, amusement park, She moved to my hotel pretty much straight away, because we like to spend time together,

On other days, we fly to Sumatra where her mother was living and who she hadn’t seen for the last few years

Even though this was just a 30 minute flight, it felt strange but I believe at that time she couldn’t afford it.

Online Girlfriends Mother

Meeting My Online Girlfriends Mother

We stayed at her mother’s house in a small village In Bandar Lampung, surrounded by her family.

It was all nice.

I was happy.

Then one day she told me that I should buy her diamond ring to show her that I was serious.

I thought that it should not be expensive because in Europe you can buy a ring for 2K euros, so I would expect something cheaper knowing I will buy a ring in Asia.

We went to a fancy jewellery shop in a mall, and to my surprise, a ring that looks 3K euros actually worth 25K euros.

I refused to buy because first I will never buy such expensive gift, second I do not have this money.

She looked unhappy and disappointed when I told her that I could not buy it, even told me that I am not serious to her because I do not like to buy her that ring.

But I though I would be able to talk her through it, but a few days had passed and she did not forget about it.

She told me that as tradition in her country, especially since she was half Chinese, I must to buy her jewellery like a dowry.


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My Indonesia Girlfriend Is Asking For Jewellery

We finally settled to buying a golden necklace which she never liked to wear and later gave it to her mother.

Fast forward, I brought her to Poland and we got married.

It was all good and I thought I found someone whom I can stay with for the rest of my life.

My mother and daughter were living with me so I thought she would be fine living with me and they get along.

But it came a time that there were so many issues between the women.

It was stressful time for me, trying my best to grant everyone’s wishes so they can live happily under 1 roof.

It didn’t work, and it seemed she had enough of the situation and headed back to Indonesia, while I was out of the house and did not even know she was leaving.

She had made friends with my neighbour and told horrible stories to them so they gave her money to buy ticket back to Indonesia without giving me any warning.

I was scared that something had happend to her because she just left the house and turned her phone off, I knew she didn’t have money and it did not even cross my mind that she would head back to Indonesia without talking to me first.

Indonesian Wife Leaving Her Foreign Husband

Indonesian Wife Left Me To Go Back Home

My mother called me just after she had left from our house and all of us was wondering what was wrong.

After a few days she finally messaged me and said that she is in Indonesia and that its all my fault that she left, but said I still have chance to fix it, just need to prove that I understand how she felt and we move out of Poland so I will not have contact with my mother.

I flew to Indonesia, yet again, and asked her to come back with me.

She agreed to try again and this would be the start of the horror story…

She convinced me to move to Germany for a better life, and at that time, I thought it was a good idea as I knew another person there who offered me a job.

So I moved there with her things was going great, considering we had a rocky start, but It was all good and she got pregnant with our son.

My daughter visited us and I asked if she would like to live with us, my daughter agreed but my Indonesian wife did everything to make my daughter’s life miserable.

One time they fought over a pot noodle, which my wife bought from the market, but my daughter ate because she was hungry.

It seems like a small thing, but for my wife, she did not give in.

She just could not let go of that noodle, I even told her that I would buy her more of the same the next morning because grocery store was already closed.

She wasn’t having any of this, and It came to a point when she even called the police for this.

Indonesian Wife On A Bed of Roses

Wife Is Making My Daughters Life Hell


My Wifes Mother Tried To Kiss Me 😳🤦‍♂️ #indonesianwife #marriagestory #wifesmother #motherinlaw #storytime

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My daughter gave up and went back to Poland to live with my mother, and to be honest, I can not blame her for this decision.

From then on, my daughter became bitter with me and understandably, would distance herself from me.

My wife started using her pregnancy to take advantage of me to get everything she wants.

After she gave birth, she asked me to bring her mother to Germany.

I agreed as I know it will help us to get by, helping out with the new baby.

But it was like she just gave her mother the roll that she was meant to take, once her mother was around, my wife had more time on her phone and roaming around.

A lot of times, I did not see her when I came back from work and she would leave our son with her mother.

It became chaotic also between them, always fighting over something, no matter how big or small the issue was.

We have small apartment so just few steps and we are on the other side, we was never far from each other, then her mother started to act very weird.

Indonesian Mother In Law Making Move On Daughters Husband

My Wifes Mother Is Making A Move On Me

One time, when I went to kitchen to grab a drink, she approach me and started to touch me and trying to kiss me in lips, Knowing that 3 meters from kitchen her daughter is breast feeding our son.

Luckily, It wasn’t so easy for her.

because of the big height difference she couldn’t actually reach my lips.

I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, if I push her then she will say maybe I beat her.

Or shout, but then she will deny everything.

I just stepped back refused and immediately walked back to our room.

A short time after, my wife went to toilet then her mother come beside me, but that time she wasn’t trying anything, she just shown me her phone, she doesn’t speak English, so for communication with me she use Google Translate.

On the screen was a ready wrote out translation which said

Don’t tell anything to Juliana but I love you so much

This shocked me even more, I can’t actually believe that this is happening.

Honestly I didn’t know what to do at the time, I went to work and thought about it while I was out of that situation, clearing my mind.

Telling My Wife About Her Mother

Telling My Wife About Her Mother


My Wifes Mother Used My Drink As A Toilet 🤦‍♂️🤮 #relationshipstory #badmarriage #evilwife #motherinlaw #motherinlawproblems #VozDosCriadores #screammovie

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I decided to tell the story of what happened to my wife once I got home from work at night, because I didn’t see any other way.

I was hoping that it will help and they can discuss this weird situation, but my wife’s reaction was totally opposite from expected, Juliana said that I am crazy and how I can say that B.S about her beloved mother.

Anyway, the next day Juliana asked me to bring something from the basement, I was already late for work, so I said that they can manage as I have to go.

She started to be angry that I wouldn’t just grab something what will take me just a minute.

So I agree to run and take it.

Just after few steps on the stairs I can hear her mother just running behind, which made me wondering why I must fetch it, if she can do it.

Indonesian Mother In Law Kissing Son In Law

Her Mother Kissed Me

When I was opening doors she started to touch me again and literally jumped on me with her kisses.

I get angry, confused and again, didn’t know how to deal with it!

I get the blanket that they asked me to get, run back up stairs and throw it with anger saying “why did I have to fetch it when your mother could of easily have gotten it”.

Just after that I ran downstairs because my work colleagues were already waiting for me in the car.

On the way to work I started to talk about it with guys and they cannot believe what I am saying.

The more I tell them about my situation, the more crazy I look to them.

After I get back home from work, I know there is no way to solve this if I did not make it all clear.

I tell my wife what is happening again and mention that the evidences of it is on her mothers phone on Google Translate history.

I tell her that she must believe me and solve it with her mother because this situation is something I don’t like to experience, I was even scared to go to kitchen because did not know what to expect.

Next day when I got back from work, I was sure they already discussed it, but again I was wrong

Juliana was yelling at me that I lied and there is no evidence on her mothers WhatsApp history, even though I did not mention WhatsApp.

Asian girl wearing glasses lifting up shirt

Proving To My Wife That Her Mother Loves Me


My indonesian Wife Attacked Me 🇮🇩🙈 #indinesiangirls #indinesiawife #evilwife #wifeattack #marriagestory

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This was already getting too much, I grabbed her mothers phone and asked her to unlock the screen, in front of them I opend Google Translate History and shown all what was there.

This changed the situation right away, and they started to talk to each other.

I left because I understand nothing as they was not speaking English, and I wanted them to have privacy.

When I got back after an hour or two they was crying together on sofa.

But next morning all back to normal, Well it seemed normal to me at the time.

Her mother became too normal, I could sense something is going on or is about to happen.

So I was very cautious and observing their every move.

One time I come to kitchen and her mother was using the bowl that we use to cook as a toilet, just lying it on the kitchen floor.

I call Juliana immediately and ask what is this again!

Asian Mother In Yellow Bikini

Her Mother Is Just Being Disgusting Now

So they talk again calmly but again I understand nothing from this, after few minutes Juliana tells me that her mother is very sorry but she can’t hold her pee too long, so she has no choice and she did it in the bowl except on the kitchen floor.

Sounds reasonable I guess, because her mum was old but not too old.

Seemed very weird for me, so I continue to be cautious even more.

Next morning I get up to go to work, my breakfast is always prepared and normally I would just grab it all and stick in in my backpack, but not that day.

Too many weird things just happened last days, so I opened my mug to sniff my hot tea, immediately I realise that there is something but can’t understand what it smells like.

After few attempts to recognise what is it, pee!

That was too much, I called Juliana to drink it, surely she refuse it without even trying to smell.

So I asked kitchen chef who prepare this fragrance for my breakfast.

Repeating SORRY hundred of times and Juliana translated to me that mother wend to toilet and forgot to wash her hands properly.

Asian Woman Pee's In Son In Laws Drink

Wifes Mother Pee’d In My Tea!

But it was just a nonsense because the smell was so strong, it meant that she had done it intentionally.

After that, I say that enough is enough and when I am back home from work her mother cant be here and having access to our kitchen.

Turns out that she actually listening to me, because once I got back from work, her mother wasn’t there anymore just living in another apartment upstairs.

But this situation didn’t last long, her mother would start coming to us and starting fights saying that she must live with us at the same apartment.

To cut this part of the story short, my wife sent her mother back to Indonesia as we just couldn’t live with her anymore.

Now to the next part of the story, a few years pass and she started to show her more evil side.

She could always find things to blame me over,  I did not have any peace.

One day, I came back from work really tired, and just wanted to rest and sleep, but she had other plans.

She opened all the windows and the balcony door so it became freezing inside and impossible for me to sleep.

She would always do crazy stuff and play mind games just to get my attention.

Another time she threatened me that she will call the police and report me that I was trying to kill her.

It became that bad, that I was clueless what she will do next.

Then another time out of the blue, She took some scissors and started attacking me with them.

Asian Wife Attacking Husband

Now My Wife Is Physically Attacking Me


Is This Baby Even Mine? 🙈🇮🇩 #indonesianwife #cheatingwife #badrelationship #cheatingstory #storytime

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I was stronger than her so I was able to prevent it, but in the process, both of us got some wounds from altercation, especially her hands and fingers when I would be trying to pull the scissors out of her hands.

She was happy to get those wounds because she will have some evidence if she calls the police.

And she did end up calling the police but I threw the scissors outside through the window, so the police did not find them inside the house.

The complaint was eventually ignored by police.

From then on, we had police visits almost everyday because of her.

She was becoming more unhappy everyday, as was I.

I also sensed that she is constantly looking for a new boyfriend as she is always on her phone.

One time, she said she wants to stay with a friend but when asked which friend and where, she would not tell me.

I already had a feeling that she would like to meet another guy.

The worst part is that she would like to take our son.

Cheating Indonesian Wife

I Think My Wife Is Cheating On Me


Wife Is Jealous OfHer Mother’s Boyfriend🙈🇮🇩 #indonesianwife #motherinlaw #motherinlawproblems #asianwife #indonesiangirls

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I tried my best to stop her from going which lead to her calling the police again.

Police came and they said I could not prevent her from doing what she likes.

I strongly believed that she would meet a new guy because I am sure she doesn’t have any friends in Germany or in Europe.

Since police said I cannot do anything, I just thought to make her life difficult by not letting her bring the baby stroller.

Of course, she did not agree, but I told police that I bought this for baby.

She really wanted to go and seemed desperate, so she finally went out without the baby stroller.

I was curious why she tried her best to bring the baby stroller, then I found out that there were birth control pills under the covers, and not just one but 3 packs.

From that night, I did not heard from her for 3 weeks.

She came back and like nothing happened.

She always had ways to bring me back to her.

I know that she cheated on me, but for some reason I still had hopes that she will change and things will get better.

Two months went by and she told me she was pregnant.

I already had doubts that maybe this is not mine, but what can I do? I am blinded by love and the idea of having a family.

I dont know if my wifes baby is mine

Is This Baby Even Mine?

I had already lost contact with my family when I chose her, so she is the only family I have.

As there will be 2 kids now, she demanded to bring her mother again to Germany to help out.

I was reluctant, but eventually agreed, It took me a lot of money and time to bring her again.

I obviously did not really want her mother to come again, But I wanted to avoid conflict to have peaceful life.

So, her mother came for the second time.

Remember, her mother doesn’t speak English at all except the word SORRY.

If she was not around, her mother used Google Translator to communicate with me.

Since her mother was with us, my son was sleeping with her, and the newly born daughter stayed with us.

I noticed that my son started acting scared and strange whenever he was around my wife mothers.

I started to think her mother might be doing something to my son.

Living with my wife and her mother was becoming more and more difficult.

My wife would not prepare food for anyone but herself.

Indonesian Girl Wearing Pink Swimsuit

Wife Is Turning Into A Monster


Finally divorcing my indonesian wife 🇮🇩🙋‍♂️ #divorce #divorcestory #marriage #indowife #indinesiangirls

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She ruin my stuff when I was at work claiming it was an accident.

Even cutting my clothes up, and destroying my appliances.

She was also selling some of my expensive tools online without telling me, when I caught her doing that, I confronted her and she blamed me for not bringing enough money to the family.

She would go to charity offices and tell stories that fooled the lady there.

She would tell her that I was not giving her food and locking the fridge, so the lady gave her 100 euros.

She kept threatening to divorce me but would never go through with it,  but I finally come to my senses and move out to another apartment.

I tried to keep contact with her because of the kids, I still wanted to be a part of their life.

Indonesian Woman Nude At A Beach

Using My Kids To Get At Me

But she used them as a weapon to manipulate me.

She used them so I could buy her some stuff like cellphone and TV.

She started to reveal her true self too and tried making me jealous by telling me stories that she is interested in working as freelancer and how she gave her number to a man she just met on a bus.

She would also tell me how she met different guys while I was out working.

She made me believe that she was fooled by an Italian guy who just used her, but seems like its normal for her to meet foreign guys in the airport.

I also found out later that the curlers I bought her the first time I met her in Indonesia were sold to her friends and she just kept the money for herself.

Finding Nude Photos On Wifes Phone

Finding Explicit Photos On My Wifes Phone

After hearing all this, I started searching her laptop and phones,  I found many explicit photos from different hotel rooms with multiple foreign guys.

I even found video her with some pilot.

It slowly came clear that her story with her first boyfriend, the Italian guy, was a lie like everything else, this guy just meet her online while he was planning to go back to Italy from Bali where he was on vacation, and they met in Jakarta during his couple of days stay there!

Anyway skipping ahead.

Her mother’s visa was ending and she was thinking of ways on how she can keep her mother in Germany, knowing that I will not be a sponsor any of them anymore.

She came up with the idea that her mother should look for a boyfriend so he could sponsor her.

Her mother agreed to it but it was my wife who created a profile on the dating app.

She was the one who was choosing the guys and messaging them.

She finally found a pensioner that she thought was a perfect fit for her plan.

Asian Mother In See Through Bra

Using A Pensioner In Germany To Sponsor Wifes Mother

After talking with the guy and explaining that she does not know english or german, he agreed to meeting her with my wife present so she could translate.

From what I was told from my wife, it seemed like it was going to be a happy ending for her mother as she was getting along with the new guy.

But I was totally wrong.

She called me because she wanted to kick out her mother from her apartment.

I immediately went over because I was worried about the kids.

When I arrived, she was physically hitting her mother so I picked up the kids who were crying, and tried to calm it down.

She was so jealous of her mother receiving 200 euros from new boyfriend and a jacket.

She called the police and reported her mother for stealing 200 euros from her, because her mother refused to give my wife the 200 euros.

I had to intervene because my name is on the documents that brought her mother to Germany and I did not want even more problems.

I settled this with police and arranged a hotel for her mother and send her back to Indonesia as soon as I could.

Asian Girl Wearing Black See Through Bra

Sending Her Mother Back To Indonesia

After her mother left, I saw Juliana just a few times when she was going out with her mothers now ex boyfriend, and the kids.

It looked like she got rid of her mother so she can have this 76 year old pensioner for herself.

As for me, I carried on with my life and went back into the dating scene, starting with online dating.

However, my wife had different plans.

instead of letting me move on, she would try to lure me back and told me that she still loves me and she would like to fix our family.

This was all happening While she was still active on dating apps, sleeping with different guys, and had a pensioner on the go.

I began to get worried for my children because of the amount of guys my wife would be dating, so I reported her to police.

But again, they refused to intervene because she is an adult and has her rights to do whatever she like.

New Asian Girl Bending Over Sofa Wearing Black Outfit

Meeting A New Girl

When I found someone serious, the moment she learned about the new girl, she contacted her, her family and her friends trying to destroy my reputation.

I took a big step by finally filing a divorce, I know it was a long time overdue, but better late than never right?

I was worried that this divorce process will be long because there are 2 young children involved.

However I got lucky because she was lying consistently and the judge made a decision in one day.

She was asked why she do not want to divorce.

She replied many reasons until she mentioned that she wanted to stay married to me to so she could stay in Europe.

Divorce From My Evil Wife

Finally Getting A Divorce From My Evil Wife

Then the judge instantly decided to grant the divorce.

She is still in Germany today, abusing social benefits and probably scamming a lot of unsuspecting guys.

She has right to stay there until our kids become adults.

She does not allow me to have any contact with my kids because she says they are scared of me, which is total BS.

I Even have documents from the courts that allow me to visit the kids every day, however she never open doors for me when I try to visit..

All my social media and phone numbers are blocked by her, so its really difficult trying to contact my kids.

So, wrapping up, Finally she get what her dream was, to stay in Europe, where she has unlimited access to foreign guys, no need to work because of government giving support.

Indonesian Wife Uses Husband So She Could Move To Europe

She Only Needed Me So She Could Move To Europe

She got rid of me because I was only needed to get her to Germany and now she has total freedom.

Here in Germany she has protection by the law, even though I am worried about my kids, police told me, she has her rights and needs.

It was very challenging 5 years for me and it is still a continuous battle with her.

But I hope some people can learn something from my story.

Some people can get lucky by meeting their dream girl online.

But some, just like me, could meet the nightmare of their lives online.

So be careful and stay alert.


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