From Bar Girls To Farm Girls, Marrying A Thai Girl

married my online thai girlfriend

I first came to Thailand in 2012 young and full of excitement to see Thailand.

I arrived in Bangkok with a friend that had already experience with Thailand.

He showed me around and we hade the best time ever, one evening we went in a music bar on Nana and there I meet a nice young lady her name was Lek, we had a great time and she stayed the night with me.

after she was gone I realised I forget to ask her number, but thought ok I will meet her again in the bar.

But in the next 2 weeks I did not see her

I had to go back to Germany as I was only on a business trip, but was sure I would go back as soon as possible.

sure enough went back a few weeks later but never saw her again, though still was thinking on her.

Bangkok Girl Working In A Bar

Meeting A Thai Bar Girl


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I guess it was year and a half later, one night I was drunk and on my way to the hotel, I just wanted one more beer on the way.

I saw her again and she also remember me and we had the best time again, this time I got her number so we stay in touch and each time I come to Bangkok we meet I even invited her to come to Germany.

I must say she never ask for money, only when we were together I paid for drinks, restaurants and gave her some spending money for her time, but she never ask send money when I was away.

One day I just had a layover in Bangkok on my way to Germany and did not tell her I was in there, sure enough I was out near my hotel just having a beer to close the night and who walks by with a other guy hand in hand? Lek.

Thai girl wasnt being honest

My Thai Bar Girl Was Lying To Me

I confronted her and she blamed me “why you not tell me you are in Bangkok?

” never the less I ended that, I later found out she had 3 ‘boyfriends’

The next few years I just enjoyed the time when I was in Bangkok visiting the bar scene and the gogo bars.

I stated to do the same that the girls do, I had multiple girls, and I must say they were ok, they did not ask for to much money.

once in a while yes I would give them money to help but it was never big money they were asking for so was ok with it.

Finally around 2017 it became clear to me that I did not want to get in a serious relationship with a bar girl.

there is a an old saying “You can get the girl out of the bar but never the bar out of the girl.


From Bar Girls To Farm Girls, Marrying A Thai Girl 🇹🇭 #thaiwife #thaibargirls #bargirls #bangkok #thailandstory

♬ original sound – Tales From The Thai Side 🇹🇭

Trying Out Online Dating In Thailand

So I moved on and tried one of them Thai dating sites, I got a lot of response but one girl was standing out to me so I started talking to here, I instantly felt like there was something there between us.

we talked for a few weeks online and had video calls,her english was not the best but good enough for us to communicate.

I knew I would be going to Bangkok soon, so I invited her to join me there.

Thai girl selfie

She lives in Isan so she had to travel 6 hours to Bangkok, I told her that I would book 2 separate rooms, I just wanted to see her in person and get to know her.

We had a great evening a good dinner and went to sleep in separate rooms.

Next morning we had breakfast together and spent the whole day together, even if it was not easy to communicate but we managed to do it.

Married Thai Girl

I Married My Online Thai Girlfriend

From that trip, we spoke daily and we got married in 2021, and I must say she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, we real soul mates.

so not all Isan farm girl are in it for the money, she works hard and always says she wants to contribute her share.

we just purchased land and built a house my life cannot be better.

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