What Does It Take To Sponsor A Pattaya Bar Girl

sponsoring a pattaya bar girl

I’m a 54-year-old Englishman from Yorkshire.

I have been following your channel for some time and really enjoy it.

Currently, I’m in a relationship with a Thai bar girl.

I’m fairly new to the Pattaya scene, so it would be great to hear what your listeners think about it all.

Anyway, a little about me before I begin my story about Pattaya, which I hope you and your viewers will enjoy.

Sponsoring Pattaya Girl

Coming Out Of A Horrible Marriage A Stronger Man

I’ve recently gone through a divorce from a 26-year-old marriage, which ended abruptly when I caught my wife sleeping with a female cleaner from work.

This obviously had a massive impact on me and led to me having some very dark thoughts.

Luckily, though, I survived this period and feel that I have come out a stronger person.

Like many men my age who live in England, I now feel invisible.

With the exception of some local paid-for-play girls, my love life is basically over.

I did try my luck on some online dating apps and got pretty much no matches or attention.

It was basically a failed experiment.

I actually think that I am a kind guy, someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.

I’m not confident, and since COVID, I have gained some weight as well as suffered some ill health, although nothing is too serious.

Furthermore, my divorce cost me financially, and as a result, I am not particularly well off.


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My Thailand Story Begins..

I work as a local taxi driver, and until recently, I was living in the spare room at my mother’s house.

I now have my own one-bedroom flat and own a modest second-hand taxi cab.

Things are not as bad as they used to be, though, and I have some modest savings.

My story begins in May 2022.

Sexy Tattood Soi 6 Bar Girl

I was in a local pub after finishing a shift at work when a slightly younger taxi driver, who I know well, started showing some holiday photos on his phone to the guys at the table.

Normally, I wouldn’t have paid much interest, but I did catch a glimpse of one of these particular girls who was in a bikini.

She was a bikini-clad Asian girl who looked absolutely stunning.

After some further digging, my colleague explained that he had recently returned from Pattaya, Thailand, and that this young lady was his two-week girlfriend.

Teasing Bar Girl

Hearing All The Stories of Soi 6

On hearing this, I was immediately intrigued.

How could this guy date such a beautiful girl? She looked like a supermodel, and here’s your average overweight northerner with a heart of gold.

Things just didn’t add up.

Anyway, my friend, we’ll call him Tony, explained over the next few drinks all about Thailand and, in particular, Pattaya.

He explained to us how it worked, what a bar fine was, what Soi 6 was, go-go bars, toy-friendly, and everything else, you know the deal – all the usual locker room conversations, including the usual boasts about his bedroom activities.

I was smitten and already obsessed.

On returning home, over the next few weeks, I put all my free time into researching Thailand and, in particular, the bedroom fun and bar scene in Pattaya.

Winter came around fast, and finally, my luck picked up.

It turns out that I had a modest win at the bookies, nothing huge, a couple of thousand pounds.

This, however, was enough to cover my flights and accommodation for a 17-day trip to Thailand.

Soi 6 Pattaya Girl

Flying To Thailand After Hearing About The Night Life

I immediately headed down to the local travel agent and booked what was to be my first holiday in several years.

Finally, in mid-January 2023, I boarded a flight to Thailand via Dubai.

To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement.

The furthest I had traveled previously was southern Spain.

This was a completely new experience for me, and despite all my research, I still had no idea what to expect.

Although I was nervous, I was also extremely excited and had already made some contacts with Pattaya regulars.

Let me explain.

Prior to traveling, my work friend Tony had recommended an online chat group and also a certain well-known website dedicated to Pattaya.

I had been actively involved in these chats and had made some online connections.

This is actually how I initially found your YouTube channel.

I’d arranged to meet some forum members on my arrival in Pattaya for a few beers as part of their regular Wednesday pub crawl.

One guy, in particular, an Australian of similar age to me, was a great help, and he provided lots of information which would come in handy and help me navigate the nightlife scene in Pattaya.

Bargirl Relationship

Pattaya… Now This Is The Life


First Time In Pattaya, Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­πŸ˜³ #pattaya #pattayagirls #pattayanightlife #thaigirls #bargirls

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Moving forward after the long flight, I got a taxi straight from Bangkok Airport to my hotel on Second Road, where I arrived around 6 pm.

I immediately headed out to a bar on Soi Six to meet some of the guys for my first few beers in the warm tropical Pattaya heat.

My first few hours were like a blurβ€”the beers, the girls, the conversation.

I honestly had some sort of epiphany.

What was I doing with my life? This is the life I want, the place I want to live.

Pattaya really is heaven.

As part of the pub crawl, we went to a bar in Soi Buakhao for a few drinks.

I won’t mention the name here, but it’s pretty well-known from what I’ve heard.

The bar was pretty quiet when our group arrived.

There were lots of screaming hugs, kisses, etc.

I’m sure we all felt like Brad Pitt or Richard Gere.

I caught the eye of a small dark-skinned girl who immediately sat down with me and introduced herself as Dang.

It turns out that Dang was 22 and from an area in the northeast of Thailand called Buriram.

I believe many girls from the bar come from this area, including Dang’s sister.

Pattaya Bar Girl With Green Hair

Falling Smitten To The First Bar Girl I Laid Eyes On

Dang told me a lot about herself.

She had only worked at the bar for one month and never really went with customers, explaining how she made her money from lady drinks.

Over the course of the evening, I bought her several drinks.

I think she was drinking tequila shots.

Despite being only five feet one, she could really put them away.

I also bought some drinks for her sister, who also worked in the bar, and I tipped her 500 baht to get some food as she didn’t have any customers.

I actually stayed at the same bar all evening, even when the bar crawl moved on.

I stayed put, playing Connect Four and enjoying my time with this delightful young lady and her sister.

I felt so happy with this girl. Everything about her felt so naturalβ€”the way she mopped the sweat from my brow, cuddled me, and lightly sniffed my ears and nose.

I’ve heard Thai women like to sniff you if they are attracted to you.

She did this several times with me, a good sign.

Anyway, around 1 am, I was feeling very tired from the long flight and needed some sleep.

Relationship With A Pattaya Bar Girl

Soi 6 Barfined Paid, Off To The Hotel For Some Fun


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Dang said that, as she really liked me, she would come back to my room and take good care of me.

I had read about this situation on the forums many times, so I knew roughly what to expect.

When she came back to my hotel, Dang raised her hand, and the female bar manager came over to our table.

It was then that I asked if I could pay for her bar fine.

When Dang heard this, she let out a scream, and all the other girls high-fived her and cheered.

I felt like a king.

What an experience.

The bar fine was about 600 baht, and my bar tab was around four thousand baht.

Over the next few hours, things with this young lady were great.

I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say, we both had the night of our lives.

A gentleman never tells, though, and I’m sure you can imagine what we got up to.

Let me tell you a little more about Dang before I continue the story.

I will summarize below.

Getting To Know My Bar Girl

Her English is quite good.

She explained that she had previously worked at a hotel reception in Pattaya.

She says that she is genuinely attracted to older white men.

She explained to me that she doesn’t like thin or muscular men, as she says they are not cuddly.

She doesn’t like Thai men, as she had a bad relationship previously.

I think she was regularly beaten by her ex-boyfriend. Her ex still lives in Pattaya and constantly hounds her for money.

She has one child who lives with her family in Buriram.

She worked at the bar for one month.

The focus on my entire trip now became about cementing my ongoing relationship with Dang, and over the next few days, I would return to the bar around 4 pm and spend my evening playing Connect Four and pool with her.

I’d buy the other bar girls drinks occasionally, ringing the bell at around 11 pm every evening.

I’d pay the bar fine and take Dang out for a late dinner at a nice Thai restaurant before heading back to the hotel room for a passionate aerobic session.

We Even Discussed Living With Me In The UK

In the early morning, Dang would return to her room to catch up on laundry, sleep, and phone her daughter.

I’d pay her 4,000 Baht for her taxi. As the days became weeks, Dang and I were falling in love, and it pained me to leave her every morning.

I offered her the option of staying with me all day, but she insisted that she needed to go back to her room.

Despite this, I think Dang was on the level, and given the passion in our bedroom fun, she had fallen for me hard, often talking about marriage, kids, and living with me in the UK.

Sadly, my trip came to an end, and on the last day, Dang stayed with me all night and even waved me off in the taxi.

This has to be the saddest moment of my life.

We were both crying hard, and we did a pinky promise to keep ourselves faithful until the next time we’ll meet.

On my return to the UK, we talked passionately every single day on Facebook and online.

Dang doesn’t ask for money, but I send her daughter around 15 to 20,000 baht a month to help pay for her school costs.

Dang is very grateful for this and sends me cute photos of her daughter from time to time.

I Became Her Sponsor When I Returned Home


Falling In Love With A Pattaya Bar Girl πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­πŸ˜³ #bargirl #bargirls #thaibargirls #pattayagirls #pattaya

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Currently, Dang is still working at the bar.

Due to her relationship, she doesn’t go with customers, choosing to stay put and earn cash from drinks and her other sidelines, selling T-shirts on TikTok.

I have noticed that occasionally during the night, her phone is switched off.

She says that her phones are not allowed at work, and the owner of the bar will find her.

I was unsure about this, but I have given her the benefit of the doubt.

Should I be concerned?

Next month, I will return to Thailand to see how things progress with her.

I have bought a modest engagement ring and plan to ask her to marry me. Fingers crossed.

I hope you enjoyed this short story about love in Pattaya.

I’ll do my best to keep you and the viewers updated, and it would be great to hear what they think about our relationship.


Should I Marry This Thai Bar Girl I Met In Pattaya? πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­πŸ˜³ #bargirl #proposal #pattayatrip #pattayagirls #pattaya

♬ original sound – Tales From The Thai Side πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

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