My Ex Thai Wife Will Never Change

Unseen Thai Bar Girl Games

I have a story just to show it’s not just the bar girls who can be ruthless.

I came to work in Thailand a few years ago.

I was never into the bar scene but did have lots of fun in the clubs of Bangkok and Pattaya.

I had some friends in Bangkok, and they are still close buddies to this day.

We always watched each other’s backs during the various escapades; friendship was more important than any Thai girl.

I was due to go to a club in EGA on the night of the fire on January 1st, 2009, but arrived after that dreadful fire that killed 61 people.

Thai Sex Worker Showing Her Way of Life

I Have No Problem With The Way of Life In Thailand For Some Girls


Meeting My Future Ex Thai Wife 🇹🇭😳 #thaiwife #exwife #howimetmywife #thaigirls #thailandstory

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I’m open-minded at what consenting adults choose to do; I have no problem with girls that need to make money and provide for their families.

It does annoy me, however, when foreigners attempt to rip them off in their own country; they should show some respect to the host country and play the game for what it is.

I met a girl called Knock, not her real name, of course.

She was shy and from a respectable Bangkok family.

After a long and decent relationship, we got married.

I never ever played away despite living in central Bangkok with its many distractions.

Knock came with me when my job took me away from Thailand.

Thai Wife Starting A Family

Traveling Back To The UK and Starting A Family With Thai Wife

We traveled back to the UK on many occasions, as well as all over the rest of Europe.

Later, our daughter was born in a Bangkok hospital, and of course, I bought an SUV, land, house – the works.

Throughout the 11 years, she played the perfect wife.

Knock was becoming more demanding and wanting to control the money, which seems pretty normal in Thai culture, and using our daughter as leverage.

Anyway, I love my daughter above all else, so happily played along.

Schooling came around, and it was not part of the deal from my job, so we left Thailand and went to the UK.

Knock eventually arrived after a 2-year battle with UK immigration to get a very expensive spouse visa.

Thai Wife Applying For A Spouse Visa For The UK

Finally Getting A Spouse Visa For My Thai Wife To Live In The UK


Applying For A Spouse Visa For My Thai Wife 🇹🇭😳 #thaiwife #thaivisa #ukvisa #spousevisa #thaigirlfriend

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A note to viewers, spouse visas are very expensive and an upward battle when dealing with the UK border force.

I earned 70k a year, plus I had free accommodation, yet immigration was still very difficult.

Anyway, they arrived, and Knock immediately demanded control of all of our money; she also refused to get a job.

I gave her use of the car, which was a BMW, and a well-stocked bank account.

Nothing was good enough; she refused a well-paid job and refused to try and integrate.

I offered her flights to go see her relatives who live in Europe, but she refused.

Eventually, she left to go back to Thailand, a low blow considering our daughter was in the hospital with a problem that would require four operations.

She told our daughter she was going on vacation.

Young Thai Wife Wearing Lingerie

Fresh Start, Old Ways… Did Not Work

After 6 months, she returned to the UK seeking a fresh start but soon returned to her own ways of demanding money and weaponizing our daughter.

One evening, I returned to find her and our daughter had gone.

After a frantic night with a police search, they were found.

Next, I got noticed that she and our daughter were in a shelter, and I was accused of abuse.

After battles to prove my innocence in court and fight her with Social Services, I was granted joint custody.

They had moved to a separate city, pulling my daughter from her established school.

Thai Daughter Showing Her Beautiful Smile

My Daughter Is More Important Than Anyone

Skipping ahead, my daughter is now settled in a school that I fought tooth and nail to get her into, and she’s thriving now.

My tight ex-wife has another baby with another guy, strengthening her case to stay in the UK.

I don’t know who the father is.

I look after my daughter financially, see her when I can, and pay for her schooling, trips, and clubs.

I decided to work overseas again once my daughter was settled.

I have paid for all of them to have a vacation to Thailand, which the children loved, but my ex-wife was as grumpy as ever.

I’m now back working in Thailand, call my daughter each day, and I’m looking forward to her returning to Thailand for vacations in her school holidays. She is my number one.

Ex Thai Wife Showing Her Way

My Ex Thai Wife Will Never Change


Its Not Just Thai Bar Girls That Can Be Bad 🇹🇭😳 #thaiwife #divorce #thailandstory #thaibargirls #storytime

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My ex-wife is nothing; she has sold everything in Thailand – car, house, all my belongings.

The moral of the story is it’s far from just bargirls who are ripoff merchants.

Some of them do apparently have good hearts, but I’m not going down that path.

My ex-wife played the visa system, played the child law system, and got what she wanted.

You might think you’re wearing the pants, but when it comes to Thai women, they can be very cunning, as I was to find out 11 years later.

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