Successful Marriage With Thai Go Go Girl

Marrying A Pattaya Go Go Girl

Hey there just want to share my quick success story with a Thai go go girl.

I quit my regular job at 25 and took a trip to Asia where I rode my bike around Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

After that, I headed to Pattaya to learn diving and relax.

After cycling for three weeks, I decided to enjoy what the place had to offer.

I had a good time with some of the local women, but one girl caught my attention.


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Meeting My Future Wife In A Pattaya Go Go Bar

She worked in a go-go bar and was also taking English and computer courses to improve herself.

She had big ambitions.

I was really impressed by her ambition to improve herself, so we started spending a lot of time together.

Since I now write books and only work for about six weeks a year, I decided to return to Thailand for a few months.

I bought a small condo in South Pattaya and invited the Thai girl to live with me.

Relationship With A Girl From Pattaya

Helping My Thai Girlfriend Better Herself

About a year later, I sent her on a one-year course at a Bangkok hospital that focused on elderly care.

After that, we moved to the UK, which was around 15 years ago.

We got married and now spend most of our time in my house in a British seaside town, which you probably know.

We also go to Thailand for a few months every winter.

We’ve also been on a six-month round-the-world trip once, and we plan to do it again whenever we have the time.

My Thai wife is actually a better skier than me.

I think her lack of fear on the challenging black ski runs might have something to do with her Buddhist beliefs in reincarnation.

She also beats me at tennis and cycles faster than I do.

I provided her with a pretty good allowance, and she uses it to take care of herself, her family, including her two sisters and their children.

However, in Britain, there’s a severe shortage of caregivers, especially for the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Group of bar girls in pattaya

Bringing My Thai Wife To The UK To Start A New Life

My wife also works full-time at a care home here in the UK, even though she earns just the minimum wage, which comes out to about 70,000 baht per month when converted to Thai currency.

It’s a decent wage in Thailand.

While I can’t be certain about our future together, we’ve already been together for 15 years, and it’s amazing to think that I met her in Pattaya when she worked in a go-go bar.

All the best!

Pattaya Wife

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