From Patong Bar Girls to the Simple Life

Patong girl

There is a twist to this story, and it’s not what you would expect.

When I retired after working for about 45 years, I decided to celebrate my retirement and travel to the Far East for the first time in my life.

Having spent a lot of time in Europe, Africa, and the UAE for business and pleasure, I was attracted to Thailand.

Since I am a scuba diver, I decided that Phuket and Koh Phi Phi would be a great place to spend my visit.

Heading to Thailand after a divorce

After 3 Failed Marriages, it Was Time To Head To Thailand

I was single at the time, and after three failed marriages, I had managed to accumulate a reasonable amount of money to keep me comfortable for the rest of my life.

I flew into Phuket, planning to stay in Patong for a few days before going to Koh Phi Phi.

Being an inquisitive person, I went to Bangla Road and found cheap beer, good-looking women, and party time.

Bar Girl Preparing Food For Customers

My First Time With A Bar Girl

I am not that much into the drinking scene, but it is a great way to relax and wash off the work stress.

I brought quite a few ladies drinks and got hugged a lot.

Normally in Thailand, I was told I must say, “Not half bad” to receive that much attention from lovely people.

There was one very pretty girl who was not that forward and somewhat reserved.

This appealed to me, and I started chatting with her more.

This happened over a few evenings, with me being drawn to her bar.

One thing led to another, and wow, I have not had that much bedroom activity in a very long time.

Sexy young thai girl in cosplay

Changing Plans To Stay With A Thai Girl I Have Just Met

I postponed my visit to Koh Phi Phi and stayed in Patong a little longer.

Our relationship grew, and although her English was not that good, we managed to communicate using body and sign language, with help from our friends at Google Translate.

She is a girl from a rural Isan village who had been in Patong for eight years at that time.

She worked as a waitress, lost her job, and had to do something to support her mother and her family in her home village.

She had never been married and had no kids.

She’s not a child either, being on the right side of 30 years of age.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying—normal BS stories—but I had these verified through a PI firm in Bangkok.

Beautiful Asian Girl In Black Lace Top

Everything Thailand Had To Offer, I Loved.

I fell in love with Thailand—the weather, the food, and, of course, the people.

I was totally drawn in by the whole experience.

I did spend a few weeks on Koh Phi Phi diving, and then I had to go back home.

We communicated on a daily basis, even though the time difference between my home in the USA and Thailand is 15 hours.

The relationship blossomed.

I supported her to stop being a bar girl due to her health—too much drinking and other things like “drunk for ants.” She stopped drinking Thai whiskey and took up English classes.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking—BS again, but I bet I verified this through my PI friends that everything was happening the way we discussed it.

Thai Girlfriend Buying Land

She Purchased Land, and I Built A House

Well, I traveled back to Patong two months later.

We flew up to her village in Isan, and I applied for a Thai Elite Visa, which I got after about two months.

She stayed at her village with her mother and did not return to Patong.

After I got my visa, I rented out my house in the USA and traveled back to her village.

We rented a house there and started looking for some land.

We found some, which she bought, and I sponsored a build, building a house on her land.

We grew vegetables to keep us busy and for our own consumption and the local market.

We added a few pigs and some chickens, and now we are living the dream.

Big Breasts Thai Girl

The Simple Life Was More Appealing To Me

I lived most of my working career with expensive cars, five-star sushi, and lavish vacations.

But I always dreamt of the simple life.

I lost weight, my blood sugar is down, and I’m fit and healthy.

I embrace Buddhism but need to watch my consumption of that deliciously spicy Isan food.

No regrets meeting thai girl bar girlfriend

I Know What Ive Got Myself Into, And I Have No Regrets

Now for the twist.

Two people from different backgrounds met by chance and, through mutual respect and knees, managed to make a success of a loving relationship.

A big, fat American farang and a third-world country girl who could hardly speak English, squatting on the floor to eat with her bare hands, never traveled outside of her home region, never heard of Beethoven, not even knew what the stock exchange was.

We are living very happily together.

We will not get married, as there will not be children.

She is 27 years my junior, and I know in a few years’ time, I will probably have to look at finding a site for my grave.

She will keep the house, and I will leave her 10 million Thai baht so that she’s looked after—a small price to pay for the love, care, and happiness she has given me.

Thai Girl Gives Boyfriend Happy Ending

Happy Ending With A Thai Bar Girl, Indeed

Now, there are scammers everywhere, and many of these girls working in the entertainment industry—bar girls, freelancers, go-go dancers, and massage girls—do it for survival and will gladly stop working in that industry if there is a way out.

In the meantime, they will make the most of it and get as much money as possible from us farangs with our open wallets.

I know my story is different from the norm, but I thought your viewers might be interested in my story.


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