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I’ve just spent the last nine days in Patong on holiday.

As a man in his late 50s, the first observation I made was sitting down at the beach in Patong for a few hours.

I watched a procession of people getting jet ski scammed.

The routine is always the same, whereby the Thai guy claims the jet ski riders damaged them by hitting other jet skis or objects in the water.

They then show the signed paperwork, a heated debate erupts, and then money is handed over before the police are called.

It’s anywhere from two thousand baht up to twenty thousand baht, depending upon how big and intimidating the tourists are and how many friends they have.

I saw the same routine play out at least 10 times with the exact same outcome.

Thai Friendly Girl

Setting Up a Thai Friendly Account

Anyway, on to my story.

As this was my first trip to Thailand and Patong, I was firstly curious and secondly anxious to experience the bar girls or freelancer ladies to really make my trip and holiday memorable.

After receiving advice from a good friend, I set up a Thai Friendly account and started swiping about four weeks out from my trip.

To my surprise, I matched with lots of women and was communicating almost daily with between 6 and 10 women before my trip.

After the first few days of settling in at the resort I was staying at, I reached out to one lady that I set my sights on.

She was a freelancer, and her fee was four thousand baht for the whole night. Hoping to have her come to my resort, which was on the Northern end of Patong Beach and had an amazing room and balcony overlooking the ocean, I was informed when I asked the reception that outside guests at the hotel and in your room are not allowed, even though I specifically booked for two persons.

Nevertheless, my only option was a cheap guest-friendly hotel near Bangla Road.

Thai girld on thaifriendly

On the day of the adventure, a number of messages were exchanged, and the time was set up to meet up.

I waited for her in the lobby and waited and continued to wait.

I’m always precise with my time, and no one told me there is on time and there is Thai Time.

Eventually, she arrived and was more stunning than I could have ever imagined.

She didn’t speak English, but Google Translate was all that she needed. Anyway, back in the room, activities were had, and it was the most memorable, enjoyable, and loving experience with a woman from more than 20 years.

The girlfriend experience is true and is something to behold, and it’s difficult to describe.

For an Australian man, we are so starved for attention, respect, and humanity by our Western women.

To receive the attention and kindness that the Thai women provide can be overwhelmingly addictive.

Dating Profile of Thai Girl

Hotel Restrictions for a Memorable Night

Although I wanted her to stay with me for a few more days, I made sure to be careful and not break the 24-hour rule, otherwise, there were no turning back.

The next morning, I walked her back to her apartment, and we parted ways with a hug and a kiss.

I thought that would be the end of the experience, but on subsequent days, I received unprompted messages from her to see how I was, and today, as I’m leaving, she sent me a lovely message to wish me all the best and thank me for the lovely memories I gave her as well.

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