Falling In Love With A Phuket Bar Girl

Falling In Love With A Phuket Bar Girl
I stumbled across your channel a few years back and have recently become a member.
I only wish I discovered your channel earlier.
I’m a middle-aged guy and consider myself a seasoned Monger with an extensive body of work that spans multiple countries and almost two decades.
Needless to say, the scene wasn’t new to me, but while we think all bar girls are the same, the Thai Bar girl is truly a different creature.

Travelling To The Phuket Sandbox During The Pandemic

My story begins in the height of the pandemic, September 21st.
I have visited Bangkok a few times before, and it seemed like a much better option.
I opted for the sandbox scheme that let you roam freely on the island of Phuket for two weeks versus two weeks quarantine in a Bangkok hotel.
I had been to Phuket one other time, but all my memories were a singer beer blur.
Everything was new to me, and it was a fun time as there were a handful of bars open on the Bangla Road strip, and you would bump into the same faces you saw on the aircraft.
It felt like summer camp as a kid, and by the end of the sandbox, you had made a lot of new friends.
I was just happy to finally be able to travel.

She Won Me Over, Barfine Paid

I frequented one of the few bars that were open and drank with the same girl for several nights.
One night, she was with another customer, so I approached another girl.
Her name was Tick, and from first glances, she was definitely a professional.
But for a transactional experience, she would be perfect.
She was clearly not an innocent farm girl that just arrived from Isaan to support her family.
We began to talk, and I was surprised with her honest answers.
She told me she’s worked at bars since she was 18 years old, and she was 29 years old right now.
She also said other blunt comments like when she gets a man’s heart, she can get everything she wants from him.
I suppose she sized me up as a professional too and didn’t need to use the usual script.
In a weird way, it made me feel special.

Receiving The Girlfriend Experience In Thailand

The following day, she went back to her apartment to change and agreed to meet me for a late lunch at the hotel.
To my surprise, she showed up in her car.
I just assumed that someone must be sponsoring her or maybe her career had been that lucrative.
The remainder of the two weeks, we spent every night together.
No money was exchanged after the first night.
I did go to her bar every night and buy her drinks.
Also, if we went for food, I’d pay.
But that’s something you would do on a regular day anyway.
After her work, we’d go to these after-hours parties held in condo units up in the hills of Patong.
At that time, there was a strict alcohol curfew in Thailand, so this venue was popular.
I learned a lot about the bar girl world as all her co-workers would show up at these condo parties.
I saw all the hustles and scams in plain view because now through Tick, I was like one of the friends.
One time, I took a photo of the place, and in the background was her roommate (bar girl) and her Thai boyfriend.
When I showed Tick the photo, she snapped at me like I did something awful, like kicking a puppy.
She told me to delete it immediately, and of course, I did what any normal person would do.
I kept it until I figured out the reason for her reaction.
The next day, we met her roommate and their friend from China for drinks.
It turns out the friend from China was her roommate’s sponsor.
He seemed like a really nice kid, maybe late 20s, and was clearly getting scammed.
I felt a lot of guilt as really I should have disclosed the truth to him.
As expected, Tick’s roommate kept very close to us during our conversations.
I wanted to pull out that photo, but didn’t want to ruin my remaining nights with Tick.

Falling In Love With A Bar Girl, Mistakes Made.

Fast forward about 10 months and three additional trips, I was hooked.
And then those crazy words came out, the kind of words that would surely guarantee a good beating from any of your viewers.
I found myself in love with Tick.
At home between trips to Patong, we would spend hours video chatting, and sometimes just keep the camera on while we slept.
I really couldn’t imagine a life that didn’t include her.
The reality of the situation did lead to disagreements, especially her profession.
I didn’t provide her monthly support, and she continued working.
She first said she will work for drinks only, and then it became as long as she only loved me.
Going out with customers was okay.
A mind clouded by love has a way of making everything normal.
There were many guys and some repeat customers that would show up periodically.
To keep track of them, we would give them nicknames like Safari man (he stayed at the Safari hotel in Patong) or my favorite, early bird because he always took her out early and finished with her early in the evening.
Like the plot in most of your train wreck stories, the calls became less frequent, and she disappeared often (broken phone), or she would simply say she was busy with customers.
In the end, during a visit, she confessed that she will be marrying an American guy, and this would be the last trip we would see each other.
I was shocked, devastated, and when I look back, there were many signs I chose to ignore.
I figured the only thing I could do was make lemon out of lemonade out of lemons, so I sprinkled in additional seasons for good measure.
It felt surreal to be waiting for her in the lobby of her apartment building while she called her fiance in bedclothes to say goodnight.
At the end of the five nights, we parted ways.
I do get periodic calls from her, and I’m happy she’s found security for herself and baby daughter.
I used to wonder how so many guys fall for obvious scams, and now I know because I’m one of them.
You’ll never hear me criticizing another story submission again.
As mentioned earlier in my story, the Thai bar girl is a different creature, and they are very good at what they do.
Despite this experience, I’ve fallen in love with the country and have put Thailand on my regular rotation.
From your channel and through several private consultations, you’ve really helped me become a much better player.


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