My Thai Girlfriend Cheated, So I Got Revenge

Narcissist Thai Girl

I want to share my story of how I got revenge on my bargirl girlfriend after I discovered she was cheating on me.

I know, shocking a bar girl would do that, right? I’m sure a lot of you might think that I should have just left it and not have acted the way I did.

And maybe those of you that think that are right, but I didn’t, so I thought I would share this.

Falling In Love With The Pattaya Lifestyle


Meeting A Thai Bar Girl In Pattaya 🇹🇭😳 #story #storytime #thaigirlfriend

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I have been a frequent visitor to Thailand for a while now and became a bit of an addict to the place.

Like many men, I also fell for Pattaya and the type of life a guy can have there.

If you have already been to Pattaya, then you know what I’m referring to.

It’s a whole different world there, anything goes.

You go from a loser in your own country getting no attention, to becoming Brad Pitt where everyone wants you… and your money.

Pattaya Lifestyle

The Night Life Is What I Love The Most About Thailand


Starting A Relationship With A Pattaya Girl 🇹🇭 #relationship #relationshipstory #thailand

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I have tried to travel around Thailand for a little while; I wanted to see the beaches and dabble in the culture.

But ultimately, I would always find myself back in Sin City, Pattaya.

After a while in Thailand, I realized I was not that interested in anything else apart from the nightlife and short timing until the day I drop.

I had always been staying in hotels during all my trips, and came up with the idea of getting a condo, as it would be cheaper in the long run.

I wanted to stay in Thailand long term when I did not have to work; a condo seemed the best bet.

Thai Girl In The Nightlife

Looking For Long Term Rentals In Thailand

So I was looking at condos to rent for my next trip.

I was due to leave in a couple of days and had a few condos in mind that I would be interested in renting.

During my current trip, I met a bar girl in a bar in Pattaya that tickled my fancy a bit.

Her name was Tip and she was a little stick of dynamite.

I had been going to the bar to see her most of my nights there, and barfined her a handful of times as well as short and long time.

I enjoyed her as a paid companion at first, but something in me wanted a bit more than that with her.

Condos In Pattaya

Getting Smitten Over A Bar Girl


Moving A Pattaya Bar Girl Into My Condo 🇹🇭💰 #pattayabargirl #bargirls #thaigirls

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I did keep asking her out on a proper date, but she kept rejecting me sweetly.

That did not put me off; every time she rejected me, I would be back at the bar the next night buying her drinks and trying to sweet talk her.

I was gradually winning her over, but for about a week, the answer was still no.

Finally, I managed to get her to say yes to a date on her day off from work, to which we went out for a couple of drinks and some food.

After we called it a night, we went back to my hotel.

I thought I was going to get lucky, but she played the game very well and refused my advances.

I did not want to put her off me, so I didn’t keep trying to get some bedroom fun; instead, we just chatted in bed.

Still, it was a good night, and I enjoyed our date.

I told her about looking to get a condo and make Thailand my home; she rolled her eyes as if to say “I’ve heard all that before.

Beautiful Thai Girl In Grey Lingerie

Leaving Back To The Middle East For Work


Bargirls Family Asking Me For Money 🇹🇭💰 #bargirl #pattaya #holidaygirlfriend

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It was time to leave Thailand again; we promised to keep in touch and I went back to my job.

I work in the Middle East by the way, and although the money is good, I absolutely hate the area.

This gave me motivation to work on getting a condo. I had managed to contact and sort things out with the admin of one of the condos I liked, and it was all set to move by my next trip.

He sent me a copy of the contract to sign for the condo and all was set.

I showed Tip the contract to prove to her that I was going to make Thailand my home and had made progress in getting things in order.

Leaving Thai Girl To Go Home

My New Bar Girl Fling Is Asking Me To Send Money


Catching My Thai Girlfriend Cheating 🇹🇭😳 #cheating #thaigirlfriend #storytime

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We were talking for a few months, and she kept dropping hints about sending money.

Tip’s favorite hint was “I’m angry, my flatmate has not come up with her part of the rent and now I face getting kicked out.

This was just another way Tip was saying “Are you going to pay my rent?

Other occasions were the normal stuff like, family needs money, brother is in debt, you know the drill.

I just played dumb to her hints and waited for her to just ask me straight to send some money to help out with whatever she needed.

Bar Girl Asking Me For Money For Her Family

Turns Out, She Classes Me As Her Boyfriend


Ready To Confront Cheating Thai Girlfriend 🇹🇭💰 #girlfriend #cheating #thaigirlfriend

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One time I called her phone and some other girl answered.

You boyfriend of Tip?” She asked.

No,” I replied.

I wondered what the hell she was talking about; at first, I thought she had got me mixed up with someone else.

After talking with Tip, she said she classes me as her boyfriend, which is fine with me, but I would have liked to have known about it.

Starting Relationship With A Pattaya Bar Girl

Returning To Thailand For My Bargirl

As soon as I got back to Thailand, Tip met me at Bangkok Airport with a smile on her face, and we were soon in a taxi to Pattaya ready to check out my new condo.

The condo was just what I was looking for; it was a 1 bedroom condo but it was very spacious.

I was able to set a desk up in there so I could work remotely when I had the chance, and all the TV channels for Tip to enjoy her Thai shows.

It was also a 5-minute walk to Soi Buakhao, so if I did want to have fun now and again, I wouldn’t have far to walk.

Returning To Thailand For My Girlfriend

Our Relationship Took Off

Our relationship started to go pretty fast after arriving in Thailand for the second time.

Before I left Thailand last time, she brushed me off a few times like I’ve said, but this time she was very clingy and wanted to be around me all the time.

After a few days of moving into the condo, she invited her mum, stepfather, and younger brother over, without asking me.

She only told me on the day that they were coming; therefore, I had nothing planned.

If I knew they were coming then I maybe would have made plans to do other things rather than be around all of them.

I met the family; not much English was spoken by them but I could just feel they were rude people.

Her stepdad did not say a word to me, even though he was eating my food, drinking my beer, and watching my TV.

Serious Relationship With A Bar Girl

Moving In With A Thai Bar Girl

A couple of weeks after me being there, Tip got the boot from her bar because she had missed her shift too many times to be out with me.

I told her I would give her some money to take to the bar to pay for the barfines, but she did not seem interested or care that she got fired.

The roommate not paying rent excuse kept coming up as well, so I thought it would be a win-win if she moved in with me; I wouldn’t mind having a hot maid.

She could stay rent-free, and I would support her with money for a short time until she got back on her feet and got a job.

It was my fault after all that she lost her job, so I guess helping out is the least I could have done.

Moving In With A Thai Girl

Jobless, Useless and Lazy

Because she was jobless, I thought I wouldn’t see her much because she would be out looking for another job or doing something about her finances.

How wrong was I to think that.

Her main pastime was sleeping and watching TV all day, occasionally cooking us food if she felt like it.

But most nights, we would order grab food. Her intentions of looking for a job soon became nonexistent and Tip looked like she was planning to live off the little money I would give her every day.

It’s not her fault, I was stupid and let her take advantage; she did not have to work while I was giving her money, she could lounge around all day.

There were many times that in the afternoon she would tell me that we are going out with her family tonight.

She would always leave it last minute to tell me important things.

I couldn’t stand her family by this point; they would always want to go out to the fanciest restaurant with me paying the bill.

But that wasn’t it; when it was time to go home, Tip would ask me to give her parents a few thousand baht.

I think my girl started to think I had a money-making machine hidden in the condo somewhere.

Thai Girl Becoming Lazy

Now Her Family Want Money From Me

I had to go back to the Middle East for months for some business; Tip would be staying in the condo while I left.

Once I returned, that very first night she informed me that she had invited her brother and girlfriend over to the condo the next day.

I was annoyed, but it soon turned to anger when their couple of hour visiting turned into a 4-night stayover.

Bear in mind, my condo is a one-bedroom condo, the bedroom obviously being for me and Tip.

The last straw was when her brother and his girlfriend were due to leave and go back to wherever they came from; Tip asked me to give him 10,000 because he was in trouble with the wrong type of people and needed to pay them.

I reluctantly gave them the money and for the first time stuck up for myself, telling them never to come around here again.

I did not get a thank you, just an evil stare from Tip.

Its Time To End Things With This Thai Girl

Wanting To End Things With Thai Girlfriend

That night I decided to myself that I was being taken for a mug and Tip and her family were just using me as much as they could.

When I went back to the Middle East for work, I knew I wanted to get rid of Tip.

The problem was, I still felt a bit guilty that she lost her job because of me and if I called her up and told her to leave the condo then she would be jobless and homeless.

Plus, if I had kicked her out while I was away, she probably would have gone crazy and destroyed the condo, leaving it a tip for when I return.

I needed a reason to get rid of her without feeling guilty myself.

Discovering My Thai Girlfriend Is Unfaithful

Unfaithful Girlfriend In Red Lingerie

Finally, the opportunity arose; she had previously told me that she has a Facebook account but hardly uses it, that’s why she never accepted my Facebook request.

I decided to be sneaky and create a real looking fake profile of a handsome guy, and what would you know, she accepted the friend request.

She only had about 50 friends on her Facebook, all farangs and all males.

When we first met and started dating, she wanted me to set her up a Skype account for when I left so we could call each other while I was away.

She told me a password to use when setting it up, so I tried it to log in her Facebook account but it was denied due to being the wrong password.

I then checked her Facebook info that showed a different email address; I tried to log in to that with the same password she used for Skype, and I was in.

I found lots of emails back and forth with a guy from Sweden, declaring their love for each other and even sending explicit pictures and videos to each other.

Now I really wanted to get rid of her; I was furious, even more furious that I allowed myself to be taken for a ride.

I printed off the evidence of the emails and changed her Facebook password.

Playing With My Girlfriends Feelings

Playing With A Thai Girls Feelings

I don’t think I mentioned how Tip looked; she was a real stunner and she knew it, she loved herself so much and would look down on other girls.

So the first thing I did was change her profile pictures to a fat Thai woman; then I messaged her family and friends calling them names knowing that they would tell her.

I know it was immature and childish, but I was angry and wanted to get revenge somehow.

Tip was not exactly the most tech-savvy person in the world, but she knew something was up after her friends called her and she was angry.

We chatted on Skype; she told me about someone being on her Facebook, she had no idea it was me doing it.

I played dumb again and acted like I had no idea what she was talking about, but said I would help find whoever is doing it.

I wanted to mess with her a little bit more and make her worry until I got back.

I started telling her that the person that was on her Facebook kept contacting me telling me about her and the Swedish guy.

Saying I don’t believe him, then randomly saying that he has shown me more stuff.

I even talked to her about marriage, buying her jewelry, buying her a car, and helping her brother out.

Building up her hopes just to let her down and lose face in the future is what I wanted.

I was due to head back to Thailand, but I told Tip I would be arriving 2 days after the actual date, hoping that I would catch her in the act doing something so I could kick her out there and then.

Ready To Confront My Cheating Girlfriend

That night I had already planned a night out in Pattaya with a couple of friends, I just needed to kick out the sponger first.

I arrived at my condo and slowly opened the door; the stale cigarette smoke smell hit me straight away even though I had told her to smoke outside.

The place was unrecognizable; it looked like homeless people had been squatting in it, rubbish all over the place.

Her best friend that I had met many times was asleep on my sofa; I had no idea she was staying at the condo.

Tip was asleep in the bedroom with her laptop opened up next to her on the other side of the bed.

I walked over, nudged her awake and told her she better get up and start cleaning; she looked shocked that I was there already.

She could see the anger in my eyes, but I stayed calm and told her firmly that I was not impressed at how my place looks.

I gave her 2 choices, either clean up now or get the hell out and I’ll clean up.

So after that rude wake-up call and giving her an ultimatum, she got up and got to work cleaning the place.

I took all my important stuff such as passport, documents, and bank statements, and stuck them in a safe that she had no access to.

I just did not trust her anymore and wasn’t sure how bad today’s events will turn.

Once her and her friend began cleaning, I let myself out onto the balcony and called my friends to set up plans for a night of drinking.

Luckily Tip hadn’t touched my beers and vodka in the fridge, so I helped myself and spent the next hour getting tipsy for tonight’s antics.

They were making progress cleaning up the condo but it was far from perfect, though she looked proud of herself, as if she was doing me a favor.

I’m now getting quite tipsy while sitting in the sun on the balcony, wishing they would just hurry up so I could kick her to the curb and go flirt with some other bargirls.

While Tip was cleaning the room, she must have found my bag that I forgot to hide and had a peek in herself.

She found the printouts that I had made of her Facebook and emails, combined with my anger and drinking alcohol, I had completely forgotten about hiding them.

Confronting Cheating Thai Girlfriend

She Found Out That She Had Been Caught Out


Crazy Thai girlfriend Attacked me 🇹🇭 #thaigirlfriend #cheatinggirlfriend #thailandstorytime

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She came storming over to me, not to apologize for being caught, but to throw one of the vodka bottles that I had finished off at my head, followed by a nice little Muay Thai punch finished with scratching down my face.

I then grabbed her arms and calmed her down just enough for her to speak; she starts screaming at me saying “You want me to leave? You don’t love me anymore?

What did she expect me to say? It’s like she was wanting me to apologize and beg her to stay, that’s how much she loved herself.

I just shouted “ENOUGH

I told her she had 10 minutes to pack her stuff and get the hell out of this condo.

She packed up and left with her friend, not before her friend shot a nice chunk of spit at me, luckily missing… filthy mess.

I was finally glad it’s over; she has left, I can now get my condo back to normal, go out with my friends and have some fun with the ladies.. and fun I had.

Girlfriend Has Been Caught Cheating

Allowing My Ex To Stay With Me While She Is Homeless

Me and my friends went out and did some bar hopping around Pattaya before finishing off on LK Metro.

I had explained to my friends about the situation and they knew just the cure, a go-go bar.

I found the most attractive go-go girl in that place, bar fined her and had the best bedroom fun I had ever had.

I guess I had a lot of frustration to take out that night; she also seemed very satisfied.

Anyway, it did not end there with me and Tip, as I had hoped.

A few days later she called me up crying saying that she had nowhere to go until her mum goes back to Bangkok and couldn’t stay at her friend’s.

I knew she still did not have a job and I was her provider, so I knew she was broke.

Me being the big softy and maybe a big dummy, put her up in my condo for a couple of nights.

I thought just 2 nights would be fine, what could possibly go wrong if we just stayed out of each other’s way?

Allowing My Ex To Stay With Me

She Is A Complete Narcissist

One of those 2 nights that she was over at mine, she had a bit too much to drink and brought up me going on her Facebook.

She went crazy again and started attacking me, again like all this was my fault that she had been unfaithful and telling other men that she loved them, sending them pictures and whatnot.

This was just taking the piss now, so I finally shouted back and kicked her out for the second time.

During this whole time, she never apologized or put her hands up and take responsibility for what she has done.

To this day, I truly believe she still does not think she has done anything wrong and it was all my fault for catching her out.

She begged and pleaded for me to take her back, stating that she has ended things with the Swedish guy because she loves me too much and does not want to lose me.

She said she was just lonely when I was working away, which may have been true, but little did she know I still had access to her Facebook that she changed the password to.

I could see that she was still talking to him occasionally.

When I went back to work, I set up another account identical to the Swedish guy, added him on Tip’s account, and blocked his real account.

I sent her a message from the fake Swedish account pretending to be him, but she did not reply for a day or so.

I thought maybe she was being truthful about not wanting anything to do with him anymore, but it was wishful thinking because she finally replied.

She explained that she had finished with me because she loves him and wants him to come to Thailand soon so they could be together.

This was just complete BS, she would say and do anything to save face and not admit she is in the wrong.

My Thai Narcissist Girlfriend

I Cant Take It Anymore, Time To Leave


Getting Rid Of My Thai Bar Girl🇹🇭😳 #thaigirlfriend #breakup #pattaya

♬ original sound – TalesBeyondHorizons

At this point, I couldn’t take this bullshit anymore, I wasn’t even angry.

I just accepted it.

I gave up trying to get revenge because I knew she was turning crazy; I did not want to have to keep watching my back every time I’m in Thailand.

I knew her brother was connected with some bad people and the last thing I want is a group of Thais rolling up to my condo tooled up ready to make me pay for what I did to Tip.

Lessons learned, I probably should have just kicked her out when I found out she wasn’t unfaithful, rather than doing what I did to get revenge.

Did it make me feel better? No, not really.

It was immature but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t fun.

I must admit, I don’t like going back to Thailand and sometimes being paranoid looking over my shoulder, even though I’m probably worried for nothing.

She did used to call me at all hours of the night from different numbers, but I would mainly ignore them.

I did answer one time and when I told her I was over her and there was no getting back together she just gave me a ton of abuse, random swear words, and telling me how much of a bad guy I am.

Again, all this was my fault, she can’t see the wrong in what she did.

I am back in Thailand soon, I’ve changed all the locks to the condo, changed my number, and deactivated social media for now.

Now I’m just going to enjoy being single in Thailand; it seems all the happiest guys are.

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