Marrying Thai Women For Visa Purposes

Marrying A Thai For Visa Purposes

This is a story of two extremes that happened to me with two Thai women.

Briefly about me first, in 1963, I was 18 when I joined the Merchant Navy.

I worked on P&O ships as a steward for nearly five years, sailing around the world to places like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan multiple times.

There were plenty of girls traveling, and I loved it.

In 1968, I signed off the ship with a girl I had met onboard.

Then, I worked at the Cursinghaus Club as a trainee croupier, which I became in 1969.

Marrying A Thai Woman So She Gets A Visa

Early Years In The Bahamas And Meeting Wealthy Thai’s

I went to the Bahamas where I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

In 1975, I had an opportunity to go and work in Las Vegas, where I managed to work my way up the management ladder.

I was the director of Casino operations in the Conrad Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, from 1992 until 1997, when casinos were allowed in Turkey.

In early 1993, I met a wealthy Thai husband and wife, Aaron and Anne, who were staying at the hotel for about two weeks.

Young Wealthy Thai Girl

Thai Couple Have Took An Interest In Me

Aaron and Anne both went to universities in the states and spoke perfect English.

We became close during their stay, and Anne and I developed a chemistry.

They invited me to dinner, and even though Aaron was aware of the chemistry between Anne and me, it seemed okay for him.

They visited Istanbul again about six months later, and the same dynamic repeated.

Thai Girls Fooling Around

Visiting Bangkok In 1994

On one visit, Aaron had to return to Bangkok early, leaving me and Anne alone.

We ended up spending time together.

When Anne left, she urged me to visit Bangkok, which I did in early 1994.

They accommodated me in their condo building, the highest in Bangkok, which they constructed.

However, our relationship didn’t progress physically due to the risk involved.

Anne had an employee named Joy, who looked after me whenever I visited Bangkok.

Bangkok Girl Selfie

Married A Thai Woman For Visa Purposes

Anne was exceptionally generous towards me.

She bought me expensive watches, clothes, and even a car.

Despite this, our relationship started to deteriorate around New Year’s 1997.

Anne was in a bad mood, and things escalated when I spent the evening with Joy.

Anne and Aaron found out about it, and Anne’s reaction led to the end of our relationship.

I later reconnected with Joy and eventually married her in Ankara, Turkey, in the Thai Embassy, primarily for visa purposes.

We moved to Cairo, Egypt, where I was transferred for work.

Initially, we argued a lot due to cultural differences, but over time, we learned to love each other.

We moved to Paris Las Vegas in 1999, where I acquired naturalization and Joy obtained a green card.

Marrying A Thai Girl Young

Marriage, Children and Divorce

In Las Vegas, we had a daughter in 2000.

However, in 2002, I was made redundant, and we faced challenges during the recession.

Despite the difficulties, we decided to divorce in 2010, but remained friends and lived together for the sake of our daughter.

Joy has been a constant support, especially when I had a stroke 18 months ago, and I lost the use of my right arm.

I am grateful for her presence in my life.


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