Holiday Girlfriend Already Had A Boyfriend

Meeting a girl in phuket

This story is about when I went to Thailand for the first time in my late 30s.

I usually travel around Southeast Asia, but this time my friend and I wanted to go somewhere different.

I looked for new places and saw an ad that said, “Let’s go to Phuket!

That convinced us, so we booked a trip there.

It was my first time in the Land of Smiles, and we didn’t really do a lot of research.

All we knew was that the Patong Beach area had everything we wanted – beaches, restaurants, hotels, and nightlife.

Phuket Girl In Bikini

First Time Arriving In Phuket

We got to our hotel, which was right above a big shopping center at the end of Bangla Road.

In the beginning, we did the usual stuff like going to the beach, swimming in the pool, getting cheap foot massages, and eating lots of tasty Thai food.

Near the end of our trip, we decided to check out a seafood restaurant by the beach.

That’s where I saw her and instantly fell in love.

The lady at the restaurant was incredibly attractive.

I still remember how she looked in her tight dress, with sharp eyes, straight black hair, and light tan skin.

She was small but had nice curves, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Phuket Bar Girl Selfie

Is It Normal To Fall In Love With The Thai Waitress?


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She showed us to our table, and I couldn’t help but keep looking at her.

Every now and then, she would come over to our table and playfully flirt with us, and we’d share smiles.

This kind of feeling doesn’t happen often, and I was already really into her.

I barely even remember the seafood dinner.

I’m usually a bit shy, but I managed to find out her name.

I made a plan to go back to the restaurant again.

After we left the seafood restaurant, my poor friend had to put up with me talking about her for the rest of the day, and even into the next evening.

Group of phuket bar girls

Exploring The Bangla Road Night Life

The next night, we went to the Hollywood nightclub on Bangla Road.

The name was quite fitting for what was about to unfold.

We were already a bit tipsy as we entered the smoky club.

Back in those days, you could smoke pretty much everywhere in Thailand.

Inside the club, most of the customers were women, and it seemed like my friend and I were the only men around.

We felt like movie stars on a red carpet – the women moved aside as if they were parting the Red Sea, as if they were eager to get a better look at us.

Thai girlfriend already has a boyfriend

Getting All The Attention From The Thai Ladies

Sorry for bragging, but I was in the best shape of my life.

I had a nice haircut, a strong jawline, and I kept my physique good through judo and exercise.

Plus, being a Korean guy during the K-pop craze in Asia had its perks.

The catchy Korean pop music was still a hit, and most of the women we met seemed instantly interested in Korean people and culture.

Sexy Tattooed Walking Street Bar GIrl

It was common to hear K-pop songs playing at the bars, and my friend and I definitely used that to our advantage.

As we went deeper into the club, we started getting catcalls – it seemed like the handsome man had arrived.

Yes, I got some unwanted attention too, but honestly, I didn’t really mind.

fun in the phuket bars

Being A Butterfly In Night Clubs

I was quite drunk and on a high, feeling like a movie star, like I was floating and shooting laser beams out of my eyes.

You get the picture.

I could tell my buddy was feeling the same way.

To my surprise, I saw him point his finger at one girl on his right and another on his left, motioning for them to come over.

The two girls danced their way to him, and soon they were all dancing closely, like a sandwich hug.

Phuket Walking Street Go Go Bar

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter – the women were like the bread, and my buddy was the melted cheese in between, they were dancing so close.

My friend kept on dancing through the night, while I was happy just soaking up the atmosphere.

But then I looked around, and my attention was drawn to a smoky area near the tables.

The smoke parted a bit, and I saw an attractive woman.

She did a hair flick and looked right at me, waving hello.

Beautiful Phuket Thai Girl

Finding The Thai Girl of My Dreams

Everything seemed to slow down, like it was happening in a dream.

I felt drawn to her, like a bug to a light, and I floated over to her.

I just needed to be close to her.

To my absolute joy, it was the same woman from the seafood restaurant that I had met the night before.

I was over the moon, feeling ecstatic and deeply in love.

With the boost from some liquid courage, we danced, held each other close, and had more drinks.

I didn’t want to let go of her beautiful hands.

As the night turned into the early hours, she mentioned she had to head home.

Thai Girl Had A Boyfriend

Thailand Can Make You Feel Like A Teenager Again

I walked her out, and we went to Patong Beach Road where she had parked her motorbike.

I remember giving her a kiss, and I felt those butterflies in my stomach, just like a teenage boy once again.

I let her know that I wanted to meet her again and that I was leaving on Friday, which was just two days away.

We swapped numbers and she went her way.

However, she canceled our plans the next day, which left me feeling let down.

Despite that, we did meet up on Friday at the shopping center.

Thai Girl In Red Dress

Romantic Date With Phuket Girl

We held hands and strolled around.

I told her I was departing that night, and she seemed confused and disappointed.

It dawned on me that there was a misunderstanding – when I mentioned leaving on Friday, she thought I meant five days later.

Her English wasn’t very strong, so I should have been more clear.

A lesson learned.

I wanted to make the most of my remaining time with her, but something awful occurred.

While we were holding hands and walking through the mall, I sensed a negative presence.

When I turned to look, a Thai guy had manoeuvred himself in front of us.

Stunning Phuket Bar Girl

Thai Guy Stalking Us?

He had his cellphone pointed at us, obviously recording, and he seemed very upset.

He shouted some Thai words – even though I didn’t understand Thai, those words felt like the meanest and harshest I’d ever heard in any language.

The guy quickly fled before I could react. I turned to my lovely island girl, seeking to understand what had just happened.

Tattooed Bangla Road Go Go Girl

The expression on her face told me everything.

She looked guilty and afraid. It was clear that she was in a state of panic.

She apologised and let go of my hand, then dashed after the guy.

As I watched her run off, I started putting the pieces together.Thai Girl Lying To Me

My Holiday Girlfriend Already Had A Boyfriend

The guy who had been recording us was a friend of her boyfriend.

It hit me hard – here I was, completely taken in by this beautiful Thai woman’s charm and magic, only to find out that she had a boyfriend and was cheating on him.

I was devastated, to be honest.

But despite all this, I was still under her spell.

Tanned Sexy Bangla Road Girls

For the next few hours, I wandered around the mall, feeling lost.

I’m not sure what I was hoping for, but deep down, I wished to see her again.

Instead, I saw a good-looking Thai man who seemed to be around my age.

He appeared upset and was alone, seeming aimless.

I convinced myself that this was her boyfriend

I assumed he was searching for her, or even worse, looking for me.

Although I believed I could defend myself if needed, the situation was disheartening.


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Heartbroken In Thailand… Again

I understood I had made a mistake, so I quietly retreated to my hotel room.

I went from feeling like a Hollywood movie star to feeling like a Bollywood underdog that night.

Eventually, I flew back to Seoul, South Korea.

Even after discovering the truth about her and the situation, she remained in my thoughts for weeks, if not months.

Attraction is a strange thing.

Many years later, I found myself back in Phuket.

I returned to the beachfront seafood restaurant, the Hollywood nightclub, and the shopping mall, all in the hope of encountering the girl I fell in love with and who had broken my heart in less than a week.

Certainly, I never had the chance to see her again.

I tell this story to friends, including Commander Kamezawa, as a cautionary tale of a love that started with hope but ended sadly.

Despite the lack of a happy ending, this trip managed to make me fall in love with Thailand – the people, the culture, and the stunning landscapes.

I’ve been returning to Thailand ever since.

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