Long Time With The Popular Go Go Girl In Phuket

popular go go girl in patong

My first time was at the age of 24 after completing my Army service in 2015.

It was the first trip alone for me and two of my friends from the service.

We arrived in Phuket but on the northern part, far from Patong Beach.

The first few days were very calm, and we took some trips to see nature.

After a few days, we headed to Patong Beach, and boy, we were blown away by the nightlife, especially with Bangla Road.

sexy looking thai bargirl

Not Being Used To Thai Girls Touch, Almost Fighting

One of my friends almost got into a fight with a group because we were not used to their friendliness and the way they touched you in the middle of the street.

So, when she put her hand on him, he brushed her off quickly and a little bit roughly.

Luckily, they just said something to us in Thai, probably cussed at us, and went away.

Since then, we learned to decline politely on Bangla Road.

Bangla Road Bar Girl

The Popular Girls Always Get Barfined Early

We fancied a particular club with a stage where dancers performed.

The main one was an older girl who led all the clubbers in a dance.

The ones who danced well received a t-shirt with the club logo on it.

She was really funny, and it wasn’t like any other place.

I still have a few shirts.

Also, I liked one of the dancers.

She was a second lead with cool red hair, obviously dyed and undercut, and some tattoos.

I was really infatuated with her.

The problem was that she was so popular; lots of guys bought her ladies drinks, and she usually vanished during the evening.

I guess she went out on short-time barfine.

Bangla Road Go Go Girl

Patong Before Bangkok

We stayed at Patong Beach for about four days and then went to Phi Phi Island.

I’ve only had a very sensual dance with her once during those nights.

After Phi Phi Island, which is a great place, we returned to Patong for three nights before heading to Bangkok.

I made it my mission to spend the night with the redhead dancer.

On the first night, she wasn’t at the club, and I was worried that she didn’t work there anymore or had gone on vacation with someone.

So, I found another girl.

Bargirl With pink hair

Finally Getting The Popular Go Go Girl Alone

On the second night, she was at the club, but one of the customers kept buying her ladies drinks.

I decided to continue my night elsewhere, a little bit disappointed, but I had one more night.

On the last night in Patong, I arrived at the club with one of the friends who was with me on the trip.

The redhead was there.

My friend went over and said hi.

My friend would like you to join us.” My friend is a pro wingman.

She saw me and replied, “I saw him here. I like him too. I would like to join.

Dark Skinned Thai Bar Girl

Barfine and Long Time

We sat at the table and had a really good time, laughing and joking.

After two ladies’ drinks, she told me, “Let’s get out of here.

We went out, had some Thai food, and she wouldn’t let me pay for it.

Later on, we went to my hotel and hung out.

We talked and had a good time.

She told me she was a professional dancer and showed me a Thai music video in which she danced a few years ago.

Of course, there was some great bedroom fun, which was fantastic.

cute thai bar cashier

What a first experience in Thailand

The morning after, I had to get up early since we had an early flight.

We got ready after some morning fun, and she was leaving as I had to get ready. When she was out of the door, I gave her 2,000 baht.

At first, she said she didn’t want it, but I told her I had a good time and would like her to have it. Keep in mind I hadn’t paid a bar fine.

That concluded my first time in Phuket.

I came back to Thailand about half a year ago, and I had a great time.

It was even better than the first one.

I’ll make sure to send stories from that visit as well.


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