Online Thai Girl Lied, But I Wish Her The Best

Online Thai Girl Lied, But I Wish Her The Best

I’m in my early 40s and have had a short relationship with my Thai woman here in my home country quite a few times over the years, going on dates like visiting restaurants and watching films at the cinema, but mainly meeting for physical encounters which were convenient to us both.

Three of the women were married to older men, and one was recently divorced.

We discussed Thailand and its culture many times, and I was intrigued.

I thoroughly enjoyed the food that they either cooked for me themselves or ordered for me in Thai restaurants.

Thaifriendly Girl

Chatting On Thai Friendly Before My First Thailand Trip

These brief relationships came to nothing, but when I had a trip to East Asia in 2019, I decided that I would visit Thailand as part of my trip.

On the way home, I thought that it might be nice to get to know a few Thai women before I arrived in the country.

So, I downloaded the Thai friendly phone app a good few months before my trip and started chatting with girls.

Thai Girl From Online

Agreeing To Meet A Thai Girl From Online

I was talking with quite a few women on this app, and with some of them, we switched our conversations to the Line app, more or less the Asian version of WhatsApp, and continued to communicate on there.

There was one woman I got on really well with; her name is P.

After a few months of chatting, we agreed to meet in her hometown.

She Really Seemed Different To The Rest

P is very beautiful.

She works out regularly and doesn’t touch alcohol.

She was working in the office of a local seafood wholesaler and had previously worked in another commercial business.

We had video calls when she was at work, and I saw photos of her in her old workplace amongst colleagues – no tattoos at all, just to be clear.

She told me she was recently divorced and asked me on many occasions whether I was serious or if I just wanted a holiday girlfriend.

I told her that I was serious.

I asked if she had foreign boyfriends before, and she said no; she’d never had foreign boyfriends before.

She told me on several occasions that she didn’t like it if I was also talking with other Thai women.

Thai Girl At The Beach

Meeting Her For The First Time.. She Seemed Distant

Over the next couple of months, we continued chatting online and made multiple video calls to one another.

Eventually, we met in her home city of Samut Sakhon.

When we first met, she was initially rather distant, which I thought was odd because she’d been so warm and friendly before.

I put it down to nervousness.

She was just as beautiful in the flesh as in the photographs she’d sent and the video calls we’d had: perfect skin, fit, beautiful eyes, long black hair, charming smile, and very clean.

First Kiss With Thai Girlfriend

Our First Kiss

She wanted to show me some sights, so the next day we took a trip to see some parts of the local region and sites.

We got on really well.

After a long day of sightseeing, we got back to the hotel where we each retired to our own rooms.

The following morning, we had a great time exploring the area, and we were leaving the hotel to begin our trip back to her home city.

She took hold of me, leaned up, and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

I embraced her, and we continued to kiss.

Staying In Contact

Heavy Heart Leaving My New Found Thai Love

We traveled back to Samut Sakhon, and when she dropped me off at my hotel that evening, she parked her scooter and came inside.

We indulged in some great bedroom fun that night and again in the morning, without protection – yes, I know, brain-dead, even when caught up in the moment.

When I left later that day to see other places in Thailand, it was with a sad heart because I would have wanted to stay with P.

She arranged to have the morning off work and traveled with me to Bangkok to eventually see me off by train north, which departed from Lampong station.

I proceeded to travel around Thailand, and we kept in almost constant touch.

I returned to Samut Sakhon a week or so later, and we continued as we had left off.

I had a great time with P and was becoming very attracted to her.

She was charming and fun, and we enjoyed each other’s company greatly.

Thai Girlfriend Possibly Pregnant

Telling Me She Maybe Pregnant… After Just 1 Week?

It was now that she decided to tell me that after our last encounter, she had visited the pharmacy to get a post-fun pill.

She nervously asked me what I would do if she was pregnant, and I told her honestly that in the unlikely event that she is pregnant, she would not be left alone; any baby would be my responsibility.

I didn’t say what was on my mind, of course – that there would have to be a DNA test.

We spent the following nights together in my hotel, except for one night when we stayed at her apartment because late one night, it became clear that the hotel had a mix-up and didn’t have a free room for us.

After staying in Samut Sakhon for a few days and spending practically all of our free time together, I left again to do some more touring of the country.

Pregnancy Worries With Asian Girlfriend

Does My Thai Girlfriend Want To Get Pregnant This Soon In The Relationship?

Before I left, we had a further conversation about the possibility of pregnancy, and it became clear that she was very anxious about her own situation.

Not being satisfied with my previous responses and wanting me to commit more, she asked me if I’d seen any other woman on my trip, and I said no.

This was true because, as a matter of fact, I hadn’t.

She asked me why I was unreachable for a few hours one particular evening, and after she explained exactly when, I was able to give her the genuine explanation of why I was not contactable.

Suspicious Thai Girlfriend

What Is She Really Up To? Suspicions Are Growing

One evening, I was expecting P to arrive in Bangkok, as we had planned beforehand to spend the weekend together in the city.

We had planned that she would finish work and travel to Bangkok, but she texted me with news that she had twisted her ankle in her office and wouldn’t be able to make it on the train.

I thought this explanation was rather suspicious, and I offered to pay for a taxi, but she said that this would not be possible.

I didn’t know quite what to make of this, but of course, I understood that she was lying for some reason or other.

Relationship With Thaifriendly Girl

Talking About Our Future

My last day in Thailand, we met in Bangkok and had long discussions about her future.

I said that I would keep in touch and that I would not abandon her. She eventually said that this was not particularly reassuring to her and that she would have wanted me to commit more.

I said that I would come back and visit her and that she should take the pregnancy test, and we will talk more after that.

She said that’s good and enough and that I was only interested in her if and when she’s pregnant.

She wanted more concrete plans and assurances for the future – assurances I couldn’t give her.

Tall Thai Bar Girl

Staying In Touch After Leaving Thailand

I flew back to my home country and stayed in touch with P via Line messages and video calls.

I was very nervous about the possible pregnancy, and this had a severe effect on my life, as you can imagine.

I was anxious, and the people around me noticed that I was apprehensive about something.

I had made many inquiries regarding the possible pregnancy, such as how to get a parental test done in Thailand, and it was not straightforward, to say the least.

I would have to fly to Thailand and pay a lot of money to get this done, plus I would have to convince P to consent to the test.

Thai Girl In Maid Outfit

Pregnancy Worries

Also, I inquired about citizenship issues should the child be mine and how to get the child and its mother to my home country.

It was really complicated, and the time scale was worrying.

The child wouldn’t get here before it was a minimum of a few months old, and that would mean private Thai healthcare until that time.

P wanted to talk more and more and began to call without first arranging it.

Jealous and Controlling Thai Girl

Now She Is Becoming Really Jealous and Controlling

One evening, I didn’t answer, and she demanded strongly that we do a video call.

We made the call, but I cut it short due to circumstances beyond my control.

Straight after this, she accused me of hiding something from her, and it was then that I was finally forced to confess to her that yes, I was lying to her.

I told her frankly that I was married and lived together in the same house with my wife and three children.

I attempted to apologize, but it’s not much use when you’ve done something like that.

Of course, P was distraught and absolutely furious with me.

Stressful Relationship With Asian Girl

Becoming The Most Stressful Relationship of My Life

She accused me of ruining her life and said that she was angry with herself for being such a fool and believing in my lies.

We had many stressful phone calls in the next few days as we came to terms with the situation and tried to determine what to do in the future.

She threatened more than once to cut me off completely, and I told her that if she were to do this, I would have to travel to Thailand and seek her out because there is no way on Earth I would leave a child of mine cut off from his father.

I told her that if she was pregnant with my child, I would get divorced and marry her so that she and the child could move to Europe and live with me.

I meant this.

She said that I had put her in a terrible position because she did not want to have a family breakup on her conscience and suffer the negative karma that would result from it.

She takes Buddhism quite seriously.

pregnancy Test Taken

Pregnancy Test Taken… Its A Negative

I could hardly function at work or at home because the stress and worry were so great.

To cut a long story short, eventually, P took the pregnancy test during a video call, and it was negative.

I was partly relieved because I was half expecting her to say that it was positive, and that would have meant my life changing completely and a whole lot of bother.

At the very least, I would have had to convince her to take a parental test to prove to me 100% that she is indeed pregnant and that I would be the father.

Part of me was upset with a negative test result because I had, to some degree, got myself accustomed to the idea that I was going to be a father again and that we would all live together as a family.

Thai Girlfriends Secrets

Finding Out My Girlfriends Hidden Secrets

P herself seemed relieved by the negative result.

We continued to chat and develop plans for me to visit P in the coming months.

I had already done some internet checks on P but had, to my relief, come up with nothing.

But I decided to give it another go.

Well, this time I got different results. I was completely taken aback when I discovered that she had a closed TikTok account which featured another man who is also European, proving that she’d lied to me in the past about never having a foreign boyfriend before.

I asked her about this, and she told me that he was an ex-boyfriend and that she didn’t want to talk about it, demanding rather than pleading that I was just to trust her.

Well, I wasn’t satisfied with this and did some further checks, including some rather advanced reverse image searching to find out the identity of that guy on her TikTok account.

Thailand Girlfriend Already Had A Foreign Boyfriend

Turns Out She Had Already Been With A Foreign Boyfriend

I found the man in question and then located his social media accounts where he happened to be quite active.

It turns out that this man was in a relationship with P for about 3 years and had visited her in Thailand often.

He had videos and pictures of her on his various social media accounts; they often made video calls.

I suppose that’s why P’s behavior was often peculiar around me and why she invented that swollen ankle story to avoid coming to Bangkok one evening – I guess she was at home expecting a video call.

Confronting Cheating Thai Girlfriend

Confronting Her About The Secrets I Have Discovered

During a subsequent video call with P, I confronted her with the new information that I had gathered.

At first, she denied it.

When I confronted her with the wealth of evidence that I had, she was forced to admit the deception.

She asked what I was going to do with the information.

I told her that I hadn’t thought about it.

We ended the call, and about an hour or so later, she texted me with a message stating she had told her boyfriend about us and that he’d forgiven her.

I replied telling her that I didn’t believe a word of it, that she hadn’t told him anything, and that if we were in a position, I too wouldn’t say anything to him.

Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget

After some painful soul-searching, I followed up perhaps an hour later with a message telling P that she should not worry, I would not tell the man anything.

We had a long conversation and discussed more openly than ever before about our respective situations.

It was quite satisfying finally having a fully honest conversation with one another.

Maybe, hopefully, P and this guy will live happily ever after.

Thai Bar Girl Dressed In Nurse Outfit

I wish them nothing but luck in the future

All that I described happened four years ago, and I know that she’s now moved to Europe to marry and live with a man she was involved with.

Good luck to them.

P is a great woman, and I’m glad I met her. I just wish it would have been in more honest circumstances.

I wish her well in life.

When I was in a distressed state after all this news, I went on that popular Thai Visa forum and asked in one of the discussion sections what others thought I should do in my situation, whether or not I should tell the other man about what his girlfriend has been up to.

Interestingly, the responses I got were fairly well divided up between tell and don’t tell, with some very strong opinions being expressed in favor of both opinions.

Some people thought I’d made up the story, which of course I hadn’t. I feel sorry for the guy that she cheated on, but life is complex.

It would be especially hypocritical if I were to be moral given my own behavior. I’m not proud of my behavior.

I’m writing this because I think life should sometimes be discussed openly with all its complexities on display, warts and all.

I also thought it would be nice for Thailand to have a tale where a foreigner has behaved badly to give it some balance. I’d imagine my story is not at all uncommon; it’s not just Thai women who lie.

On reflection, it gave me some comfort to know that she was lying to me the whole time too and to realize that I hadn’t behaved badly with a totally innocent woman.

I would not repeat the experience. While the time in Thailand was wonderful, the aftermath was a horrendously stressful time, an emotional roller coaster where you’re strapped into the seat, unable to control the direction or pace. Karma.


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