Friend Zoned In Pattaya By 2 Girls

Friendzoned By Pattaya Girl

In 2014, I went to Pattaya for the first time.

I’d been to other places in Thailand before but never made it to Pattaya.

For those who haven’t been there, it’s unlike the rest of Thailand, at least that’s how I see it.

In Pattaya, there’s a well-known saying that goes like this: “Good guys go to heaven, but bad guys go to Pattaya.

It’s a funny saying, but I believe that both good guys and bad guys, as well as good girls and bad girls, can be found in Pattaya.

People are a mix of how they were brought up, the places they’re in, and the people they hang out with.

So, even though I’d been to Thailand a few times, as I mentioned, I’d never been to Pattaya before.

Stunning Pattaya Go Go Girls

My First Trip To Pattaya City

I booked a hotel right on Walking Street, and there was a go go bar right across from it.

Fortunately, it was closed, so the noise level wasnt too bad when trying to sleep.

A few years later, I came back, and that go go bar had opened.

There was no chance of getting any sleep until 6 a.m., but I’ll save that story for another time.

On one special night, I headed down to the end of Walking Street to a club called Mix.

I met a girl there and bought her a drink.

We didn’t talk much; we just danced and had a drink.

She came back with me to my place later that night.

Young Thai Girls On Walking Street

Thai Girls Already Asking For Money

The next day, she mentioned something about needing money to send back to her family, you know, the usual.

Later that next evening, I was on my way back to Mix, but I spotted the same girl with another guy.

He was buying her a hat, so I decided to turn around and went into a live music bar instead.

I texted her, saying the hat looked nice, and she texted back with the same script about needing to send money to her family.

I decided I didn’t want this kind of relationship while I was in Pattaya.

I needed to understand the place better.

It took some time to get used to it, and I can’t say I ever felt completely at ease, but I had five weeks to spend.

Thai Girls Asking For Money

Exploring The Nightlife of Pattaya

So, after that night at Mix, I spent the next two days just wandering around and checking things out for myself.

My favorite part of that time was listening to the different bands playing in all the clubs.

I’d often stand outside, watching and listening.

After another day, I found a place with really good bands.

So, I made up my mind to sit on an outside stool, enjoy the music, and watch the people.

Right across from the live music bar, there was a gentleman’s club, a kind of upscale bar.

It was all red, and I think it might have been called Red Square, though I can’t recall for sure.

In fact, I don’t even remember the name of the live music bar I was at.

Anyway, one night, there was a girl holding a sign, trying to get people to come in for a drink.

She was absolutely stunning, dressed up like a Wonder Woman look-alike in her costume.

I told the guy at the music bar, “Look at her, she’s like Wonder Woman!”

He laughed and agreed.

By the fourth or fifth night, the guy at the rock bar knew me, and we would chat about Walking Street.

I had experience working with bands back in my home country, so I guess I just clicked with people at music venues.

Thai Girls Uniform

Sharing Tales From Pattaya

Speaking of short tales from Walking Street, one time, I went to an open-air beer bar with a go-go dancer.

I got involved in a bar game with a girl, but I didn’t really understand the game, so I wasn’t paying much attention.

Later, when the bill arrived, I realized I should have been more attentive.

There were a few extra drinks on the bill because one of the girls had won every game we played.

To this day, if a girl brings out a little box with dice, I make a quick getaway.

Young Bar Girl Playing On Walking Street

Back To The Thai Girl That Caught My Eye

Back to the story.

Around the fifth day, I decided to walk over and try talking to Wonder Woman.

It was still early in the evening, and there weren’t any other customers in the club, just me.

We moved to the back of the room and stared at the sliding doors overlooking the water.

She mentioned wanting something to eat, so we walked through those doors and out to the back of the building.

There was a small spot with a wooden table, obviously meant for employees, not customers.

We chatted about all sorts of things, gazing up at the stars.

We even spotted a shooting star and some other lights but we couldn’t quite figure out.

We spent a good hour discussing random things like aliens and whether there might be life on other planets, a bit weird I know.

Soi 6 Bargirl In Black Dress

Spending Time With My New Bar Girl Friend

The bar manager came out and told Pear (Wonder Woman, as I now knew her name) that she had to come back inside.

She didn’t really want to, so I ordered another drink, giving us a bit more time to chat.

This place was a bit peculiar.

It had a really large room, but there were only around a dozen girls, and sometimes these girls would dance on small stages.

Pear didn’t enjoy working there.

It turns out that she had begun working there, trying to attract people to come into the venue the first night I saw her.

The next evening, I came back, and for several nights, Pear and I would head to a small room at the back, up half a flight of stairs.

This room looked like some type of secret, and I couldn’t quite figure out which bar it belonged to.

But for several nights, no one else came in, and we had the table all to ourselves.

You might wonder how it was possible for me to take this beautiful girl away from the bar without the manager interfering.

What I figured out on the first night was that Pear had to sell five drinks during her shift.

So, when I arrived, I would buy those drinks straight away.

Queen Club Go Go Girls

Am I Being Friendzoned By A Bar Girl?

Pear also had an good relationship with the bar manager, who happened to be a woman.

It’s a bit complicated to explain, but basically, Pear didn’t enjoy working there, and she didn’t pay much attention to what anyone at the bar said.

One day, a few days into it, the manager convinced her to start dancing.

Afterward, a guy came up and got too handsy with her, so she pushed him away, grabbed her things, and headed to a back room, which I assumed was a dressing room.

At that moment, one of the other girls from the bar and the manager came to me.

They explained that Pear was having a hard time adapting to life in Pattaya.

Pear returned and sat with me for the rest of the night.

She didn’t want to go with anyone else, and from what I had witnessed, I could understand why.

Before the night ended, Pear gave me her Line app number and thanked me for being there.

Friendzoned By Thai Bargirl

Spending More Time With A Pattaya Girl

The next day, Pear and I began spending more time together.

She would send money to her family with what she had earned from previous nights.

Pear’s English was getting better, but she preferred staying in one place rather than walking around when we hung out.

I was quite a few years older than Pear, which made her a bit self-conscious when we walked around.

She didn’t like the stares we got from other people, especially Western foreign women with their foreign husbands.

They often had disapproving looks when they saw us together.

It didn’t bother me, but it did bother Pear.

Even though it’s common in Pattaya to see an older guy with a younger girl, I should mention that I look younger for my age.

Our age gap wasn’t a massive difference, as you often see in Pattaya.

I did everything with Pear, and with time, she became much more relaxed when we were together.

It might sound strange, but we found a way to protect each other from the challenges of Pattaya.

Half Naked Thai Bar Girl

Just Friends… For Now

One day, she decided to take Thai kickboxing lessons because she wanted to learn how to defend herself.

She couldn’t forget the night when that guy had manhandled her and tried to drag her away.

I found it all rather amusing because, after all, it was a gentleman’s club, and such incidents were quite common.

Looking back, I probably wasn’t helping the situation, as I provided Pear with an excuse to spend her nights playing pool and drinking instead of dancing for customers and making money.

During one of the boxing lessons, there were two foreigners there, and one of them asked if Pear was my girlfriend.

I replied that she was not; we were just friends, and that was the truth.

We had never spent the night together, just hung out like old friends.

I look back now and wish I had done things differently, but that’s how our relationship continued.

I had to believe that it was the way things were meant to be.

Sometimes, when you try to force something, it just doesn’t work out, so I never pushed for more than what we had.

I was enjoying my time with Pear, and from what I could see, she was facing Pattaya on her own.

Remember this part of the story because it will become significant later on.

Pear looked absolutely stunning when she dressed up.

No other girl in the place even came close to her.

I understand beauty is subjective, but let me tell you, she was a perfect 10 in my eyes.

She also had the charm of a village girl, so she didn’t carry herself like a seasoned 10 who had been in the game for a while.

Young Soi 6 Bar Girl

Getting Friend Zoned By Another Pattaya Girl

Pear had a small scar, and she told me how she got it, along with many other stories.

Within a week, I learned all about Pear’s life, and she got to know some of mine as well.

There was a job opening at a rooftop bar, I can’t remember the name of it now, but Pear was hired along with some other girls to be there and socialize with the customers.

I joined Pear at the rooftop bar, and while I was chatting with some other western customers, I spotted one of the guys who had been at the gym when Pear and I were there.

It made sense; any guy who could get a few minutes to talk to Pear would likely take the chance right away.

I didn’t think she would have spoken to that guy if I hadn’t been with her at the gym.

My presence seemed to help her relax a bit.

It’s difficult to put into words, but remember that Pear didn’t like Pattaya, and all the guys she met there usually only had one thing on their minds.

I spent the rest of my time in Pattaya with Pear, but after the fourth week, I met another girl while walking outside the mall one morning.

Her name was Cindy.

Since Pear liked to sleep in late, I wouldn’t hear from her until around 7 pm when we would go out to eat together.

This gave me the opportunity to meet Cindy in the afternoons.

Cindy was also stunning, probably an eight pushing nine in terms of looks, but she had been in Pattaya for over a year.

She had her own scooter and worked in a go-go bar at night.

I never visited the go-go bar or any other bar for that matter.

Our afternoons were free, so it worked out well for both of us.

I tried to convince Cindy to be my girlfriend, but she just laughed and told me she enjoyed her life and didn’t want to change a thing.

Cindy always came whenever I called her, usually within 20 minutes.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was quite rare.

She never asked for anything, but I always compensated her for her time.

I understand that people go to Pattaya for various reasons.

Some visit to see the sights, some to live like a two-week millionaire, while others prefer drinking and playing pool.

Some may enjoy taking boat trips to the nearby islands, and for guys, there’s always the option of dating a lady.

On that first trip, I never bar fined.

I didn’t feel the need to, as there was plenty happening to keep me entertained without having to resort to that.

In a way, I now realize that Pear saved me a lot of money.

But at the same time, Cindy served as a substitute for Pear.

After leaving Pattaya, I exchanged only a message or two with Pear over Line. I communicated a bit more with Cindy, but after two or three years, all communication had come to a halt.

Young Pattaya Bar Girl

What Happened In The Future With These Girls

Fast forward six years, and Cindy is married to a foreigner.

She said goodbye to me online just before changing her number.

It was surprising that she remembered me from our encounter six years ago.

We had only spent a week together in the afternoons, but she remembered me asking her to be my girlfriend.

I reminded her, “Wait a minute, you said you’d never settle down and that you liked your way of life.

Well, six years later, it seems she changed her tune.

I believe timing plays a big role in life.

If I had met Cindy three or four years later than when we did, my guess is that we might have had more time together.

I’ll never know for sure, and what about the girl at the center of the story, Pear?

Pear is also married to one of the guys who was at the Thai boxing lesson just before her.

I found this out because during our time together, she had shared her social media with me.

Last year, before a return trip to Pattaya, I decided to look her up.I suppose she forgot to block me, but now she has two kids.

I won’t message her; she deserves her new life, and I hope the guy treats her right.

But that’s where my involvement ends; it’s out of my hands.

I will never forget my vacation, which was essentially spent almost entirely with Pear all those years ago.

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