Why Do Men Trust Bar Girls So Easily?

Dont Trust Thai Bar Girls So Easily

My name is Adrian, and I am from the UK.

I have been watching your channel now for about six weeks and have been listening with interest to some of the stories you read out.

Some of them have flabbergasted me with their naivety and stupidity; some are sad, and most have enlightened me to how people have found romance and scams in Thailand.

I have been to Thailand twice in years gone by but never been to Pattaya.

It interests me greatly to go there and experience it firsthand, but I might add at this point that I have a partner who is from the Philippines.

We met over two years ago, and I spent a lot of time in Manila last year with her.

Meeting A Young Filipina Agogo Girl

Trying To Spice Up Mine And My Filipinas Love Life

She infuriates me sometimes; she is very strong-willed, very intelligent, knows languages, and is 30 years my junior.

I would not be without her as we are extremely loyal to each other, and we are both loners with no immediate family to consider.

So, I mentioned to her about going to Pattaya and spending time there, maybe a month, to see how it goes.

She is bisexual, so she’s interested in meeting some bar girls.

I might add here that Rose, my girlfriend, was also involved in that industry many years ago and was a model as well, so she knows the score.

Spice Up Sex Life With Two Young Thai Bar Girls

Relationships With Bar Girls Hardly Ever Work Out

Getting back to your viewers’ stories, my first opinion is that men who think they will have a long-term relationship with a bar girl have got a screw loose and need to wise up before they make terrible mistakes.

Yes, as I said, Rose was involved in that scene, and because of this, I feel I’m quite qualified to make this observation.

It seems to me that as men, we think with our equipment, you know what I mean, and our brains get left in the hotel.

I’ve been through similar many times and have some experiences of this.

I’m not saying that all romances will end in disaster, but if we believe what has happened to some of the people in the stories, then most will end up that way.

So what is the point I am trying to make?

Cant Find A Woman In Our Own Country

In our own countries, we moan and despair because for whatever reason, we cannot find a partner.

I have been married twice and have had many partners with varying degrees of success over the years.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Yesterday, I was in Sheffield City waiting for a train, and on the station were many stunning women, mainly in their 20s or thereabouts.

Any woman older, it seemed, had kids, a husband, or a partner.

So, this age group might equate to the women we find in bars in Pattaya, for example.

Two Young Bargirls On The Sofa

Thinking Pattaya Bar Girls Actually Love Us

Now, we all know that if we go to Pattaya to meet a woman, then those women will predominantly work within the bars or similar industries, and it seems that most are there for one reason only – to make money, whether for family or their own children.

So, when we go into the bar and we meet a very beautiful girl, fall head over heels in love, and swear our undying love, what utter BS this is! Any clueless bar girl will use you up, spit you out, ready for the next man.

So maybe the three-day rule is one we should all use without question and never, ever give them any financial information or say you will look after their sick grandmother or buffalo.

We would not do this in our own country, so why do we assume it will work fine in other countries where we do not understand the language, cultures, or ways of the Thai people? It’s absurd.

Two Young Agogo dancers in Pattaya

It’s Hard To Trust A Thai Girl From The Bars

Anyway, coming back to my particular relationship, if Rose and I go to Pattaya, we will not go into a bar as a couple.

We will not divulge which hotel we stay at or maybe not give anybody our real names and certainly not phone numbers until we have surveyed the scene more.

Yes, I already know I have a partner, but even if Rose was not with me for whatever reason, I would still do all those things mentioned above.

The reason is this: I have been scammed so many times in the past, and I’m extremely cynical of everybody and their motives until I get to know them.

Trusting Thai Bar Girls

Dont Trust Anyone, Get To Know Them First…

So, guys, keep your money out of sight, all valuables left in the hotel, take only what you need, and go have fun, keeping in mind the three-day rule.

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