Successful Marriage With A Pattaya Go Go Girl

marrying pattaya go go girl

My story starts like a bunch of others do, with a marriage or relationship falling apart in the UK.

I was smack dab in the middle of a divorce and had packed up and left our family home.

It was the typical story we got married young, thought we would be together for the rest of our lives, live in a big house, have a bunch of kids, you get the picture.

It wasn’t an overally disastrous divorce, it’s something that we both saw coming but it just doesn’t really sink in until you finally pull the trigger and go through with it.


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Travelling To Thailand After A Breakup

It did leave in in kind of a bad state mentally, however, I do not blame my ex wife for this at all, we just rushed things early days then realised later it wasn’t working, im just as much to blame as her.

Some years back, my best friend who had been a big world traveller decided to make Thailand his home base after it soon became his favourite country to visit, but we stayed in touch through the years on WhatsApp.

First Trip To Thailand

One day, I reached out to him for our usual chat that we had quite often throughout the week.

At first, we talked about random stuff as usual such as what he’s been up to and the mischief he’s been getting in to.

When I finally spilled the beans about my situation and health, he didn’t hesitate.

He just said, “Grab your laptop and book a flight to Thailand. You’re coming to see me.

Thailand Go Go Bars

First Trip To Thailand!

Without much thinking or knowledge about the country, that’s exactly what I did.

Thailand was never on my travel radar before.

But after my friend’s suggestion, I decided to take the plunge and booked a week-long trip

My friend had been living in Thailand for about 5 or 6 years at that point, but he’d been going there for ages even before that.

He had been around for a while and became quite the the pro at navigating the bar scene in Thailand, he remained single all this time.


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He told me about a couple of long term flings that he’s had over the years, but for the most part, he’s managed to stay single while there, and seems to prefer it that way.

After booking the flight that was only in a months time, I tried to get everything sorted with the divorce, get my finances in order and prepare for what I was hoping would be a trip of a lifetime.

Some of the stories that my friend had told me about Thailand and the girls there just sounded unbelievable and exaggerated, though reading online I learnt that these stories quite possibly could be true.

He would tell me how cheap the places is and what the night life is like there, for people that have not been to Thailand before, its hard to believe the kind of things that go on inside these bars.

So with everything in order and my plans to have a great time and forget about reality for a week, it was time to get on that plane and let loose so to speak.

On the plane there, I was too excited to sleep.


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Hopefully A Trip To Thailand Will Change My Life (And It Did)

After months of being stuck at home in the middle of a divorce with nothing to look forward to, I found my self heading to Thailand.

My LIFE had took an unexpected turn to say the least.

My friend picked me up from the airport, and we kicked off our trip spending the first night in Bangkok and then heading to Pattaya where he has his condo in Jomtien.

Our hotel was very close to Sukhumvit Soi 11, so we decided to have a walk around there so I could see what was on offer.

My friend saw me looking at pretty much every Thai woman that walked by, I was gobsmacked at the beauty of these girls.

Go Go Girl In Soi Cowboy

I wasn’t hungry, probably from all the excitement and my friend had already eaten so we decided to skip lunch and head for the bars.

We thought it would be better to have a quite drink first to start the night, so we went into a smallish bar that wasn’t really a ladybar, though it did have just a couple of stunning waitresses working there.

It was a more of a chill bar where you can go for a beer with friends.

We sat over looking Sukhumvit road, people watching at all the beauties that walked by.

I think my friend realised how vulnerable I was at this stage in my life, so he took the time to have a chat with me over a beer and to give me a warning.

thai girl at the beach topless

Learning About The Bargirl Tricks of The Trade


Barfine A Thai Go Go Girl 🇹🇭🙈 #barfine #nanaplaza #gogogirl #thaigirl

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He’d told me about Thai bar girls, how they treated you, how sweet and lovely they could be, how much they can persuade you that they really do like you.

He tried to prepare me, saying they could make you feel great and you would be on cloud 9 having the best time of your life, never wanting to leave Thailand and staying there forever.

Meeting Cute Go Go Girl

But he also gave me a warning: under no circumstance fall in love with a bar girl.

This, I thought I could do easily, because I was not looking for love at all or a connection for that matter, I was just looking to escape reality for a bit and have some fun.

Still, nothing he’d said could prepare me for the reality of being around these girls.

It was like a whole new world.

I was having the time of my life doing a pub crawl up Soi 11 and then down Soi 7/1.

Soi 7/1 is a totally different world, girls stood outside the bar literally showing you on their phone what goes on inside the bar and the price of everything.

It was early days so we did not try to go into any of them types of bars, we just wanted to have drinks and people watch.

Few Beers On Sukhumvit Soi 7/1

We made our way down the soi, having a beer and chatting with the girls in all the bars on the left.

The right hand side of the soi seemed to be the bars where all the naughty stuff happens inside.

There was a ladyboy bar at the bottom of the soi, we skipped it but it was interesting to see, as ive never seen them in person, just heard about them.

One of them looked just like a female, she was beautiful, I guarantee drunk customers have been convinced that she was really a female.

We made our way out of Soi 7/1, walked up Sukhumvit and then had a beer on soi 6.

Bargirls On Soi 7/1

There was a lot of girls on soi 6, but they all seemed more interested with their face in food or playing on their phone.

We drank up and left.

Then we headed onto Soi 4 where we had 2 drinks in the 2 bars next to each other as you walk into Soi 4,

Again, lots of girls in these 2 bars, however, they was much much older than the girls from the previous bars, that’s not to say they wasn’t attractive and fun to be around.

I did buy one of them a drink even though I wasn’t interested in her, just because she was so nice to us and made us feel welcome in the bar.

After them 2 bars, we headed into the famous Nana Plaza.

Experiencing Nana Plaza In Bangkok For The First Time Is Unreal!

Nana Plaza Go Go Girl

Now this place was something I have never experienced before.

Beautiful girls everywhere, wearing very little, calling you to come into their bar.

And even though I hadn’t initially planned to bar fine a girl, I ended up meeting this sweet girl in a go-go bar.

She was on stage doing a show, she was small, long brown HAIR and had such a native look to her, she was a stunner.

I did not exactly know how it worked after she finished her show, and she seemed kind of shy, so I turned to my friend and asked how I could get her to come back with me.

Nana Plaza Bar Girl

He just laughed and said, “just signal her over and ask her if you can barfine her.

So, I did.

I called her over and asked about the barfine and if it was possible that she comes with me.

She asked if we were going anywhere else for a drink because she was finishing soon and could meet me outside to avoid paying the bar fine.

I told her that I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else other than my hotel, as I was feeling a little wavey right now due to the amount of bars we had hit.

She still agreed to come with me and still insisted not to pay the barfine as she’s leaving soon, which I thought was pretty decent of her.

Thai Girl At My Hotel On The Bed

We met up outside, and just like others had said, she held my hand as we walked back to my hotel.

The whole night felt like being on holiday with a girlfriend.

Spending the night with her in the hotel was both fun and a memory I probably will never forget, I think we got about an hours sleep that night.

Throughout our time together, she never brought up money, but I knew it was part of the deal, so I had asked my friend beforehand how much I should give.

Barfine Go Go Girl

The next morning, we were set to head to Pattaya.

When I mentioned this to her, she actually asked if she could come along too.

But because I was with my friend and wanted to explore more of Thailand, I politely declined, saying I had to go with my friend.

She looked a little sad but I explained to her that it was my first trip to Thailand and that I had just arrived, I needed to explore a little more and see what everything is about.

She told me she understood and wished we meet again before I went home.

We sat on the edge of the bed, and I passed her the money I had decided on.

I folded it small, and she didn’t even look at it, just put it in her pocket and kissed me.

As we drove off from the hotel, heading to Pattaya, I watched her wave goodbye as she walked away.

I couldn’t shake off the feeling of sadness.

That was my first encounter with a Thai bar girl.

Thai Bar Girl At The Beach

Trying Not To Already Catch Feelings For A Bar Girl I Had Met

I now know where there is so many stories about men falling for Thai bar girls, they really do make you feel special and loved, its hard to keep in mind that its a business for them and there are rarely any feelings from their side.

When we got to Pattaya, I checked into my hotel near LK Metro.

That’s when the real fun kicked off once again.

I had never seen a city like this, there were bars and girls everywhere you look, all shouting, calling you handsome.

Even though it’s just to get you in the bar, it’s still nice feeling that type of attention.

Pattaya Bargirl From Behind

During our nights there, we would go to new places every night, meeting different girls and having fun.

I bar fined a couple of girls during them nights but they were nothing special when we got back to the hotel.

I even caught one girl going through my trousers when she thought I was using the toilet, I picked her up at the bottom of Soi Buakhao on the soi on the left, forgot the name of it now.

But she did not ruin my trip, luckily I caught her before she took my cash and cards, so I gave her the boot and did not even pay her.

Pattaya Bargirl Tried To Steal Money

Looking back, that situation could of turned ugly real fast, luckily she left with no issues or arguments about payment.

A few days before I was supposed to fly back to the UK, we went to a go-go bar in LK Metro.

My attention was immediately caught by this sweet, shy-looking girl.

We kept making eye contact and smiling but she would never come over to me.

I could tell by the way that she acted that she was new to this game, either that or she was doing a very good job at acting all sweet and innocent.


First Time Meeting A Pattaya Go Go Girl 🇹🇭😳 #gogogirl #pattayagirl #pattaya

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Meeting The Love of My Life In A Pattaya Go Go Bar

Her friend noticed that we kept looking and smiling at each other so she nudged her over to sit with me, and I bought her a lady drink.

She was so cute, had a beautiful smile and when the lady drink came she put her hands together and bowed to say thank you.

The only hiccup was that she only knew the words “hello.”.

And her name “Dao” in English.

Falling For A Thai Bar Girl

I learnt pretty fast that anything I said to her was all jibberish and she did not have a clue what I was saying.

But with the help of Google Translate, we somehow managed to communicate.

The Mamasan came over with a kind of stern look on her face and said some things in Thai to my girl.

When I asked my girl what she said, she explained that the Mamasan asked why I kept being on my phone and if I was taking pictures of the girls.

Flirting With Bar Girls

I quickly explained to the Mamasan that I was using google translate to communicate, not to take pictures, im not that stupid.

She laughed and said “Ok no problem, you take her

At first, the girl I was with was really nervous and shy, but as we laughed together, she started to relax a bit more.

It was hard trying to be funny via google translate, but it seemed to work and she looked like she was having fun with me.

A few drinks and lady drinks later, I plucked up the courage.

I asked her if she would like to come back to my hotel with me.

For some reason she seemed a bit hesitant and worried, I explained to her that she did not have to if she does not want, we could stay at the bar and drink a little more before I moved on.

She told me to wait and off she went to talk to the Mamasan, oh how I wish I could have understood Thai then.

She returned and translated that it’s fine if she comes with me and that we should go now.

Go Go Girl Back At The Hotel

We finished our drinks, she went to the back to get her stuff, I smiled and waved at the Mamasan and off we went back to my hotel.

Just a note, my friend was there but he already had 2 girls on each side of his arm, she he had no problems with me leaving, he just nodded and smiled at me as I walked out.

Back at the hotel we mostly spent the night just cuddling, and eventually fell asleep with her lying on my chest.

For some reason, I was not that interested in any bedroom fun.

Even though she was an absolute beauty, I just loved being with her and feeling her cuddle up to me like a real couple would do.

Falling In Love With Thai Go Go Girl

The Morning After In All Its Glory!

However, early the next morning, things took a step further, lets just say gave me a nice wake up call with her hands.

I found it cute how she would hop into the shower, and by the time I turned around, she’d already be dressed.

This morning, I had plans to meet my friend for breakfast, so Dao and I parted ways, thinking that was it.

But that night, while out with my friend in a different part of Pattaya, I couldn’t shake Dao from my mind.

It did not matter how many girls surrounded us in the bars, my mind was focused on Dao, and I just was not interested in any other girls.

Girls would even throw themselves at us in these bars and I would end up politely declining their advances.

Was I falling in love with a Thai bar girl, is this how all the horror stories start that you read online?

Anyway, that night my friend said he wasn’t feeling too well and was not in the mood to keep drinking, so he wanted to head back early.

Falling In Love With A Thai Go Go Girl

I told him it was fine and that I’d just grab a couple more drinks closer to my hotel.

He laughed because he knew exactly where I was headed – back to Dao’s go-go bar.

He headed back home to Jomtien, and I finished my drink quickly made my way across Pattaya to LK Metro.

As soon as I entered the go-go bar, one of the other girls who spoke English pulled me aside and said that Dao had been talking about me and seemed sad because she thought I wasn’t coming back to see her.

Thai Girl In A Pool Wearing Red Bikini

By this time, it was getting quite late, and the go-go bar would be closing soon so I asked Dao If I could bar fine her now rather than drinking there, she agreed and off we went to my hotel again for round 2.

Unlike the first night where we just cuddled, Dao was more confident with me and the shy innocent girl turned into an animal in the bedroom, it was fantastic.

The morning after I decided I was not interested in barfining any other girls and would rather spend time with Dao as I really enjoyed her company.

So I asked her if I could barfine her for the rest of the tip to which she agreed.

Thai Go Go Holiday Girlfriend

Spending The Rest of My Holiday Long Time With Thai Go Go Girl

I ended up spending the last couple of days of my holiday with Dao.

We also hung out with my friend, who said that, in his words, she was a good girl.

We did not do much drinking, just went to the beach, walk around, a bit of shopping, lots of food and just enjoyed being with each other.

When it was time for me to leave Thailand, the journey back to the airport was tough.

Thai Girl In Underwear

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I was fighting back tears—I think I had fallen hard for my Thai girl.

But still, my friend’s advice from before I even went to Thailand lingered in the back of my mind.

So when I said goodbye to Dao, the only information I gave her about myself was my email.

Upon returning to the cold and bleak UK, I checked my emails and was surprised to find one from Dao written in English, it was obviously translated from Thai because some of it was hard to understand.

Our correspondence continued for a couple of months via email, and I noticed the point where I felt she had picked up some English and started writing the emails herself.

Sexy Tattooed Thai Go Go Girl

It took me a few minutes to decipher what she was trying to say, but it was obvious she had been studying and trying to learn English.

During this time, I told a few people close to me about Dao, but they all gave me their stereotypical opinion that eventually she is going to ask me to start supporting her with money.

Selfie From Bar Girl

Keeping In Contact With A Go Go Girl

I was also waiting for this to happen, but as time went on, she never asked me for money, nor did I send any.

I found myself getting more and more involved, constantly waiting for her next email, I was really starting to miss her and wish I could have just been there to hold her tight like the first night we met.

Eventually, I trusted her enough and decided to give her my mobile number, this meant it was easier to chat on messenger instead of using email and gradually, her English was getting better.

Sexy Go Go Girl Knelt On the Chair

I was always aware that she was still working in the bar and might be going with customers, but we didn’t really discuss it, and I tried to push it out of my mind and carry on our relationship happily.

I understood that she had to support her family and doing this type of job is easy money for these girls, in fact, its the only job that is available to some of these girls.

That being said, she never asked me for money, and I didn’t send any.

I had fallen in love with Thailand since my first trip, and I had fallen completely in love with my Thai go go girl.


Barfining A Thai Go Go Girl 🇹🇭😳 #gogogirl #barfine #pattaya

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Moving To Thailand For A Relationship With A Pattaya Girl

As time went on, me and Dao started planning our future, and we discussed about me moving to Thailand for a bit so our relationship can develop even more.

Missing her was tough.

Go Go Girlfriend

The distance makes it harder.

Her laughter and memories of the first night together, stick in my thoughts.

I missed her company, her touch, her voice and even how cute her broken English was when she tried talking to me.

Cute Go Go Girl From Pattaya

Doing the whole online thing, a relationship can only go so far, and we both felt we was at that point in our relationship.

So, I asked my friend to help me find a condo I could buy.

He found one for me in the building he lived in in Jomtien.

I told Dao about it, letting her know that I was buying the condo.

Our plan was never for me to live in Thailand, but to stay there when I can for as long as I can.

Married Thai Woman

Much later, Dao confided in me that other girls were quite mean to her at the bar, questioning why she was still talking to me since I didn’t give her money and speculating that I was probably still married and lying about buying the condo.

I’d already explained to Dao that I was not super rich, but I wasn’t broke, and I shown her the paper work and proof that I was divorced and in the middle of sorting everything out financially.

She ignored what her friends said and believed me, put it down to her friends being jealous that she had a Farang boyfriend but they didn’t.

Because of the divorce and other issues I didn’t get the opportunity to return to Thailand for nearly 11 months.

It was probably the longest 11 months in my life, but dao stuck by me for the whole 11 months, never disappearing for weeks on end.

We were in contact almost every day and spoke every chance we got.

Pattaya Girlfriend

Time To Go Back To Thailand For My Love and My New Condo

So 11 months pass and it’s time for me to go back to Thailand to sort the condo out and meet my love again.

I told Dao I was returning, but on the first day of my return I met with my friend to finalise the purchase of the condo in Jomtien.

Bargirl Girlfriend

It was already in foreign ownership so was just transfered into my name.

But it’s was a long day in Thai offices sorting it out after a long flight.

It took me longer than expected so I arranged to meet Dao the next day and I couldn’t wait.

Bargirl Lying On The Table

We agreed to meet in Jomtien near my new condo and when we met she ran to me and hugged and kissed me.

I had already decided I wanted this girl to be with me for the rest of my life, but that moment made me 100% sure that is what I wanted.

Starting a relationship with a thai bargirl

The next thing I said to her was can you take me to where you live?

We went to tiny room, with no air con or any real furniture or anything, she told me that her and her 2 friends stay there.

To be honest, it was that small, I wouldn’t of even liked staying there on my own let alone with more people.

Bargirl Doggy Style On The Bed

I told her “pack your bags you are going to live in my condo

She was more than happy to get out that small cramped room, and an hour later, she was unpacking her stuff at the new condo.

We spent an amazing two and half weeks together and Dao told me she had left the bar and was going to work in Jomtien Market selling jeans on a stall.

Trusting A Bargirl

This was really great news for me, knowing that she is not working at the bar no more, I don’t have to worry about her going with customers just to make money.

For the first time in our relationship, I offered to support her, I told her I would pay all the bills for the condo plus a little bit more to help her with food and sending a small amount of money back to her family.

Living With A Go Go Girl

After the 2 weeks together, it was time again for me to go back home.

I promised her I would come back as soon as possible, she promised me that she will wait for me.

I started to return to Thailand every 3 months to see Dao and every available minute we spent on messenger and webcam with each other.

I would watch her sleep in the condo then wake up in the morning and she would be waiting for me to wake up.

Pattaya Go Go Girl In Condo

She Made Me Feel Like I Have Never Felt Before

I kind of felt like a teenager again, she made me feel complete and forgot all my problems I had before I met her.

You here all the stories of Thai girls scamming foreigners with stories of a crisis at home.

Dao never did this, and I have met her family on many occasions and they are decent hard working people, they have a farm in issan.

Her parents never asked Dao to send more money since meeting me, and they never asked for a penny from me.

Marrying A Thai Dancer

Marrying My Pattaya Go Go Girlfriend

Dao and I were married in Bangkok in April 2015 And she has lived with me in the UK since May 2016.

She adapted nicely to the UK way of life, something I was scared she would have trouble with and with in a couple of months of being in the UK she found a job housekeeping in a hotel and she now housekeeping supervisor.

All my friends and family seemed to really like her, and could see she’s not out to scam or do anything wrong against me.

Thai Girl In Pink Lingerie

Our Life Now In The UK

She takes care of he family in Thailand and has greatly improved their lives, using her own money that she makes from her job.

She contributes to our home and life, it’s not just me paying for everything.

However, I do pay for most, but I think that is expected in most relationships.

Like all relationships we have had occasional ups and downs.

But I know she loves me and is adored by my family.

Just a side note the reason why she couldn’t speak English when I met her was that she had literally arrived in Pattaya the day before.

I actually believe this story, because when I met her she was so timid and shy, you could tell she was completely new to the scene and did not have much experience.

Life With A Go Go Girl

She had previously worked in a factory in Bangkok for a few years, but a friend from her village had suggested she come to Pattaya to earn more money as a bar girl.

When she first arrived in Pattaya she told me she hated it and used to hide in the bar.

So the other girls to help her get lady drinks.


Falling In Love With A Thai Go Go Girl😳🇹🇭 #gogogirl #thaigirl #pattayacity #thaigirls

♬ original sound – TalesBeyondHorizons

One more thing after we were married, I had bought her a nice diamond ring, a Thai gold chain and bracelet.

Also so nice clothes from the UK.

She insisted on going back to the go go where she worked to rub it in the noses of the girls in the bar that had been mean to her about me.

My Go Go Girlfriend and Her Friends

She bought them lady drinks with her own money and you could feel the jealousy in the air, it was delightful.

I will say some times stories can have a happy ending with a bar girl and my friend was in fact, right

she is a good girl.

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