Holiday Girlfriend Keeps Asking For Money

Phuket Bar Girl Selfie

I heard how Thai bar girls can be pretty tough, so I wanted to share my own story with you.

Everything started in Phuket, early March just after the C word.

I got into the Kingdom using something called the Thailand pass.

Phuket wasn’t as cool as before, but you could still have fun.

I was staying in a hotel near Bangla Road – a street with lots of stuff happening.

About six shops down from where I was staying, there was this massage place called Bolston.

A Massage Parlour In Phuket

Experiencing A Thai Massage

They said it was a real Thai massage spot, no extra stuff. But guess what? That was a lie!

And here’s the interesting part: there was this older lady working there, and she had a really nice figure. I kinda liked her, so I thought, “What could go wrong?

I walked into the shop and then this question popped up in my head: “Well, why not give it a shot?”

I got one of the best massages ever, seriously.

When I left, I was feeling super happy. I thought, “Finding a woman like her is not easy.

I was strolling back to my hotel one day, thinking about taking a shower, resting a bit, and then grabbing some food.

And Guess what? On my way back home, she was there standing in front of the massage shop.

She told me she didn’t have any customers, no one around.

Going Back To The Hotel With The Masseuse

She asked if she could come with me. I thought, “Why not?So, we headed to my hotel and had a blast until the early morning.

I decided to treat her to breakfast before she left.

Over the next few days, I bumped into her a couple of times, but we only hung out one more time.

I was leaving for Chiang Rai the next day, and then we only met up again almost a month later when I was coming back to Australia.

Phuket Bar Girl Selfie

Flying Back Home After Thailand

I was back home in Australia when I got this unexpected message.

It was from the lady at the massage shop.

She said she missed me and was, like, really in love with me.

The message went on about how she wanted to do, like, all these wild things the next time we saw each other.

Now, let me be real here. I ain’t no supermodel, especially ‘cause I’m getting up there in age.

So, it’s not hard to figure out she’s got some other plans.

I talked to my best friend about it, and we kind of figured out it would probably be a couple of weeks before her “sick Buffalo” would need some help from a vet.

She used to send me these short videos where she did things you’d usually pay to see on certain websites.

She used, like, a basic wooden thing for that, So, being all nice and stuff, I decided to buy her a proper one from this Alibaba website.

Two weeks later, the thing I ordered arrived, and she knew exactly what it was for.

She started using it like someone chopping wood with an ax.

I remember telling her to be careful when it came because it was pretty strong, like a lawnmower. I said it with a smile.

Girls In A Bar In Phuket

Doing The Online Dating Thing With Thai Girlfriend

Around that same time, I was having my hip replaced, so I couldn’t really move around much. I was just stuck at home. But her videos and chats every day made things less boring.

While all this was going on, I was waiting patiently for her Buffalo to get sick.

Thai Girl Is Asking For Money To Be Sent

Finally, two days before the month was over, it happened.

But, turns out, it wasn’t her family’s Buffalo that got sick. It was her father.

I felt really sorry for her, so I listened closely while she shared her story about needing money for her dad’s medical bills.

I asked where he was being treated, and she said it was “Bum and Grab International Hospital.”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing – that’s like the fanciest and most expensive hospital in Thailand. I told her it was just too expensive.

After that, she never brought up her dad’s medical stuff again, and things got back to being great.

Weeks passed, and the topic didn’t come up. But then she had a new idea: she thought I should buy her a massage shop.

I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud again. I reminded her that I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, I just liked being friends.

Things went back to normal, but not for long.

Thai Girls Asking Sponsor For Money

Thai Girlfriend Keeps Asking For Money

Soon after, she started asking if I could buy her a coffee shop, then a car, a scooter, and the list just kept going.

She kept asking for money and help with her rent. I reminded her again that we weren’t in a relationship.

I found it kind of funny – she was acting like those typical Thai bar girls you hear about.

I had to keep telling her, “No way, I’m not buying you stuff and I’m not sending you money.

Whenever I was back in Phuket, I was happy to pay her well for her services and even gave her a little extra to make things easier for her.

But asking for cars, businesses, scooters, and more money, that just seemed like too much. Plus, I hadn’t known her for very long.

Now that I’ve been to Thailand many times and learned a lot, even if I had known her for years, I wouldn’t be supporting her lifestyle like that.

Bar Girl In Phuket

“You Take Care of Me Or I Leave You!”

Then, one day, while we were talking, she suddenly launched into this really mean attack, telling me that I needed to take care of her financially or else I wasn’t worth anything to her.

I didn’t really get why she suddenly got so angry.

I told her “no,” like, why would I? And of course, this made her even more mad.

I can’t really say the stuff she said, but I remember thinking how mean she was.

It’s like, forget about the whole “land of smiles” thing. I’ve heard that some Thai bar girls can get super angry, but I hadn’t seen it myself until then.

There are so many massage shops in Phuket, so I guess I’ll find a new friend pretty quickly.


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