Why You Should Never Judge Thai Women

Never Judge Thai Women

In December 2019, I was living in Pattaya and had a routine.

I’d get up in the morning, go to exercise, dip in the ocean, and then proceed to have my lunch.

Three to four times a week, I would go early evening to find a date.

I wanted to have a date every day, but as you know, in Pattaya, dates cost money, and I was on a budget.

So, I figured the best way to go was to find a girlfriend.

I was not a newbie and had heard all the horror stories about men trying to make a relationship with a bar girl or a working girl.

I needed to find a legit woman, not somebody from the industry.

pattaya night life girl

Asking A Thai Vendor Out On A Date

One day, I stopped at a stall on the street.

The woman working there was about 45 years old, still lovely, and the conversation flowed.

We exchanged Line IDs, and the next day she texted me, saying she had resigned from her job after 6 years.

We could meet tonight.

I was surprised, as she wasn’t a young woman.

I thought, odd story, I have to be careful with her.

Pattaya Street Food Vendor

First Date With Thai Woman… And Her Friend

We met in Treetown, and she came along with a friend.

I thought there was nothing unusual about this because sometimes Asian women bring a friend on a first date to have a second opinion about the man.

As we were looking for a place to sit, people approached us, asking if she’s not cooking today and telling me I was lucky because she’s a great cook.

Everything aligned with her story, and I was pleased.

So, we sat in a bar, a quiet corner, not a sleazy bar, and the conversation was good.

I even bought her a dress from a motorcycle selling clothes on the street.

As we were heading back, I was surprised that her friend said her goodbyes, and she proceeded to spend the night with me.

I did not expect that, but no complaints from me.

She stayed with me overnight, and the bedroom were great.

The next morning she turned to me and said, “You pay me, boy.

I did not see this coming. I thought you liked me. I replied,

In Pattaya, every man has to pay.” She replied.

I did not argue, and I paid her, sending her on her way, knowing I would not see her again.

Dating Two Thai Girls

Next Stop, Massage Parlour

On another day, I bought some sandwiches in 7-Eleven and proceeded to look for a place to sit and eat.

I walked by several massage places where the women were trying to lure me in, but I was not interested.

Then, in one massage parlor, there was just one woman sitting on the bench outside.

She actually asked me if I could give her a sandwich.

I did not mind, so I sat with her on the bench, shared my food with her, and talked, and we laughed.

After we ate, she asked if I wanted to have a massage.

I guess the conversation and the good vibe did the trick, and I proceeded to go inside.

It was not a sleazy massage place, but hey, it’s Pattaya.

After we were done, she asked for my Line ID.

The next day, she wrote she has a day off, and we can meet.

Thai Massage Girl

Dating A Massage Girl

We met in the evening, and the first thing I wanted to know is why did you ask for my Line ID?

She probably meets a dozen men every day at work, why me?

She replied, “You shared your food with me, so I know you’re a good man.

A note to the listeners: for a first impression, being generous with women can take you a long way.

We had dinner, and after that, I asked her if she would like to go to my room.

She refused and stated, “I’m looking for love.

I was surprised, thinking you’re working in a massage parlor; you already see me when you massage me.

As she could read my mind, I felt she’s getting upset. She added, “I’m not a sale lady in Pattaya.

This was her way to say, “I’m not selling anything other than massages in Pattaya.

I assured her I understand, and we parted ways with a smile.

Dating Thai Girl and Enjoying Nightlife

Having A Sexual Routine With Massage Lady

A couple of days later, she texted me again, “I’m free tonight.

We set a day, and after dinner, we walked hand in hand.

I asked again if she wanted to go to my room.

What for?” she asked.

I tackled this with, “I just want to be happy this time.

She agreed, we went to my room, and spent the night together.

In the morning, she laid it out to me: “I work every day from 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., and I get a day off every 10 days.

This was perfect.

Now we had a routine.

She would come every morning before work to my room, where we had breakfast and a quick bedroom fun session, and after that, she proceeded to work.

On New Year’s Eve, she had a day off, and we spent the day together.

Then, we went back to my room to party.

We were on the balcony of the second floor, and I played Isan music.

She danced for me; the girl knows how to party.

Suddenly, she noticed that the people in the street stopped and enjoyed her performance.

Embarrassed, she pointed at me, shouting to them, “My husband!” and ran into the room.

I ran after her, and we jumped into bed laughing.

We were happy.

Thai girl day drinking on a date

Having To Leave My Thai Girlfriend To Go Home

Days after that party, I got a massage message from home, telling me there was an emergency, and I needed to go back home immediately. I went to talk to her, and she burst into tears.

I said, “Don’t worry, I will be back,” and she regained her composure.

I was back home, and we continued to be in touch on Line.

Unfortunately, the pandemic started, and on top of that, when trying to contact her now, the chat said, “You are the only one here.” Basically, I lost contact with her.

I was stuck and was not able to go back to Thailand.

Fast forward 3 years, I was back in Thailand and living in Bangkok.

I went to visit friends in Pattaya.

I was walking the street, and a motorbike came behind me.

Then I felt a tap on my back.

I turned around, and there she was, my former girlfriend.

We quickly caught up.

She’s not working as a masseuse anymore and is selling fruit on her motorbike.

I was not going to lie to her, and I told her I have a girlfriend in Bangkok now.

She replied she has a boyfriend and will return to Thailand in 2 months.

I tested the waters, “Would you like to go with me?

She replied, “Cannot. You have a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend.

She was an honest woman.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that we can’t judge people.

A woman that was legit asked for money, and a woman from the industry turned out to be a good woman.

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