Accidentally Found Myself In Bangkok’s Gay District

Bar Girl Bending Over The Table

I have been to Thailand more than 24 times, and I thought that I had everything figured out.

Obviously not.

I have been married to my Thai wife for 16 years.

Like all Thai women, she is extremely jealous and protective of me.

While in Thailand, one would think that going on holidays with a Thai wife would be a fabulous fun time.

Unfortunately, all is not what it seems.

Holiday Thai Wife

Holidaying With A Thai Wife Is Not All That Fun

As far as the Thais go, it’s not so much a holiday, but a time to catch up with mother and the family, renew driver’s licenses, Thai passport, transfer blocks of land and vehicles, etc., into their names.

These had been purchased by my mother with the money my wife saved up and paid for while working overseas.

We visit the local government office for Thai IDs, renewals, etc.

Countless visits to temples and hours of devotion to monks— all this stuff annoys me, and we have had many arguments over the years about being stuck in rural Thailand in the oppressive heat with no foreigners, no foreign food, and no decent hotels.

Girls In Rural Thailand

Wasting Time and Money In Rural Thailand

My argument is that we have saved up for this holiday for many months and paid expensive airfares, all to waste our time in rural Thailand.

Her answer to this dilemma is

Look, I haven’t seen my mother and family for many years, and when I’m here, I have to spend time with them, entertain them, treat them to good food, and give them respect. I also have to renew licenses and IDs, and I go to the temple, as there are no Thai temples back home where we live.

My Wifes Previous Life

My Wife’s Previous Life and Money Problems

After finishing school, my wife married a Thai man for over 10 years and had three Thai kids.

The Thai husband was a drinker, so she left him to escape the violence and to secure a future for herself and her kids, fearing for her safety. The Thai husband was very violent.

She borrowed money from Chinese loan sharks using her family farm as security and went to New Zealand and later to Australia.

After many trips to Thailand and numerous arguments, we came up with an arrangement.

When I got bored and tired of rural Thailand, I could go to Bangkok and stay at our favorite hotel in Pratunam.

Solo Bangkok Trip

Heading To Bangkok On My Own From Isan

I was surprised that she would let me go to Bangkok by myself, considering her jealousy.

I was definitely not allowed to go to Pattaya by myself, only Bangkok.

This arrangement worked well over the next 10 years of travel to Thailand, and I loved exploring Bangkok by myself.

I often walked miles in different directions from my hotel, introducing randomness and adventure into my exploration.

It was a great experience, and I saw many unique things, experiencing a side of Thailand that regular travelers never do.

Sometimes, I would hire a taxi for the day and do a day trip to the River Kwai, visiting the bridge and the war cemeteries.

Female Thailand Taxi Driver

My Thai Taxi Driver Is Flirting With Me

One morning, the driver picked me up for the day trip, seemed very friendly, and kept asking if I liked staying at Pratunam.

I thought it was a bit weird but answered yes.

The trip to the River Kwai went off without a hitch, and we returned to my hotel around 8:00 p.m.

What happened next was a real surprise.

The driver mentioned Pratunam again, and after I paid him his 3,000 baht for the trip, he smiled at me and then put his hand on my leg, squeezing it.

I nearly jumped through the roof of his taxi and couldn’t get out quick enough.

Fast forward 2 years later, and I am back in Bangkok for another sanity trip to escape rural Thailand and my Thai mother-in-law.

I thought I had explored a lot of Bangkok already and decided to try another trip to the River Kwai, attempting to get to Hellfire Pass where many Allied soldiers died working on the Burma Railway.

As luck would have it, the weather was not on my side, and it was too dangerous to drive up into the mountains.

I had to settle for a trip to the bridge only.

Strange Feelings From Thai Taxi Driver

More Strange Feelings From Taxi Drivers

On this trip, a bit disappointed, I chatted with the driver on the way back, and he complimented me on my interest in Thailand and its culture.

He noted that I wasn’t obsessed with chasing bargirls and drinking.

He then started asking about Saphan Kwai and Pratunam Road and why I stayed there, not in a more touristy area.

I explained that I liked the street food around that area and the shopping as well.

So you like Pratunam Road?” he asked.

Yes, I do,” I responded.

Why Do Thai Taxi Drivers Keep Touching Me?

A short while later, we were getting close to the hotel, and he surprised me by placing his hand on my knee.

I quickly moved my knee away, thinking he must have touched me by accident.

I paid him for the tour and made my way up to the hotel, with many thoughts going through my head.

What is it with these taxi drivers and putting their hands on my knees? What’s going on? Both taxi drivers had stressed Pratunam Road.

Something is going on.

Gay District Ladyboy Thailand

Turns Out I Was Staying In The Gay District of Bangkok

So, I researched Pratunam Road and Sapan Quai and was stunned when my Google search returned many results for gay Bangkok and gay wine bars.

That’s it, I thought, because I stay at Pratunam Road, a gay area according to Google.

These taxi drivers think I’m gay.

When my Thai wife came down to Bangkok, I told her the stories of what happened with the taxi drivers and that we were staying in a gay area of Bangkok.

She nearly made me fall through the floor when she responded:

“Of course it is. Do you think I would let you stay in an area of Bangkok that has girls and girly bars? Do you think I’m stupid or something?”

Then she said:

“I also ask the hotel staff and the street food vendors to watch you and tell me if they see you with any girls.”

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