My Happy Ending Story With A Pattaya Bar Girl

Go Go Girl From Pattaya

My name is Mike. I was born in New Zealand, and I’ve spent most of my life in Australia. Now, I’m 50 years old.

In the late 1990s, one of my best friends, Jack, began going to Thailand.

He eventually moved to Thailand in 2001.

Around that time, Jack was managing different bars in the Pattaya area of Thailand.

Thailand didn’t really grab my interest, but my friend kept urging me to visit, promising I’d have a great time.

Finally, in early 2007, I gave in to his persuasion and arranged a holiday for myself.

taking a bar girl to your country

Getting Addicted To Pattaya

I went on a two-week trip with my Australian girlfriend, and we had a fantastic time.

It was wonderful to see Jack again.

However, I got hooked on Pattaya; it felt like an addiction.

Time flew by quickly; it was like a blur.

None of the go-go bar girls really stood out to me during this trip; they all seemed pretty much the same.

Nevertheless, they were all enjoyable to chat with.

After I returned home, I was fortunate enough to be in a good position to go back to Pattaya by myself for a whole month.

The moment I landed, I headed straight to the Shamrock Bar, which was the bar Jack was running at the time.

I didn’t even bother checking into a hotel or letting him know I was coming.

The expression on his face was priceless; he just smiled and said, “Let’s go.

I checked the time, and it was already 1:30 p.m.

I figured I might as well leave my bags behind the bar and head over to Soi 6.

Most of my early days in Pattaya followed the same routine – Soi Six during the daytime and Walking Street in the evening.

becoming addicted to pattaya

Exploring Pattaya Go-Go Bars

One night, I ventured into a go-go bar called Misti’s.

I was scanning the place, trying to figure out who would be the lucky one tonight when I spotted a genuinely nice-looking girl on the stage.

I invited her over to my table for a drink and asked if I could pay her bar fine to spend some time with her outside of the go-go bar.

She was genuinely lovely, so I suggested we grab a motorbike taxi to my hotel, which was close to Soi 6.

She mentioned that she had her own motorbike, which was great.

I then asked her name, and she told me it was Skye.

Skye wasn’t too old; I was 37 at the time.

She shared that she’d been working in Pattaya since she was 20.

I did some quick math and realized that she had been entertaining male visitors in Pattaya for quite a few years.

That might have explained the weary look in her eyes when I met her.

I usually don’t try to have long conversations with these girls because their English is often not very good, and it can be quite challenging.

Pattaya Go Go Girl

Bar Fine With A Pattaya Go Go Girl

However, I must say that Skye turned out to be excellent company, and I genuinely enjoyed my evening with her.

In the morning, Skye was sleeping deeply in that special way only Thai bar girls seem to do.

I wanted to head out for a bit, thinking that since Skye was sleeping so soundly, she wouldn’t mind if I borrowed her motorbike.

So, I took her keys and went off to McDonald’s for some breakfast.

I returned about an hour later, and Skye was still fast asleep.

She looked quite sweet lying there.

When she finally woke up, we had some cold coffee from the fridge and started chatting as best as we could, given our language barrier.

I’m not sure what it was, maybe being in the company of a beautiful girl that many men spent time watching dance, but for some reason, we both decided that we wanted to stay together for a while.

Other than going out to grab food, we spent the next three days in my room, and it was pure bliss.

Skye asked about how long I was planning to stay in Pattaya, and I told her it would be a few more weeks.

She suggested I pay the bar fine for the three days she’d already spent with me, and then she would go to work that night and tell the bar she was sick.

She promised to come back to my place afterward.

bar fine pattaya go go girl

Catching Feelings For A Thai Girl

I agreed to her plan but mentioned that every evening, I would go out with my friend.

However, I assured her that I’d come back to the hotel to meet her.

I promised to give her a thousand baht each day, and she could do as she pleased during the daytime, but we would always meet up at the end of the evening.

I told Skye that we could simply meet back at the hotel at the end of each night, and she agreed.

That’s precisely what we did until my holiday came to an end, and I had to return home.

After being back home for two days, I received a message from Skye, asking if she could visit me in Australia.

I agreed to her request and asked if she had a passport.

She confirmed that she did and sent me the details.

I took care of the visa application process, filling out the forms and sending them to her.

Then, I applied for the visa at the embassy myself.

Beautiful Thai Go Go Girl In Pattaya

Taking A Thai Girl Back To Your Country

Within two weeks of submitting the application, we received a response, and Skye was granted a three-month visa.

It was a bit unusual that she hadn’t asked for any money, but she did request that I book and pay for her flight ticket, which I did.

She also asked for some travel money to cover expenses like taxis and food during her journey.

She mentioned having a nine-hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

Booking the ticket that way turned out to be more cost-effective.

We kept talking every day through social media.

When Skye finally arrived in Australia, she adapted quickly and got along well with my friends.

It was a pleasant surprise for them, as they had never been to Thailand, and they were impressed by her charm.

I took Skye to see all the tourist attractions, and we had a fantastic time together in Australia.

The three-month trip passed by quickly, and we were both very sad when the time came to say goodbye at the airport.

Later that year, I applied for another visa for Skye as our relationship continued to go well, even though It was through social media.

This time, I managed to secure a full year visa for Skye, which included unlimited re-entry to the country during the visa’s duration.

Being in Australia posed no problems for Skye; she got along well with my family and friends.

Taking Thai Girl Back To Your Country

Bringing A Thai Girl To Australia

Skye eventually found a job and worked in Australia until 2010.

Eventually, both of us made the decision to return to Thailand on a full-time basis.

When we arrived back in Thailand, we opened a small Thai restaurant.

Later on, we also launched a small motorbike parts shop next to the restaurant.

This went on until around 2014, and life was going pretty well.

In late 2014, Skye began bodybuilding, and she even started competing in 2016.

Skye had quite a following on social media due to her bodybuilding journey.

However, not everything went smoothly.

Despite not wanting to dampen her spirits, I made a regrettable decision.

Another friend of mine, Sam, invited me to join him on a holiday to the Philippines in 2013, and I went along.

Sam and I had a great time, but Skye knew what I was up to during the trip, and it led to a complicated situation – I got another girl pregnant.

I told Skye about the situation, and she was understandably devastated.

However, we managed to overcome this hurdle and still stayed together.

It’s been 13 years since that time, and as incredible as this story might sound, I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself that I went on a holiday to Pattaya, met a bar dancer, and she’s still with me today.

Skye never asked me for large sums of money, unlike the horror stories we often hear.

Small Chest Thai Go Go Girl

One-In-A-Million Pattaya Bar Girl Relationship

She never pressured me to help her family either.

With time, I matured and came to realize that I had found that rare, one-in-a-million bar girl.

I’m committed to never messing things up with Skye again.

So this is my happy ending with a bar girl I met in Pattaya, I am sharing this to show that it can work.

Cheers and all the best.

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