Meeting Online Thai Girlfriend

I was around 28 years old when I first went to Thailand.

I went there because a family member had retired in Thailand and told me to come visit him in Koh Samui.

I was lucky to afford the trip at a young age because I had learned a trade in the UK that paid decently.

I had a blast during my Thailand trip.

Even though I was in my late 20s, I knew all about the tricks some bar girls pull and how foreign guys can get tricked.

I also knew that foreigners are often seen as walking ATMs.

I went through all of that and eventually became savvy to the tricks.

The interesting part begins when my cousin brought his Thai girlfriend from Isan to the UK.

I’d often go to visit my cousin and his Thai girlfriend there.

When I visited, my cousin’s Thai girlfriend would cook for me.

She seemed caring and kind, and I was always respectful, assisting her when I arrived and again when I left.

I think she really appreciated it.

Island In Thailand

Falling In Love With Thailand

I really liked visiting Thailand.

I loved the culture, the weather, the food, and I thought the people were friendly.

I also found Thai women to be the most attractive I had ever seen.

I was looking for a serious, long-term relationship with a sincere Thai woman, not a bar girl like I had encountered and tried to have a relationship with in the past.

One evening, I talked to my cousin’s Thai girlfriend about my desire to find a sincere and honest Thai girlfriend.

At first, she was quiet, but then she realized I was serious.

She mentioned that she might know a woman who was around my age, maybe a bit older, and was from the northern part of Thailand, a region called Isan.

My cousin’s girlfriend also mentioned that Joy, the lady I was going to meet, worked in a similar profession to mine.

So, we might have a lot in common and could potentially be a good match due to our similar ages and professions, and so on.

As I learned more about Joy, I got really excited about the idea of meeting her.

I asked my cousin’s girlfriend to introduce us as soon as possible, even if it had to be through an app or remotely.

Later that evening, my cousin and his girlfriend had a few drinks.

His girlfriend called Joy and went on to tell her about me.

Thai Girl At The Beach

Blind Dating With A Thai Girl

She mentioned that I was planning to visit Thailand in a few months and wondered if Joy would be interested in meeting me while I was there, considering we seemed to have a lot in common.

During our introduction over Skype, Joy appeared very attractive.

She had long hair, soft brown skin, and spoke fluent English—actually, the best English I had ever heard a Thai person speak.

She came across as quite ambitious and even mentioned her plans to someday study for her master’s degree in the UK.

She seemed like a clever girl.

I was really impressed and just wanted to meet her.

After the introduction, Joy and I exchanged phone numbers, so we had each other’s contact information.

After our first meeting, Joy and I started talking every day.

We used Line, Skype, or email, but we made sure to communicate daily.

Our similar jobs made it easier because we could relate to each other’s work during the day.

Back then, our chats felt natural, and we were both eagerly looking forward to meeting each other.

Blind Date With Thai Girl

Arranging To Meet My Online Thai Girlfriend

Needless to say, the countdown to my trip to Thailand dragged on painfully.

During one of our daily chats, Joy mentioned that she could take me to Koh Samet for a day and a night.

As Joy and I talked more, she revealed in another conversation that she had told her mother about me.

Her mother wanted to invite me to their home in Isan for a couple of days.

I had never been to Isan before, but I knew it was known as one of the most poorest regions of Thailand.

I agreed to go and shown my excitement about visiting Isan, which was true because I had never been there before.

Finally, the day arrived when I was set to leave from Heathrow and touch down in Bangkok.

I was really excited to meet Joy and return to Thailand.

When I landed at Bangkok airport, I was so eager to get off the plane that I forgot a bag of simple souvenirs I had bought for her at Heathrow airport – just some chocolates, a keyring, and English biscuits.

Looking back, maybe it was a good thing, as it might have seemed tacky and cheap.

Meeting online thai woman

Meeting My Online Thai Girlfriend For The First Time

When I finally met Joy, she was waiting for me at the meeting point with a female colleague.

Joy hadn’t mentioned that she would be bringing someone along, and I understood that she had to be cautious, especially since we had never met in person.

At the end of the day, she didn’t know who I really was, so I appreciated her being careful.

We walked to the parking lot, and I hopped into the back of Joy’s car.

Our plan was to spend one night in Pattaya and then head down to Koh Samet early the next day.

Joy had booked two rooms – one for her and her colleague, and another room for me, where I spent the night alone.

Sexy Body Thai Girl

I was thinking the wild nights I’d experienced in Pattaya during previous trips to Thailand.

I reminded myself that this time, things were different, and I needed to behave.

Joy, her colleague, and I had dinner at a nearby restaurant and then returned to our rooms around 10 p.m. that evening.

I hadn’t gone to bed that early before, but I was tired from traveling, and I knew we had an early start the next day, so I didn’t mind at all.

The next morning, Joy knocked on my door around 8 a.m.

and said it was time for breakfast.

She looked amazing, even without makeup.

She had a naturally fresh and beautiful appearance.

Meeting New Thai Girlfriend

Dating In Paradise – Koh Samet

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and drove to the port of Koh Samet.

There, Joy, her colleague, and I hopped on a speedboat to the island and spent the day at the beach.

I recall sitting at one of the small restaurants, and Joy complained to the waiter about the food, insisting on getting a new dish prepared.

I thought to myself that if this restaurant were in the UK, it would be really popular, and they would rarely receive any complaints.

To me, the food was fantastic.

Later in the afternoon, Joy’s colleague left and took the ferry back to the mainland, leaving Joy and me alone.

This was what I had hoped for so that we could get to know each other better.

Joy seemed very open, and it felt like we were on the same page.

We shared many laughs, and I genuinely enjoyed her company.

Joy had reserved a hotel room for us in Koh Samet with two separate beds.

We spent the night in the same room but in separate beds.

We woke up early the next day for breakfast, a swim in the sea, and a short walk before returning to the mainland.

Joy had to work for a few days just outside Bangkok before we could go to her hometown in Isan.

So, she dropped me off at a budget hotel in Bangkok, and she headed off to work.

I really wanted to become closer with Joy, but I kept reminding myself to be patient because a good Thai girl wouldn’t let her guard down overnight.

Ko Samet Beach

Trying To Stay Faithful In Bangkok

I spent two days behaving myself in Bangkok, visiting the usual places like Khao San Road and Nana Plaza, among others.

Joy picked me up from the hotel, and we drove to Bangkok Airport, where we were set to take a flight to Sisaket in Isan.

When we arrived in Isan, Joy’s mother and younger brother were waiting for us.

I greeted them, and then we were driven to Joy’s home.

Joy’s house didn’t seem to indicate any signs of being deprived or disadvantaged.

In fact, my first impressions were quite positive, and her family didn’t show any signs of poverty.

The house had a big driveway, a gate, and multiple bedrooms.

The next day, Joy’s mother organized a day trip for us.

Bangkok Nightlife

Meeting Thai Girlfriends Family

Joy, her mother, her brother, myself, and several other relatives visited waterfalls, mountains, and drove to different spots around the city and the region.

I wasn’t certain if this outing had been arranged specifically for me, but I really enjoyed it either way.

We also had the chance to dine at different restaurants along the way, and the food at each place was not only delicious but also very cheap.

I attempted to pay a few times, but one of Joy’s relatives always insisted on covering the bill.

After spending two and a half days in Isan, it was time for Joy and me to take a flight back to Bangkok.

While at the airport in Sisaket, I offered Joy’s mother five thousand baht as a gesture of goodwill to help with expenses, but she refused.

Upon arriving in Bangkok, Joy offered that I could stay with her in her town where she works, and I gladly accepted the offer.

Meeting Thai Girlfriends Family In Isan

Finally Alone With My Girlfriend

I just wanted to be with Joy as much as possible, so we went to her place.

She explained that we’d have to share a bed because of space limitations in the house and apologized for it.

However, I was happy with the news and could hardly contain my excitement.

That night, sharing the bed with Joy, well, let’s just say even Joy is human, and you can probably guess what happened next.

The next morning, while Joy was getting ready for work, she seemed embarrassed and apologized for what had occurred the previous night.

She assured me that it wouldn’t happen again.

Stunning Bangkok Bar Girl

I was a bit puzzled but reassured her that she had nothing to be sorry for and that I didn’t regret what had happened.

After Joy went to work, I couldn’t help but wonder why she had been so embarrassed about what had happened the previous night.

I spent that day killing time by borrowing a neighbor’s bicycle and exploring the town where Joy lived.

It turned out to be quite dull.

Other than a petrol station and a few open markets, it didn’t seem to offer much in terms of entertainment.

On the second evening, what happened on the first night was repeated.

The following morning, Joy didn’t apologize and appeared to be more relaxed while she got ready for work.

It seemed different from the previous evening’s experience.

I asked Joy if she could take another day or two off work so we could go on another adventure, but she mentioned that she would need to check with her manager.

I understood because taking time off work can be quite difficult or even impossible for many Thais.

Thailand Girl Taking photo

Travelling To Hua Hin Together

Joy came home later that day and shared that her boss had approved her two days off.

She suggested that we spend those two days in Hua Hin.

Joy and I went to Hua Hin, exploring different parts of the city.

Joy mentioned to me that, in general, Thai people prefer to spend their leisure time in Hua Hin, whereas foreigners tend to prefer Pattaya.

After having a great time in Hua Hin with Joy, it was time for us to head back to Bangkok.

This would be my last night before returning home to the UK.

Stunning Bangkok Go Go girl

I had already booked a nice room in a luxury hotel, which had cost me a bit, but I was hoping that Joy would spend my last night with me.

We were about halfway between Bangkok and Hua Hin when Joy suddenly mentioned that she would be spending the night at her colleague’s house, the same colleague I had met on our first day.

I felt really disappointed that Joy wouldn’t be spending my last night with me, even though we had a wonderful time together.

I knew it would be several months before I could return to Thailand, and I was looking forward to our time together.

I remained quiet for the rest of the journey because I didn’t feel like talking to Joy.

I was still quite disappointed.

When we finally arrived at my hotel, I asked Joy why she didn’t want to spend my last night in Thailand with me, especially since it would be a while before I could return.

She replied that it was a cultural difference.

I told her that she didn’t need to pick me up the next morning and take me to the airport; I could just take a taxi.

Joy insisted, saying, “No, I’ll be here to take you to the airport in the morning. Nine o’clock sharp, I’ll be in the reception.

Beach in Hua Hin

Disappointed With My Online Relationship Meeting

I went up to my hotel room feeling defeated and disappointed.

My new room had a king-sized bed, fantastic views overlooking Bangkok, and all the goodies, but I was alone.

I debated with myself about what to do.

I wondered whether to just call it a day and go to bed or to head out.

Eventually, I decided to try and find a bar with live music and have a few beers.

I couldn’t find any places in the area that I was in, so I got a taxi and went to Nana Plaza.

Before I knew it, it was 2 a.m., and the bar I had been sitting in called last orders.

Even though I had drank quite a bit, I didn’t feel drunk.

However, I thought it would be wise to start making my way back to the hotel since I had an early morning flight to catch.

On my way back to the hotel, I came across a small street bar, and there was a very attractive waitress serving drinks.

Not only did I fancy another drink, but the waitress looked incredible.

I ended up having more drinks at the street bar, and while I was there, a few of the pretty waitress’s friends showed up.

They asked if they could join me at my table since the other tables were already occupied, and I was sitting alone.

I found myself chatting with all of them, and they said that they were planning to go party once their friend, the attractive waitress, finished her shift.

Disapointed Thai Girl

Meeting More Girls In Bangkok

I politely tried to decline and explained that I had to leave at nine o’clock in the morning to catch a flight.

However, they eventually persuaded me to join them, and I was still feeling quite sober.

In hindsight, I probably didn’t need much persuasion anyway.

We ended up going to a nightclub that had mostly Thai customers, and as far as I can remember, I was drinking and dancing all night long.

The pretty waitress mentioned, “You have a flight; you should go back to your hotel.

It was around 6 a.m.

She accompanied me outside to help me get a taxi, and I could sense that she wanted to come with me.

Go Go Girl In School Outfit

To Short Time, Or Not To Short Time

I really wanted to invite her, but I thought about Joy and still had hope that things might work out with her in the future.

I discreetly slipped 500 baht into the pretty girl’s hand and wished her well.

I had a lot of fun that night because of her and could leave on a high note.

Only in Thailand could something like this happen.

The next morning, the hotel phone rang, and I picked it up, startled.

It was Joy on the line, asking, “Where are you? It’s already 9:30!

I jumped out of bed, rushed into the shower, grabbed my luggage, and headed downstairs.

Joy and her colleague were waiting for me in the hotel reception.

There wasn’t much conversation during the ride to the airport.

Upon arriving at the airport, there was still a bit of extra time, so Joy and her friend took me to the airport cafe for breakfast.

Once again, not much was said, and I didn’t have the energy for conversation after a heavy night before.

No short time in Bangkok

Saying Good Bye To My Thai Girl

As we said our goodbyes, I discreetly slipped 10,000 baht into Joy’s hand to cover any expenses she had incurred during my stay, especially for the time she had taken off work to be with me.

I’m not naive, and some might think I am, but I genuinely wanted to give that ten thousand baht to Joy.

It was my choice, and I wanted to show my appreciation for her time and company.

We said our goodbyes without any physical contact and wished each other well.

However, when I arrived back in the UK, I received no messages from Joy.

She didn’t even ask if I had arrived safely.

After some time, I decided to reach out to Joy again.

However, when I finally made contact with her, she was very short and brief in her messages.

She wasn’t as forthcoming as she had been before we met in Thailand.

She didn’t engage in video calls either.

After about a month or so, I asked her if anything was wrong and why our communication had become distant.

Her eventual reply was, “For personal reasons, I do not want a boyfriend.

I decided to back off from her, and our regular communication came to a halt, even though I made it clear that I respected her decision.

Stunning Bangkok Go Go Girls

Returning To Thailand, The Land of Smiles

I have returned to Thailand several times since meeting Joy, but I haven’t seen her again since that first trip.

I still have her contact details, and she messages me once a year on my birthday.

Though, I no longer have the desire to visit Joy again.

Interestingly, she used to visit Germany from time to time for business, and she would occasionally message me out of the blue, asking if I wanted to meet up.

She even offered that there was no need for me to pay for accommodations since she already had a room where I could stay.

My experiences were generally positive, and for anyone who might think it’s impossible to meet a nice Thai girl, it certainly isn’t.

Just remember not to look for her in a go-go bar, a beer bar, or a massage parlor.

There are many genuine and wonderful people to meet in Thailand, and building meaningful relationships is possible when approached with respect and patience.

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