I Fell For A Thailand Romance Scam

Thai Girl Romance Scammer

Hey there, I want to tell you about my experience, which is kinda unique, I guess.

About two weeks before I went to Thailand, I joined a dating app called Thai Friendly.

I matched with a few girls, but none of them stood out to me.

Then, I got matched with someone, and I messaged her right away because I thought she was one of the most beautiful ladyboys on the website.

She was 23 years old and came from a countryside place about 10 hours’ drive north of Bangkok.

We talked a bit on the Line app, asked the usual questions, and then I told her I’d meet her on a specific date next week.

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Heading To Thailand To Meet A Girl I’ve Been Talking To Online

When I got to Bangkok, I decided to explore the city on my own without letting her know I was already there.

Later that night, I was walking around the night life on Sukhumvit Road and spotted her sitting at the sidewalk, probably taking a break from standing.

She was a bit shy at the beginning, but after we talked, we went for some drinks on Khao San road.

She mentioned she wanted to go to Pattaya, so I suggested we could go there the next day.

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From Khao San Road to My Hotel

After drinks on Khao San Road, she came to my hotel room, and our adult fun together was amazing and felt completely natural.

Surprisingly, we didn’t talk about money that first night.

She left in the morning, only asking for taxi fare, and went back to her room to get ready for our trip to Pattaya.

In the afternoon, we headed to Pattaya for three days, which also included a day trip to Koh Larn.

After that, we spent two days in Koh Samet before returning to Bangkok.

She was really loving and affectionate during that time.

By the third day, she started saying she loved me, but I thought it was too quick and pretty hard to believe.

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Thai Girl Wants Me To Be Her Boyfriend

She told me that she would love for me to be her boyfriend in the future.

She also mentioned that she wouldn’t consider me her boyfriend until we’d been together for at least nine months to a year, which made the idea seem less strange and make more sense.

On the fifth day, while we were at the beach in Koh Larn, she asked if I could cover her apartment rent for the month, and I agreed.

When we returned to Bangkok, I had some work to do on my laptop during the day However, she spent most evenings with me, and almost every night, except for two times when she had to work at a mall and returned home late.

I’m quite sure this part is true because she didn’t wear much makeup on those days.

However, there’s a chance I might have been misled.

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Is My Thai Girl Keeping Secrets?

One night, I spotted her standing with her friends on Sukhumvit Road before we were supposed to meet up.

It did seem a bit odd, but I believe she didn’t meet any other guys because it was still early in the evening, and she told me she was waiting for me.

In the last week, we went to Phuket for five days.

On the first day, we had a minor argument, and she told me that she wanted to fly back alone, but I believe it might have been for attention.

Communication was tough at times due to her limited English skills and lower education level, which likely sparked the argument in the first place.

As a side note, she mentioned that she had finished all the required years at university for studying tourism, except for the last year, which she couldn’t afford.

Whether it’s true or not, I’m not entirely sure.

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Arguments Are Becoming Regular

We had another argument on a different night.

I briefly filmed a band playing on my phone for just about five seconds, but she misunderstood, thinking I was recording something else.

She got upset and disappeared into the night, so I had to go out and find her to explain to her and calm things down.

She often felt jealous and worried about me looking at other women, even when I wasn’t.

Besides all that, we had a wonderful time in Phuket.

We rented a motorbike and visited different beaches every day. I really enjoyed it.

At the end of our trip, I gave her money for the next month’s rent for her apartment, and on our last night, she took me out to a hot pot dinner as a farewell, and she covered the bill.

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I Paid Everything For Her

Throughout our trips, I covered all the expenses for food, drinks, and entertainment.

She appeared genuinely upset when I was leaving, and in the days after, she posted on Facebook about feeling lonely.

She also said she cried after I left, but even if she did, I wondered if it was mostly because my financial support had gone, and it might not have been so much about missing my company.

I just wasn’t sure if her emotions were genuine or not.

I want to clarify that I don’t take spending three weeks with a woman lightly.

In fact, it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent with a woman.

The most I’d spent was two weeks with an ex-girlfriend.

I did it because I genuinely liked her.

I also have a soft spot for people of Eurasian descent with a blend of Russian-like and Oriental features, which she somewhat had.

So, yes, I did feel attracted to her, maybe not deeply in love, but I was happy and definitely wanted to see her again.

When I left Thailand, I told her I’d be back in three or four weeks and asked her to wait for me.

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Supporting Her So She Does Not Have To Do Freelance Work

I also gave her ten thousand baht on the condition that she wouldn’t work on Sukhumvit Road or anywhere else.

The additional 5000 baht was to help cover the debt she claimed to have from borrowing money to pay for her mother’s hospital bills.

She said her mother had about five years left to live.

I made her promise she wouldn’t do any street work on Sukhumvit Road.

At first, I was confident she would keep her word, but about one week later, she started changing, and I’m pretty sure she was working again.

During the second week, she said she dropped her iPhone in the toilet, and it would cost 7,000 baht to repair due to water damage.

I was a bit skeptical because she had it fixed within 24 hours, and she assured me all her data was safe.

It just didn’t quite add up.

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The Requests For Money Keep On Coming

I went ahead and paid because I thought she was really in need of money.

On a side note, she also mentioned that if she didn’t pay for the repair, the repair shop would sell the phone in three days.

I didn’t quite believe this part either.

By the third week, her behavior took a turn for the worse, and she seemed like a different person.

She started talking about money all the time.

She eventually confessed that she was going back to work on Sukhumvit Road one night, but oddly enough, she returned home to her room.

I saw evidence of this when I pleaded with her not to.

She explained that she had lost sixty thousand baht in a casino game, where her friend had deceived her into playing by lying about it.

I’m completely convinced that this story is untrue.

The videos she sent of the casino looked ridiculous, and she later deleted the location video from Line, suggesting that the casino was not in a central location as she claimed.

She also declined to give any written contract or proof of funds, instead insisting that the casino had CCTV footage as evidence.

It’s pretty evident that this isn’t true.

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Now She Has Gambling Debts To Pay

When it became apparent that I wasn’t willing to give her sixty thousand baht, she suggested that thirty thousand baht would be enough.

The following day, she told me she had sold her phone for ten thousand baht to cover a part of the casino loss.

Suddenly, she reappeared on the Line app with a different account, using what seemed like a basic phone that couldn’t make video calls.

She explained that she borrowed the phone from a friend who lived in the same building.

Clearly, her explanation was not truthful.

I can only assume that she was dressed up to work on Sukhumvit Road and didn’t want me to find out.

When I tried calling her on her old number, it still rang, but no one answered the call.

In the following days, the requests for money kept coming and began to get really annoying.

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She Is Becoming Everything I Dont Want

Now, you might be wondering why I was so taken aback by this sudden change.

Well, you have to remember that in the beginning, she came across as very sincere.

She never pressured me to buy things or give her money.

There was a time when I wanted to purchase her an expensive swimsuit, but she insisted I shouldn’t.

She also wouldn’t allow me to book expensive hotels.

In hindsight, I suspect this was all part of her plan, so I would have more money to give her.

At first, she didn’t ask for much for food and didn’t request me to buy her any non-food items.

In other words, if she was primarily motivated by money, why didn’t she try to get more cash from me during our first trip together?

There were other confusing details.

She always hugged me all night, often more than I hugged her.

She frequently initiated intimate moments in the bedroom, rather than me.

It felt as if she was just like a real girlfriend.

I believe I might have been the only person supporting her during that time because if she had other men providing for her, she would have had to contact them within those three weeks, but she didn’t.

Also, for her phone number, the only Line account linked was the one I used with her, and it appeared that I was the only one liking or communicating on her photos.

Lastly, I never added her on Facebook, but I noticed her posting status updates that seemed to align with what she claimed was happening in her life, such as having to sell her phone.

Maybe she was only doing this because she knew I would check her Facebook page, so it could have been a clever way of conveying information to me without directly telling me much.

To me, a more plausible explanation for all of this was related to her upbringing and limited education, so I didn’t take offense.

Apart from all of this, when we looked into each other’s eyes, she wouldn’t maintain the kind of prolonged, affectionate gaze you’d expect from someone in love.

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The Romantic Feeling Is Fading

Also, it seemed like kissing was typically linked to bedroom time, rather than the affectionate kind of kissing you’d have with someone you’re in a loving relationship with.

She also had a habit of telling lies, albeit usually about insignificant matters and not in a malicious way.

My theory regarding the casino story is that her friend might have suggested the idea to her.

She has a very scheming friend who has multiple boyfriends living abroad, sending her money.

On one occasion, her friend received two thousand US dollars from a man.

I saw his photo, and it does make you wonder how she managed to convince him to send her the money.

Perhaps my new friend was trying her luck with a similar strategy.

She had also mentioned that she had to contribute thirty thousand baht towards her parents, who were farmers and struggling to cover their bills because of a poor harvest.

Something that struck me as odd was that her bank account consistently showed a zero balance, regardless of how much money I gave her.

I couldn’t help but wonder where all this money was going and who she was giving it to.

Were her parents truly in such dire straits that she sent them every penny, leaving nothing for herself?

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She Is Good At Online Romance Scamming

I couldn’t quite grasp it.

It seemed as if she couldn’t deceive me in person while we were together, but she found it much easier to do so from a distance.

Or perhaps she was very cunning, with a master plan to gradually build up my trust and then request larger sums of money when I trusted her more.

However, that story about the casino was so incredible and absurd that I’m amazed she even attempted it.

She would have been better off just being kind to me, as I might have considered taking her to Europe one day.

In the short time we were together, she managed to get a few thousand baht from me.

However, if she had been truly clever and treated me well, she could have gained a lot more from me in the long run because I would have kept coming back to Thailand just to see her.

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Lucky Escape, Better Late Than Never…

My theory, though I shouldn’t expect her actions to be rational, is that she lives for the moment, and her general business strategy is to earn as much money as she can, both for herself and her family.

It’s possible that she does have debts, but who knows? Life can be tough, and she might have mixed feelings about her actions.

On one hand, she could be trying to exploit customers for as much as she can, and on the other hand, she might genuinely enjoy a man’s company or even fall in love for a brief moment.

Do I regret it? No, not really.

It was a valuable experience overall.

I learned not to be so naive, and I also gained insight into the darker aspects of relationships between foreigners and some Thai girls in Thailand.

I’ve come across numerous stories where some Thai girls or ladyboys skillfully get a lot of money from their foreign boyfriends without feeling any guilt.

When I reflect on it, I realize that I paid a relatively small price.

I was deceived, and I lost a modest amount of money, but it could have been much worse.

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She Was A Professional Scammer

I understand that it might be easy for readers to think that I was incredibly naive and couldn’t see the warning signs.

However, it’s important to remember that I was deeply in love with this person and always gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Additionally, she was a very skilled actress and played her role perfectly.

In hindsight, I’ve attempted to see it from her perspective.

I met her on the street, and she might not have been able to trust many people.

I shouldn’t be too surprised or expect compassion, as I was just another tourist to her.


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