A Night to Remember in Koh Samui

night to remember in koh samui

This is a short story about the last time I was in Thailand.

I think it’s somewhat funny and hilarious how this worked out, only in Thailand.

They say this was around 2005, and I was in my 20s at the time.

I met Cindy at a club in Bangkok near one of the discos.

Cindy isn’t her real name; I think it was something like Pong, but she preferred her Western name.

She was about 22 and spoke a small amount of English, and we were able to communicate easily.

Apparently, she had broken up with her Swedish boyfriend a month prior and was living with him in Sweden but returned to Thailand.

koh samui bargirl

A Tale from Bangkok Nights

When I met her, we were clubbing and stayed out late, and I took her back to my place.

She was definitely very beautiful, and I was lucky to spend time with her.

I proposed that she stayed the next day with me, and I’d give her some money to cover her expenses.

She was a freelancer, and I find that they want money upfront just to show you’re not some kind of a cheap loser and that you can afford her.

But then over time, they usually just want an allowance.

I don’t want it to be transactional, and you can normally tell if the girl is only with you for money; it just feels so shallow.

I think the money aspect is important because obviously if you’re not taking care of her, then she has to work.

I would rather have her be by my side and having fun with me, and clearly the right girl would want this too.

Bangkok Girl In Black Lingerie

Ups and Downs: My Time in Thailand

The first week was great; she was a lot of fun to hang out with, and we had a lot of fun together.

We went to various nice restaurants and tourist traps together and generally had a good time.

This girl was definitely my type; she was very beautiful but also good in bed and very affectionate and caring.

The second week was where things got a bit rough.

She started being a little flaky; she would have to run home for something and then come back and meet me very late.

We’d agreed to meet for dinner, and she wouldn’t show up until hours later.

Women in the U.S are flaky too, but I just really dislike it when people are disrespectful of my time.

I’ve tried to get better at this; I know I’m in a different culture, and if it happens once or twice, I don’t care.

But when it’s continually, it’s really not fun and just becomes a huge waste of my time.

I tried talking to her about it, but it didn’t get better, so I ended our relationship.

A New Start in Koh Samui

She was very upset with me and just started to be mean through text, and I didn’t want to deal with her being rude to me, so I didn’t text her back. I had a bad day because of it, and I really wanted to head over to Koh Samui, so I just focused on my plans.

Anyway, I go out that night with a new girl named Knit.

I met her on Thai Friendly; she was very beautiful too, and I really liked her.

Her English is a bit better than the other girl I was talking to, so we clicked well, and we ended up going dancing after dinner.

It’s about 1 am, and I asked if she wants to keep spending time with me.

She says yes, but that she’s very tired and has to go home, and it’s a long drive. I offer her to stay at my hotel, and she accepts.

Koh Samui Girl In Gold Panties

Surprise Visitor In Koh Samui

Now at this point, I’m definitely tired; I’m just thinking sleep.

We’re both tired from the dancing, so I just wanted to go back and crash.

When we get back to the hotel and take a shower, I think the magic just took hold, so we’re lying in bed together fooling around.

Just then, I hear a knock on the door.

I ignore it as I’m in bed with my girl and I don’t want to be bothered. I just assume it’s a hotel about something stupid that can be ignored.

Then I hear Cindy’s voice; she had come to the hotel and wants to come into the room; she’s insisting.

I’m freaking out a bit; I mean, I’m not cheating on her or anything, but I don’t want dramas, plus she was mean and rude to me in her text messages, and I don’t want to deal with that.

Then I go to the door and I see that the door didn’t quite close properly and she’s pushing open the door with the latch flipped, allowing the door to open about two inches, which is why I can hear her.

Bangkok Girl In Koh Samui

A Surprise Twist With Me In The Middle

I’m having a full-on panic attack now with Cindy asking to come in and Knit on the bed.

I guess I don’t want Knit to think I’m a liar because I was actually single; I don’t like to lie or cheat in my life; I don’t see the point.

It’s a lot less stressful, and I don’t like having anxiety.

I’m telling Cindy she needs to go home and that we can talk tomorrow when Knit comes up to me; she sort of pushes me past me, closes the door, pushes back the latch, and lets Cindy into the room.

They hug.

Now I’m completely confused as Cindy comes into the room as if she owns the place, and Knit and her sit on the bed together.

Apparently, they were good friends and would send photos of the men they were having dates with and share their profiles and gossip about their dates.

They both realized they were dating me because of my Thai Friendly profile pic, and Cindy told the whole story about me and our date.

They decided to play a joke on me, and boy, it worked; they really got me.

Two Thai Girls With A Foreigner

Remembering Koh Samui

The next morning they kept laughing about it over breakfast.

The three of us ended up being an item for the remaining two or three weeks I was there.

They were fun girls; Cindy was just having a bit of a rough patch, I think, and was mostly better after that point.

I think about the two of them often and the time we had together, even though it was decades in the past.

I think Thailand makes you look at relationships differently because they never end at a bad point; you always have to go back to your own country, which ends a relationship so you can think about these without any of the potential drama that ends up destroying normal relationships.

Remembering Girls From Thailand Trip


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