My Time With A Go Go Girl From Soi Cowboy

Experience with a go go bar from soi cowboy

This is a story about one of my experiences with a bargirl in Bangkok that did not go the way I planned it to.

So, I was in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok in one of the go-go bars one evening.

It wasn’t too busy but there was a lot of girls working, I saw a girl on stage and signalled her to come and join me if she wanted.

She was a very beautifully skinny girl, from what I could see, she was the best girl in there.

So she’s sat there being all touchy and flirty with me and the drinks start flowing and the money keeps dropping.

Her name was Cartoon, yes you read it correctly, she told me her name was Cartoon. As strange as that name sounds, it’s not the first time ive actually met someone used that name.

She was very fun to be around, and as the lady drinks kept coming, she seemed open for everything.

Go Go bar on Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Stop Getting Me To Buy Drinks For Your Friends!

The thing I didn’t like, is that she kept getting her friends to join and for me to buy them drinks as well, I had a fair bit on me and I make a decent living, but im not made of money so I quickly put a stop to that.

I explained to Cartoon that I just enjoyed her company and wanted to drink with her, she seemed ok about that.

It was Cartoons turn to get back up on stage and shake what god has blessed her with, and left me to sit and enjoy the show.

While she was up there, I noticed that she did not have a number on her, which to my understanding from what ive been told, they can’t leave the bar with a customer, or if they could it would be a costly bar fine.

I was about to find out if this was true or not.

While Cartoon was dancing, I asked the waitress if the girls in here can be fined, specifically Cartoon.

She looked at me like I just slapped her kids across the face and replied “if you can afford it”

Now I don’t want to brag, but I was nicely dressed, in shape and I think im pretty handsome, I don’t normally have problems with picking up women.

Cartoon finished her time on the stage and came back to sit with me, giving me puppy eyes for another lady drink.

Buying Lady Drinks In Go Go Bars

I got her the drink and said to her directly, are you allowed to leave the bar tonight? She replied “No not many girls”

Which was strange because there was way more girls than there was customers, so I was thinking this is just an excuse.

So I replied “So I cannot bar fine you?”

She looked at me as if she was processing if she would be safe with me or if she found me attractive enough to come with me, after some hesitation, she said yes I can bar fine her but not until midnight and its going to cost 800 baht.

It was around 11pm at that point, so I think she was trying her luck to squeeze in another hours worth of lady drinks, which she did. Was I the fool? Maybe.

Anyway, we are sinking the beers and a few shots here and there midnight finally arrives and I ask her if I can bar fine her, she says “Yes let me get sorted while you pay the bill”

Paying The Bar Fine In Soi Cowboy!

I paid my 6,000 baht bill, plus the 800 to bar fine Cartoon and off we went, I think we was both a little bit tipsy at the time of leaving the go go bar.

Cartoon takes me to one of her friends bar in Sukhumvit, so now I can buy more drinks for her and her friend.. lucky me.

We was going through the shots a little too fast but it was fun because cartoon was this cute young girl and she was super flirty while drunk, dancing and grinding on me, I had no complaints.

Paying Bar Fine In A Go Go Bar

I didn’t find her friend very good company though, I was buying her drinks so she wasn’t left out but not once did I get a thank you, I barely even got a smile from her, but she had no problems accepting drinks from me. Ah well, this is Thailand after all.

I could see that Cartoon was getting very drunk now and she was smoking like a chimney, so I told her one more tequila and then lets hit the road, to which she agreed

The Tricks of A Bangkok Bar Girl

I asked for the bill and paid another 3,000 for mine, cartoon and her friends drink, and we finally left around 2am.

We got a taxi but I was starving as id be on a alcohol diet pretty much all day and had eaten no food, and drank way too much, so I told the driver to take us to get some food first.

And then I hear “I don’t feel good” from cartoon, and I can see the look on her face as if she is going to make a big mess in the back of the taxi.

I tell the taxi driver to quickly pull over because she is going to puke everywhere.

He pulls over just in time at the side of the road, and within seconds, cartoon is sitting with her head outside the door vomitting all over the side walk, I knew them tequila slammers was not a good idea.

I put my hand on her back, rubbing it like a true gentleman, but as I watched her puke and see the state that she is in, I was thinking to myself maybe I should call it a night and not bother taking her back home.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of constant puking, it felt like she had just puked her lungs out, she got back in the taxi and I said forget the food, just drop us at a 7-eleven close by so I could get her some water, wet wipes and tissues.

Time To Call It A Night.. Bar Girl Couldn’t Last

As I walked back outside from the 7Eleven, she was sat on the sidewalk puking her guts out once again.

Now again, I’m wondering if I even want to bring her back to my apartment I’m renting but decide leaving her now would be too much for my conscience and who knows, maybe I’ll earn some brownie points for attempting to take care.

It was clear that we are not going to have any bedroom fun tonight.

We get back to my place and as im paying the taxi driver, I can see her holding herself up against the car, like she’s thinking if she needs to be sick again or not.

She has been sick that much im surprised she had anything left to puke up.

buying lady drinks in bangkok

I apologise to the taxi driver and take her into my apartment, being careful that she doesn’t need to stop and puke again. She walks in and just drops on my bed and falls asleep with all her clothes on even her shoes.

Well, this night didn’t go to plan, but it’s one for the memories I guess. I got on the sofa and called it a night.

Just a few hours later I awoke to her moving around, I ask her what’s wrong and she says she needs to go now because she has to go to visit her mum or something, I jokingly replied “I thought you said you could go all night”

I asked her if she would like me to walk her to the BTS station, again im trying to be a gentleman, and she said yes.

As we was walking for her to get the train, she stopped off to get some street food, I don’t know about you guys but the last thing I want when hungover or feeling sick is some Thai street food, but hey, each to their own.

We get to the station and I said “Thanks for the fun night even though it didn’t go as planned, I’ll see you next time” to which she replied “You give me money?”

Now I was a bit annoyed, I paid for her night out, including drinks for her friends, she gets so drunk that we couldn’t even have any bedroom fun and now she is asking for money?

I gave her a disappointed look, pulled out 500 baht from my pocket and said “That’s all I have on me, and to be honest, thats 500 more than it should be”

She snatched the 500 from my hand and made her way up the steps to catch her train.

It should go without saying that I never saw her again after that night.

So my night cost me over 10,000 baht. The start of the night was fun having a flirty fun time with her, its just a shame it turned into me taking care of a sick girl and receiving no fun, no thank you nor an apology for what had happened.

Im not angry or bitter at these type of girls in Thailand, that’s why im sharing this experience. I guess what im trying to say in my story is that even if you pay the girl for her time, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to, and don’t ever expect a refund or money back for it.


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