2 Thai Girls 1 Hotel

2 thai girls in the same hotel as me

It’s 2007, and I’ve finally gotten divorced after being in a terrible marriage for 23 years.

Our marriage was one of those where we didn’t share any interests, and most of the time, I just worked to avoid being at home.

With the kids all grown up and the house sold, I was finally free. So, I decided to go to Thailand to see if it was as amazing as people had told me.

Two Young Walking Street Girls

Going To Thailand For The First Time


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The first hotel I stayed in was close to Pat Pong.

Airport taxi drivers convinced me to choose it.

I recall feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness as I took a taxi through the streets of Bangkok, taking in the sights, smells, Tuk Tuks, and the beautiful girls around.

It was mid-afternoon, and the sky was clear, allowing me to soak in everything.

I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I couldn’t resist having a couple of San Miguels from the minibar in my hotel room before heading out.

Those beers helped me relax a bit.

Just five minutes after leaving the hotel, I was approached by a girl who recommended a sauna and spa massage place.

I decided to give it a try and enjoyed all they had to offer.

After that initial experience, I began to truly relax and immerse myself in the local culture.

I flew back and forth over the next couple of years, and with each trip, I grew and matured a little more.

Bangkok Nightlife Girls

Getting Tired Of The Party Life In Thailand

At first, it was all about beers, bars, and fines, but the excitement was fading.

However, a particular situation temporarily halted the partying.

While staying at Center Point, I didn’t drink during the daytime, but I still enjoyed some nightlife later on.

I met a gorgeous woman who worked as a local hairdresser, and she joined me in my hotel room.

I had visited her room before, but it was quite small, and the shower was just a standard one.

No money exchanged hands between us.

Instead, I treated her to meals, drinks, and small gifts during our two-week time together.

I believed she was a good person, at least for the duration of those two weeks.

friendly bar girls

Getting Friendly With A Thai Girl

She would stay in the room, and I left a spare key card for her at the reception whenever I went out for a few beers in the evening.

During one of these outings, I met another incredibly attractive woman.

In my semi-drunken state, I got a bit greedy.

I thought it might be a good idea to book another room at the same hotel and then figure out which girl I wanted to be with later.

It’s quite amazing how a drunk mind doesn’t plan ahead.

Anyway, there I was, waking up with the new girl, and then I had to go upstairs to the other one to try and explain why I was away the previous night.

Surprisingly, she was pretty understanding about the situation.

She was a laid-back person.

two thai girls in the same hotel

Now I Have 2 Girls In The Same Hotel

The new girl was on the fourth floor, and the first one was on the ninth floor.

They had no idea the other existed.

This went on for about six days.

By the end, I was running out of excuses for both girls, and I felt incredibly guilty.

I was stressed out, and it seemed like they were both determined to stay.

I should have said earlier that I was a decent-looking guy.

I didn’t appear my age, and when I was with the girls, I spent quality time with them.

I eventually managed to make my getaway, grabbing all my bags and hopping into a taxi.

I then flew to Chiang Mai.

It had felt like I was a lobster in a pot, and I was unsure of what to do.

I should mention that I absolutely love Bangkok and everything that comes with it, but I swore to myself that I would never get into a situation like that again, especially not with the two girls.

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