Married Thai Yoga Teacher

Thai Yoga Wife

Hey, I’m Chris. I used to live in Boston.

I had been in a really long and tough relationship.

It lasted for 3.5 years and ended after a really hard month in early December 2015.

I did love my ex a lot.

We put in a ton of time and effort into our relationship, but we just couldn’t figure out how to live together in a good way.

We broke up about three or four times.

Two times we even moved out of the house we lived in together.

But somehow, we always got back together.

My ex was really good at convincing me to give it another shot.

Chaing Mai Hills

Saying Goodbye To My Ex Wife


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It felt like an extra weight on my shoulders because I thought everything that went bad between us was my fault.

I was made to believe that our issues were because of me.

Talking with my ex was really hard, and because of that, I became kind of closed off as well.

When we broke up, I was finishing my time working for a big medical company.

At the same time, I was starting a new phase of my life by creating my own online marketing business.

Over the years, I had gone on a lot of long trips by myself to different parts of the world.

I thought it was time for another trip, kind of like a way to mark the change from my old 9 to 5 job to starting my own business.

And the cool thing was, I could now work from anywhere I wanted.

With the goal of giving my life a fresh start, I decided to plan another trip.

This trip wasn’t just about visiting new places, but also about finding a way to heal and move forward from the past.

I thought Europe was a good option because I could make the time difference work.

My days would be pretty free, and I could start working in the afternoon when it was just morning in New York.

thai girl with beautiful eyes

Looking For Place To Visit In The World

But then, I did some research online and realized I wanted to go somewhere different from my usual trips. So, I chose Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai, as my destination.

Thailand had so many reasons to visit.

Chiang Mai seemed like an incredibly beautiful and interesting spot on the planet.

The culture and food were fantastic, and the place itself was stunning.

Even though there were warnings about pollution being high, I wasn’t one to avoid a place just because of a bit of risk.

In May 2016, I got to Chiang Mai and began to make myself at home.

One thing I wanted to do was get back into yoga since I had given it a shot before and enjoyed it.

temple in chaing mai

Finding Love At Yoga Class In Chiang Mai


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I searched online, found some yoga classes, and started attending them.

I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 220 pounds, so if I had a Native American name, it might be ‘Big Tree Falls Hard’.

I knew I wouldn’t be super graceful in yoga, and I kept thinking I might end up looking silly, but I didn’t allow that to hold me back.

The first time I went to the yoga place, the girl at the front desk told me they had two classes taught by Thai women who spoke English.

Pom was the only one teaching at the branch near where I was staying, so I joined her class.

When I saw Pom for the first time, I wouldn’t exactly say she walked in – it was more like she glided.

She kept that graceful float as she came to a stop just about 6 inches away from me.

All I could think about was closing my eyes and kissing her in that moment. It felt like being completely awestruck.

Doing Yoga In Chiang Mai

Fighting Addiction In My Past

One thing I’m really open about in my journey is that I used to struggle with alcohol and drugs.

But I’ve been sober for 14 years now.

I got into yoga about 4 years after I got clean.

My interest in yoga was part spiritual and part about taking care of my body.

It ended up fitting really well with my recovery process.

In Pom’s class, she came over to help me adjust my poses and her touch made me really aware of the connection between us.

Later, her friend Marcel, who was also a foreigner, invited me to join them for some juice, and I was happy to say yes.

At the same time, I had been thinking about getting private yoga lessons to get better at certain moves.

I brought this up with Marcel, and he quickly suggested, “You should ask Pom.

She was interested too, so we decided to go for a private lesson.

Yoga teacher is future thai wife

Dating My Thai Yoga Teacher


Married My Thai Teacher 🇹🇭❤️ #thailandstories #thaigirl #thaiwife #thaigirlfriend #longdistancerelationship

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We set a date to meet in two days.

She wanted to see if I was open to learning.

So, we had the private yoga session.

During the lesson, it was still more like a teacher and student thing.

We weren’t exactly flirting, at least not too much.

We were at her place for the lesson, and afterward, we had some tea and just chilled out.

After we had tea, I gathered the courage to ask her if she wanted to go out for lunch.

I was really enjoying being around her and I didn’t want our time together to be over.

We went to this adorable café called Curcuna, right near an antique store close to where I was staying.

I can genuinely say it was the best lunch I’ve ever had.

I don’t think I even paid much attention to my food, even though I’m pretty sure I ate. We just talked the entire time.

Both of us were kind of open and vulnerable from the yoga session, so we ended up talking about stuff like our childhoods in a really honest way.

Dating Thai Yoga Teacher

Feeling A Strong Connection With This Thai Girl

Normally, it would take years for people to reach that level of openness and be so real and raw with each other.

During my journey to recovery, I’ve had plenty of conversations with strangers about personal things.

I’m also lucky to have guy friends with whom I can be open like that.

But talking about these deep things on a first date with a woman was definitely a new experience for me.

Pom is an amazing teacher.

On a deeper level, she’s incredibly gentle, kind, and open, which makes it easy for anyone to share their feelings. Her personality and vibe are really comforting.

She has a unique quality in that sense.

When someone else is creating that safe environment, it’s a lot easier to open up.

I hadn’t even had such an honest lunch talk with someone I’d known for a long time, let alone someone I’d just met.

This happened on a Friday.

Another thing to know was that Pom had a retreat to lead in Ko Samui starting on Sunday.

Marrying Thai Yoga Teacher From Chiang Mai

Changing My Plans So I Can Stay With Holiday Girlfriend

And according to my prior plans, I was heading to Bangkok before she returned.

In essence, we only had two days left to spend together before our journeys led us in separate directions.

On that Friday, I had plans with my friends. However, when Pom invited me out to dinner, I couldn’t say no.

So, I ended up canceling my plans and we met up after her yoga class.

We were flirting quite a bit during dinner, and the atmosphere was charged with a lot of intensity.

I kept thinking that she was way more amazing than I could ever be.

But after dinner, as we walked, I reached out and held her hand, and our fingers intertwined.

It was the first time we touched in a way that showed we might be more than just friends.

It was a really sweet moment.

First Kiss With Thai Teacher

Our First Kiss

We kept walking for a bit, and then I stopped under a tree and asked if I could kiss her.

She said, “Yes.

I don’t know why, but I thought it would be romantic.

We spent the night together.

The next morning was really beautiful.

She had this spacious, white bed.

The sun was rising, its light gently filtering through the curtains and those big, pretty windows with large panes.

I can still vividly recall that morning; it felt absolutely amazing.

The entire experience felt incredibly euphoric to me.

I had only been with her for two days, and she was leaving for Koh Samui the following day.

Close up picture of Thai woman

Falling In Love With A Girl From Chaing Mai

Despite the short time, this experience had opened up my heart immensely.

However, there was a genuine chance that I might never get to see her again.

That thought gave me a lot of courage.

Even though I didn’t want to come across as crazy, I felt really empowered to tell her how I felt.

I told her, “Pom, I’m not saying this because I want something from you. I don’t expect you to say it back. I just want you to understand that I love you. I think you’re amazing.

Pom replied with something like, “I think I might be falling in love with you too.

The following day, Pom invited me to her friend’s wedding.

I felt a bit nervous and I can be quite shy, especially since all of her friends and coworkers would be there.

However, I decided to go for it and accepted the invitation.

I really wanted to be around Pom as much as I could.

During the wedding, we sat at a table with all of Pom’s bosses.

She mentioned they had been a huge help and mentors to her for the past two years.

Dating Chiang Mai Lady

Meeting Thai Girlfriends Friends

One of them asked how long we had been a couple.

When I said, “Three days

they seemed quite surprised.

It seemed they assumed we’d been together for much longer due to how naturally affectionate we were with each other.

After about an hour, Pom turned to me and asked, “Do you want to leave?

So, we left the wedding and went back to her place.

That night was another magical one for us, and we spent it together.

The next morning, I walked back to my place, understanding that we might not have the chance to see each other again for quite a while.

Because my work schedule was flexible, we had talked about the possibility of me returning in a month or even going to Ko Samui for a few weeks.

However, nothing was confirmed at that point.

She headed off to Ko Samui, and I left for Bangkok shortly after that.

After a week of constant talking with Pom, I was getting ready to return to the United States to handle some business.

However, I really wanted to see her.

We came up with a plan: if I changed my flight and added an extra day, we could spend a whole 24 hours together.

She actually left Ko Samui and came to Bangkok just for that day.

I found that to be a really sweet gesture.

First Kiss With Chiang Mai Lady

Saying Goodbye To My Holiday Girlfriend Again

The day went by in a blur, and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye.

She drove me to the airport, and we shared our final kiss… at least for now.

During the flight back home, I had already made up my mind to move to Thailand.

Since I could work from anywhere, I had actually planned to travel even before I met Pom.

I had set a date for my travels, which was around the end of August.

I had already given notice for my apartment and everything was set in stone.

While I was in the United States, Pom got offered a permanent position in Chiang Mai. As a result, she left Ko Samui and headed back there.

The time had come for me to move to Chiang Mai, unofficially.

I packed up all my stuff and sold what I didn’t need.

And then, I set off to begin my new life with Pom.

Sweet Thai Yoga Teacher

Moving To Thailand To Be With My New Thai Girlfriend

The moment we laid eyes on each other, we both realized that absolutely nothing had changed between us.

From the very start, I knew deep down that this feeling was something I couldn’t control, so I made up my mind to just embrace it.

There was so much positivity and love in this, along with a strong inner sense that made me believe I could truly make this work with her.

In the end, we both agreed that we wanted to move somewhere and build a life together.

Marrying Thai Yoga Girl

I didn’t have any doubts about this choice – I was ready to fully commit to us.

I might be more self-aware and introspective compared to many other men due to my journey in recovery.

I’ve had more experience in communication and being open.

However, I’m still a guy, and my initial instinct is to withdraw and close off in most situations – it’s like a reflex to retreat into my own space.

The two relationships I had before Pom were with women who were emotional but not really open to emotional connection.

I didn’t feel safe or at ease discussing my real feelings or being vulnerable with them.

I have a gentle and caring side that wants to be loving, affectionate, sweet, and giving.

When I don’t receive that in return, I tend to withdraw.


Married My Thai Yoga Teacher In Chaing Mai 🇹🇭❤️ #relationshipstorytime #longdistance #thaigirlfriend #thailandstorytime #thailandtrip

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The Connection Was Too Strong To Ignore

It’s like I’m no longer in my usual affectionate state, and that’s when negative feelings like resentment, anger, and fear can start to grow.

When I receive that warmth and affection, I can give it back too.

It’s not fair to anyone when I react in a closed-off way. I can see the contrast between Pom and those past women, and I also notice how much I’ve grown.

She’s sweet and affectionate, which actually helps me be the same way.

This dynamic leads to happiness for both of us.

That’s definitely what’s changed now.

I’m glad to share that we recently had a weekend getaway and got engaged.

Our future plans are still up in the air, but for now, we’re going to continue exploring Asia a bit more.

Beautiful Tattooed Lady

We’ve talked about places like Bali and maybe even getting married there.

At the same time, we’re both cherishing each other and deepening our understanding of one another on various levels.

Like any couple, we’re navigating through any challenges that arise, showing care for each other and for ourselves.

Overall, we’re continually putting in the effort to honor and protect our love, holding it in high esteem and treating it as something special.

I wanted to share this story because of all the negative tales that are widely spread about relationships ending badly, especially in the context of Thailand.

In response to that, I’d like to point out that people might be focusing on the wrong sources. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

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