Leaving The Tour Group To Meet Thai Girls

Meeting A Bar Girl In Thailand

Hey, I’m Gary, and I’m from Dublin.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from the ‘Land of Smiles‘ so I wanted to share my own.

Before I dive into my story, here’s a quick introduction about me: I’m 45 years old and have spent most of my life as a single dad.

I have two sons who are now young adults.

They came from a relationship I had many years ago with my then-girlfriend.

I’ve been into sports my whole life, and folks often say I look like I’m in my thirties.

I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot, and being single has its perks, like the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

Sexy Thai Girl At The Bar

I Regret Not Going To Thailand Sooner

In 2019, I went to Thailand for the first time.

My only regret is not going there when I was younger in my 20s and 30s.

It’s like heaven for single guys.

I booked a trip through a Dublin-based travel agent.

Since it was my first time in Thailand, I asked for a full-time tour guide.

The booking was for an open group, which meant there would be people from different parts of the world in our group, all of us first-timers.

It sounded like a good time ahead.

My flight from Dubai was delayed, and I arrived in Bangkok seven hours late.

I can’t recall the hotel’s name, but it was near Khao San Road.

After checking in, a hotel staff member helped me with my bags and showed me to my room.

Three Thai Girls

Joining A Tour Group In Bangkok

Next, they took me to a meeting room next to the reception area.

There, I met the other members of the tour group, who were all Australians, and our tour guide, a Thai woman named Jip.

She was an attractive woman, and just her presence got me excited without her even knowing.

But I never tried to make any moves on her, as I later found out she was happily married to an Australian businessman.

We spent a few days exploring Bangkok before taking a night train to a gorgeous beach resort in Chumphon called Nana Beach.

It was an absolutely stunning place.

The Australians in my tour group were older than me, and some were married.

So, I wasn’t quite sure how I could meet Thai ladies without seeming like I was on a creepy mission.

Meeting Girls In Koh Samui

Slipping Away To Meet Girls

Since the rest of the tour group was older and preferred to call it a night early after a few drinks, it gave me the opportunity to slip away into the night and spend time with Thai women.

Our next destination was another small island, and I can’t recall its name, but you might have heard of it because several tourists have gone missing there over the years.

The next stop was Koh Samui, and it was there that I met a local woman named Tin.

She had gone through a divorce and had two children.

The older child grown up and was happily working, supporting themselves.

Tin owned three small businesses on the island, including two clothing stores and an antique shop where she sold the typical tourist souvenirs.

Tin and I had great chemistry, and she became like a second tour guide for me.

She took me to places off the usual tourist path, allowing me to explore parts of the island that most other visitors never got to see.

bargirls in thailand

Planning To Return To Thailand To Meet My Thai Fling

Anyway, my holiday came to an end, and I returned home.

I started planning my next visit in April 2020, eager to reconnect with Tin for another four weeks.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen due to the global situation.

My planned trip had to be put on hold because of what was happening in the world.

Koh Samui was severely affected by this situation, and Tin had no choice but to leave the island after 18 years.

She returned to her hometown in Isan with her son.

Tin calls me every morning when I wake up in Dublin, like clockwork, at 11 a.m., and she also calls me every night at 11:30 p.m.

It’s been a daily routine since I left Thailand in 2019.

I’ve explained to her that I can’t move to Thailand permanently because I’m not financially stable.

I’m just an ordinary worker and not self-employed.

Nonetheless, it’s comforting to know that if things were to progress between Tin and me.

Keeping In Contacting With My Thai Girl Over The Years

Over the years, I haven’t been able to return to Thailand to continue my journey with her because life, work, and unexpected events keep getting in the way.

She has her own house and has never pressured me for money.

Occasionally, I’ve sent her some money, like 5,000 baht here and there.

It might not be much, but it can be a real help for Thais, including Tin.

I’m planning to return to Thailand in 2024, and I’m really looking forward to spending time with Tin and enjoying the company of the Thai people once again.

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