When They Start Digging For Gold, Do A Runner

Thai Gold digger

I first went to Thailand in 2017.

I met two friends in Pattaya, and it was my first time there.

They showed me around all the best sois and bars to visit.

We started our bar crawl most evenings at around 9:00 p.m.

and ended up going to either Soi 6 or Soi 7; I can’t remember which one.

Anyway, I was pulled into one of the bars by a group of females.

As soon as we entered, the manager tried to pair us all off with girls.

The women were below average in appearance and barely spoke any English, but we were so drunk that we didn’t care.

Cute Pattaya Girl At The Pool

Thinking Every Thai Girl In Pattaya Is A Bar Girl

A few hours later, I found myself talking to another girl, not the one I was initially paired with.

This girl spoke almost perfect English, and she was a stunner.

I thought she was a bar girl, so I tried to make a move.

She refused my attentions and made it clear she was not interested.

It turns out she was a friend of the bar owner’s son and was just there to have free drinks.

I apologized and told her it was my first time in Thailand.

They just laughed and accepted my apology.

Partying With The Thais

At around 1:00 a.m., my friends and I decided to go to Walking Street.

Fah, the girl I had apologized to, and her friend, the owner’s son, along with a few other ladies from the bar, came with us.

We went into plenty of bars along Walking Street for drinks.

Fah and I were getting closer, dancing with each other, and she was extremely flirty.

We even kissed a few times.

I wanted to take her back to my hotel or at least continue the night, but I had no idea if she was up for it.

I didn’t know if Thai girls were like that or if I had to work for it.

Pattaya Long Time Go Go Girl

Starting A Regular Encounter With Pattaya Girl

I knew she was single and wasn’t with the bar owner’s son because he was gay.

In the end, it seemed like Fah made the decision for us.

As it was getting light outside, she turned to me and said, “When are we going back to your hotel?

We all know what happened after that.

We would have daily bedroom fun sessions when she came to my hotel after work.

She worked as a tattoo artist. Some days we would go out to a mall, restaurant, or cinema, and I would splash out for both of us.

I was earning good money, so I didn’t mind.

Sometimes I would give her money to get her hair done or get a massage, or buy a couple of bottles for us at the bars and clubs.

One day, she was looking at one of my watches, which was expensive and given to me as a gift from my family.

Fah then told me that her birthday was coming up, and she wanted a similar one as a present.

I thought she was kidding, but then she demanded that I buy her one because I had a lot of money.

I just laughed and jokingly said, “Tomorrow.” Every time she brought it up, I would say, “Tomorrow.

Pattaya Girl Asking For Money

Now, She Is Asking For More Money and Gifts

Fah’s birthday was getting closer, and we were shopping in the mall next to the Hilton Hotel.

We walked past an expensive watch shop, and she dragged me in, telling me which watch she wanted.

I showed no interest. That night, after a session of fun, she asked again if I was going to buy the watch for her.

Bargirl Golddiggers

With a serious face, I told her no.

She got upset and gave me the ultimatum of buying the watch or she would leave.

I opened the door and said goodbye.

She started crying and left immediately.

I went to sleep, and the next morning, I got a barrage of texts and missed calls from Fah.

She kept saying how sorry she was, wanted to get back together, and that she missed me.

I decided I was in too deep and should cut it off as soon as I could.

I was also a bit paranoid that she might do something extreme or foolish, so I blocked her number and moved hotels.

While unpacking at the new hotel in Jomtien, I realized I was missing a bottle of expensive aftershave.

Gold Digging Thai Girl

Cutting Ties And Doing A Runner From Gold Digger Thai Girl

I went back to the hotel I had just left and searched the room I’d stayed in, but it wasn’t there.

I then remembered how Fah would always use my cologne, especially the missing bottle, as she said it was her favorite and she wanted one.

That’s when I realized she took my cologne.

Anyway, to conclude the story, I stayed in Pattaya for too long.

What was supposed to be a 5-day stay ended up being a 2 and 1/2 week stay because of Fah.

I didn’t have much time left, so I decided to head back to Bangkok and finish the rest of my vacation with friends.

And if you’re wondering what happened to Fah, well, she found me on Facebook, but I didn’t accept her friend request.

I just blocked her.

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