Visiting Thailand After Going Through A Divorce

Thailand After A Divorce

Around 2005, my buddy left the big court after splitting up with his wife. It had been a tough and painful ride for him.

He had a bunch of kids with his ex-wife. He was 56 years old and feeling pretty fragile.

I told my friend that he should start living his life again. I said there were good things waiting for him, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I had an idea to help him out of his sadness, but he had to cooperate.

My plan was for us to take a plane to a mystery place, with no info until we got there.

I decided to travel with my friend and a colleague, promising to guide him during the trip.

He just had to cover his expenses, and I’d let him know the plans as the departure date approached.

He agreed.

Cute Pattaya Bar Girl

Flying To Thailand As A Surprise

As it turned out, I had booked him a business class flight to Thailand. We were headed to Pattaya, a tropical resort town, to inject some fun and excitement into his new life.

Everything was set for an amazing holiday.

My friend picked me up in a taxi, and we headed to the airport.

We relaxed in the business class lounge, sipping on drinks, and the best part of our journey was yet to come.

At this point, my friend figured out he was headed to an unfamiliar destination, and he started bombarding me with questions.

I kept telling him to be quiet because I wasn’t giving any answers or details. We eventually landed in Bangkok and took a taxi to the resort.

I had chosen it carefully since I was familiar with the place, knew the accommodations, and it was in a nice area.

I handled the check-in for all of us, and he was shown to his room.

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Getting Ready For The First Night In Bangkok

He was instructed to change into shorts and a t-shirt and meet us at the reception in 15 minutes because we were heading out for some beers and a little exploration.

We went to a nearby bar and got some beers. I talked it over with my colleague, and we decided that rob would have a three-day trial period.

I filled him in on all the things to do and avoid in Bangkok, and I planned to keep a watchful eye on him since it was his first time.

Cury Thai Bargirl

Not too close, but just enough to make sure he wouldn’t fall for scams or get conned during these three days.

I got rob what seemed like a suitable companion for the bar, and he was amazed. He had a fantastic time.

The next day, he was still on cloud nine, and life was looking great.

On the second day, I introduced rob to Thai food, and he had another wonderful evening with a different female friend.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

Falling For A Bangkok Girl

Getting Close To A Bangkok Girl On Holiday

However, on the third day, things began to change when he became quite interested in a specific girl while getting a massage.

rob started to see the massage lady in a different way than the other girls he met at the bar.

She had a strong effect on him, and despite being much younger, something clicked between them, which was quite unusual back in his home country.

The following day, we noticed that she was holding his hand, and we learned that she had quit her job at the massage shop.

rob was now covering all her expenses, including her wages, to ensure she didn’t have to work and could spend all her time with him.

rob was feeling young and in love again, and he started to distance himself from our group.

He was completely wrapped up in his girlfriend, and my colleagues couldn’t stand his behavior.

One evening, while dining at our usual Thai restaurant, my colleague asked me to switch seats because rob was sitting in his line of sight, behaving like a pushover in front of his girlfriend.

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Planning To Live In Thailand After Visiting Just Once

rob began asking me questions about life in Thailand because I found out he was creating a yearly financial plan on a spreadsheet.

rob, being from a finance background, wanted to figure out how long he could sustain his life in the “Land of Smiles.

After crunching the numbers, he concluded that he could manage for 17 years, which would take him to the age of 73, considering his current resources.

Fast forward to our return journey, and rob was obviously on the flight back with us to the UK.

When rob returned home, he had a lot on his mind.

He now had a girlfriend in Thailand who was half his age, and he had pampered her during his stay.

He planned to maintain their relationship from abroad until he could put his master plan into action.

Thailand After A Divorce

Life Back In England, After Thailand

Upon returning to England, rob was offered financial consultancy work by another one of my colleagues.

During this time, he was introduced to a mature bookkeeper of a similar age.

They fell deeply in love with each other, and as far as I know from the last time I saw him, which was over 10 years ago, they lived happily ever after.

It seems that Thailand faded into the background, and rob didn’t return there as far as I know.

His contact with the Thai girl likely ceased, and perhaps the adventure in Thailand was the excitement he needed back in his life.

We may never know for sure, but what’s evident is that rob was now actively living life again after spending two decades in unhappiness, and he had a promising future ahead of him.

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