Temporarily Falling In Love In Thailand

asking thai girl on a date

Hi, I’m Rob.

I’m 44 years old and from Europe.

I used to work in computers and lived in Ireland and the UK for a long time.

I really like traveling.

Around 2010, I went to a lot of places in Europe. I always wanted to visit more countries.

In 2011, my job was really stressful, so I took 14 days off.

I was really stressed and needed a different kind of vacation.

I had been to places like Benidorm before, but this time I wanted something new.

I thought about other places in Europe and the USA, but they’re similar in many ways.

Fell in love with Bangkok

Booking A Flight To The Land Of Smiles, Thailand

So, I decided to be more daring and bought a plane ticket to Bangkok.

I thought Thailand was really interesting and different, especially the Thai women.

I think they’re the most beautiful women in the world.

I was really stressed from work and really needed an adventure.

I didn’t even get shots or insurance for my trip to Thailand, which I know is crazy.

I don’t think I’d ever go to Bangkok again without insurance.

I actually booked the flight and hotel just two days before I left, instead of planning for weeks.

But again, I was really desperate to leave Europe and go somewhere totally new.

The day of my flight came, and even though the plane was comfortable, I wasn’t used to being in a small space for so many hours.

The flight and trying to sleep actually made me really tired.

I’m sure many of you have felt the same way after a flight, but I guess it’s something you have to do to get to the land of smiles.

Finally, I got to Bangkok.

Picture of Temple in Bangkok

First Impressions of Bangkok

When I got off the plane, I felt the heat.

It was like walking into an oven, but I was fine with it because I like hot weather more than cold.

I went to immigration to leave the airport, and I saw a lot of Asians – Thais, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Japanese, and more – in line waiting to go through immigration.

As I waited in line, I saw more and more Thai people around, and I got really excited.

I thought to myself, “This is it, I’m finally in Thailand!

I felt relieved to be away from the heat.

I took a taxi into town, and the air conditioning felt amazing.

My hotel was on Sukhumvit. I’ll always remember the taxi ride to my hotel.

I spent the whole time looking out the window, amazed by what I saw.

There was the skytrain, those big ads with Thai people on them, street vendors, houses before getting to the city, buildings – even the financial area.

I saw Thai people on scooters, sometimes even whole families on one scooter.

The traffic and the smells were a lot to take in. It felt pretty chaotic, but in a nice way.

Falling In Love With Thailand Instantly

The whole experience overloaded my senses, and right then and there, I knew I was falling in love with Thailand.

The hotel was really nice.

It had all the modern stuff – friendly people working there, a good gym, and a swimming pool with awesome views.

I liked using the pool around 10 p.m. at night sometimes.

This might sound a bit strange, but after swimming for a bit and just lying on one of the chairs by the pool, with nobody else around, I kind of wanted to cry out of thankfulness for getting to experience what I was experiencing.

beautiful thai girl taking a picture

Bangkok Nightlife Was Very Addictive

I thought Bangkok’s nightlife was so cool and full of life.

It felt like I was in a movie. After I took a shower and put on my nice clothes, I headed out to explore Bangkok’s nightlife.

I used tuk-tuks to go to all the fun parts of the city.

Even though I was on vacation by myself, I met a lot of friendly and pretty Thai girls to hang out with and have drinks.

I also met some guys from other countries and had drinks with them too, which made the whole experience really enjoyable.

It felt like I wasn’t really alone in Bangkok.

Bangkok Nightlife

Taking A Break and Exploring Bangkok

After spending several nights going out and having a good time with Thai ladies in my hotel room, I decided to have some time alone and went for a walk during the daytime to explore Bangkok.

I purposely wandered into different streets just for fun, to see how Thai people live, what they do, and how houses and businesses look.

After a while, I ended up on a street that wasn’t very busy.

I saw a restaurant and since it was around 4 p.m., I felt like having a coffee.

I went inside the restaurant and asked if I could get a coffee.

I wasn’t sure if they were open since it was late afternoon and there were no other customers around.

The staff were getting things ready for the evening.

The restaurant didn’t seem cheap, and it didn’t look like a touristy place.

One of the staff told me that it was actually owned by a member of the royal family.

I found this hard to believe, but in Thailand, nothing really surprises me.

The Thai Waitress I Fell In Love With

I saw a really pretty waitress who looked to be about 24 or 25 years old.

She was really nice and polite, and surprisingly, she spoke English quite well. To my surprise, she shared that she had worked really hard to pay for English classes, so she could improve her English skills and get a better job and salary.

She mentioned that she was paid more than the other staff because of her English skills.

She was a clever girl.

beautiful thai waitress

Starting The Friendly Chat

We started talking and got along really nicely.

We asked each other the usual questions you ask when you’re getting to know someone you’re interested in.

We talked about whether we had kids or were married.

She shared that she wasn’t married and didn’t have much free time because she worked to support her family.

While she didn’t have her own children, she mentioned that her brother had a young son.

The boy’s mother had left him and her brother was taking care of him, so she kind of acted like a stepmom and looked after the little boy since he was alone.

She also mentioned that she worked really long hours, like most Thai people, starting from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week.

Between her long shifts, taking care of her stepson, and helping at home, she hardly had any time for herself and very little money.

From our short talk at the restaurant, it was clear that she was a responsible and hardworking person, and she was also quite pretty.

asking thai girl on a date

Love At First Sight With A Professional Thai Girl

I found it kind of amusing that I hadn’t mentioned it, but she said, “You must be thinking I look like a boy with my short hair compared to most Thai women, right?”

I thought that was funny and interesting – what a difference between these wonderful Asian girls and Western women.

She seemed down-to-earth, and I thought she could be a great girlfriend for someone – maybe even for me.

She had a lot of qualities and beliefs that I really appreciated in a woman.

This might sound silly or naïve, but in my view, she was definitely someone who could be a good partner in marriage.

She wasn’t a bar girl; she was a serious and professional waitress in a really nice restaurant.

She was working hard to support herself and her family.

Falling In Love In Thailand With A Professional Thai Woman

Building Up Confidence and Asking A Thai Girl Out

After chatting with her for a while, I finished my coffee and decided to ask her out.

She told me she would love to, but her job sometimes requires her to stay past 10 p.m. if the restaurant is busy.

We decided to plan a meeting, but with the understanding that she might not be able to make it if she couldn’t leave the restaurant.

She also mentioned something interesting.

She said, “I find it a bit strange to meet you tonight without introducing you to my mother first.

I always introduce the man I’m going to meet to my mother.”

I thought that was quite intriguing.

Disappointed, Sad and Stood Up

Anyway, the time came for our planned date, but she didn’t show up.

I can’t express how disappointed I was.

I was really intrigued by her, and during our coffee chat, I had taken a business card from the restaurant.

I decided to call the restaurant to see if I could reach her. Someone with basic English skills answered the phone and told me she was busy and couldn’t talk right then.

I didn’t want to cause any trouble for her at work, so I didn’t insist.

I didn’t want to waste my evening, so I went out and ended up meeting a completely different girl, and we spent a few days together.

The new girl was alright, but she wasn’t on the same level as the waitress in terms of quality.

I got tired of her pretty quickly, unfortunately.

thai waitress smiling

Getting Sick From Street Food

Then, my last two days in Bangkok came around.

I got sick from food poisoning after eating from a food cart, so I decided to stay in my hotel room before my flight back home – yeah, it’s always a good idea to be close to a toilet in that situation.

This was back in 2011, and now, years later, I’m still single but older. My priorities and goals have changed a lot since then.

What Would My Life Had Been Like If I Married The Thai Waitress

Sometimes, I think about how different life might have been if I had married that wonderful Thai waitress.

I daydream about living with her in Bangkok, in a nice condo, raising a child or two, taking my kids to Lumpini Park on my shoulders, and being a really happy family.

It’s quite a contrast to how unhappy and miserable I feel now in Europe.

I could have attempted to meet the waitress again during my more recent trips to Bangkok, but I chose not to.

It just wouldn’t have been the same.

She could be married now or have children. Even if she’s still single, she’s likely moved on. At the time I met her, she was around 24 or 25 years old, so she’d be about 35 now.

Regardless, it’s quite probable she’s in a relationship. I often think about her and how I missed out. It feels like I let go of a rare chance to marry a great and kind young Thai woman.

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