Finding Love in Pattaya: A Tale of Unexpected Romance

Group of Pattaya girls drinking

I moved to Pattaya in October and found a great deal on a condo in central Pattaya.

This is my fifth trip to Thailand in the last five years.

I’ve been able to stay in Thailand for one month out of each year, usually in March or April.

However, this year was different.

I came for the Sandbox in Phuket last July, but this time with no intentions to leave.

I contacted an agent and got the retirement visa when I returned.

This time, I did my usual partying, drinking, staying out late, and playing with freelancers, but it quickly got old.

Thailand Working Girls

From Working Girls, To Professional Girls

After moving to Pattaya in October, I stopped going with girls from bars and seeing freelancers.

I began looking for what I believe I want—a normal girl.

I used Tinder and was friendly but found that many Thai girls on there were similar to the ones in the bars, working.

Whenever I matched with someone on Tinder, I would straight away ask a couple of qualifying questions to find out if she was a freelancer.

Thai Girls Tinder Profile Pic

Searching For Love In Thailand On Tinder?

On January 21st, I was sitting at my condo, swiped right on a beautiful girl, and it was a match.

She had a nice smile and a lovely curvy body.

The first thing I wrote to her on Tinder was, ‘I love your smile.’ She replied, and then I asked, ‘Can I make you my girlfriend?’ This was a qualifying question because a freelancer girl would immediately say, ‘I’m not looking for a boyfriend; I’m looking for customers.

‘ This girl thought it was very forward and assumed I was joking.

She told me she was from Bangkok and only in Pattaya for the day.

First Date With Beautiful Asian Girl

First Date and She Took My Breath Away

I asked for her contact information and explained that I often get to Bangkok and would like to see her when I visit.

She asked if we could meet now, and I replied, ‘Absolutely.’ I got on my motorcycle and headed over to Jomtien Beach.

When I met her, I saw that smile; she really turned the smile on for me.

We went to the sandbar on the beach for a drink.

I’ll skip a lot of the details, other than to say we had a really nice conversation, and she spoke pretty good English because she works in a hotel in Bangkok.

Girl on dinner date in pattaya

Romantic But Very Expensive Dinner Date In Pattaya

I asked if I could take her for dinner, and she said yes.

I told her I was going to take her to a really nice place, and she told me she had not showered.

I suggested that we go to my apartment, shower, and then go to dinner.

She agreed, and we both showered, giving each other the necessary privacy that my small apartment would allow.

Then we went to a really nice restaurant right on the beach.

It was expensive and romantic, but I certainly didn’t mind.

It was a joy being with her, talking with her, and seeing that smile brightly shine back at me.

Spending The Night With A Beautiful Asian Girl

We Spent The Night Together and It Was Perfect

After dinner, we went back to my condo, had a couple of drinks, and she spent the night with me.

She was the most amazing girl I’ve ever been with, even among all those professional freelancers that I have experienced over the last five years.

For me to experience a woman’s genuine love is immensely better than being with a woman who’s been paid for her services.

There’s no comparison.

Paying For Thai Girls Gas After Date

I Paid For Her Gas, Not Any Services

She had to leave the next day, and I gave her a thousand baht for gas money.

She later told me that made her feel bad because maybe I thought she was a bad woman or something like that.

But I made it very clear it’s just because I thought her pickup truck would use a lot of gas, and she shouldn’t think I was paying her for something else.

Beautiful selfie from a thai girl in underwear

I Couldn’t Get This Thai Girl Out Of My Mind

I stayed in touch with her and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I arranged to visit Bangkok the following week, and she stayed with me at my hotel for two days during her days off work.

There’s such a lack of a train wreck element in this story that I worry your viewers will be bored.

So I will just say that it’s a month later, and we are in a relationship.

We tell each other ‘I love you’ on a regular basis.

I have never been so happy.

Perfect Thai Girl With Tattooed Body

She Is Perfect In Every Way, The One For Me

We will continue to keep seeing each other as often as we can until my lease in Pattaya has ended.

Then I don’t know; I could reconsider living here in Pattaya.

There’s plenty of time to think it over.

Not only is she not a professional or a freelancer, but I am only the second man that she has ever been with.

Her first boyfriend, a Thai guy, almost got married, but she figured out that he was cheating on her.

The first guy she was with was a man who was married; she was with him a year before she found out that he was married.

Tattooed Thai Girl Wearing Maid Cosplay

I Couldn’t Be Happier Right Now

I have never been happier and satisfied and hope to stay with her forever.

I believe that lightning has struck.

I feel so lucky to have met such a beautiful woman.

When we spend two days together on her days off, we have such a fun time and never get bored of each other’s company.

We love to sit around or go to dinner or a club; it doesn’t matter as it’s all fun to us.

If subscribers are interested, she’s 31, and I am 60.

She told me that when she first saw me, she thought I looked better than my pictures.

This, of course, made me very happy to hear.

Cheers, for reading my story.

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