My Relationship With A Thai Freelancer

My Relationship With A Thai Freelancer Girl From Pattaya

In 2005, at the age of 32, I made a life-changing decision to move from New Zealand to Thailand.

The purpose of my move was to work as a sports instructor on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, which felt like a paradise compared to the cold country I came from.

After spending a year on Koh Samui, I was presented with an exciting opportunity to open a new branch of the company I was working for in Pattaya.

Despite hearing negative things about that city, I decided to take the chance, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision, living and working there was a great experience.


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Condo Investing In Pattaya

During my time in Pattaya, I made some investments by purchasing a couple of townhouses.

I cleverly divided them into ten apartments, intending to rent them out on a short-term basis. However, this plan proved to be quite challenging.

Eventually, I switched to long-term rentals, but the rents were very very low, making it less profitable. I will explain further into these experiences later on.

Throughout my time in Pattaya, I never had any serious girlfriends, It seemed that many girls there were more interested in receiving an allowance than to be someone’s girlfriend, which I didn’t quite understand or agree with.


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Meeting My Freelancer Girlfriend In Thailand

However, I did meet a wonderful freelance woman, and we had a casual relationship that lasted for several years.

To make things work between us, I offered her a room in one of my houses, and in return, she took care of cleaning the communal areas and tidying up the rooms when they became vacant.

It turned out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of us.

In 2011, she shared some exciting news with me—she was pregnant, But deep down, I knew that she was seeing other guys at the time.

To handle the situation responsibly, I offered to cover the cost of the hospital expenses and provide her with an allowance.


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Is My Thai Girlfriend’s Child, Mine?

However, I suggested that we should conduct a DNA test to confirm the child is Junee, which she was reluctant to do. Instead, she misled a Welsh guy into believing that he was the father.

In 2012, my son was born, and it was clear to me that he was indeed my child. After much persistence and six months of convincing, I managed to persuade the mother to agree to a DNA test.

I had to resort to a little white lie and reassure her that the Welsh guy wouldn’t have to know the truth.

My desperate need to know the truth about my son’s paternity overshadowed any intention of speaking ill of the other man involved. I simply wanted to ensure my son’s well-being and safety, and I didn’t want anyone potentially harmful to be part of his life.

After receiving the DNA test results confirJuneg that he was indeed my son, I firmly insisted that the mother of my child tell the Welsh guy the truth about our son’s real father.

Although she was upset, she eventually shared the truth with him. The Welsh guy reached out to me, requesting a copy of the DNA test, which I promptly provided.

He was understandably upset and demanded reimbursement for the 50,000 Baht he had spent on the hospital expenses.

At first, I agreed to refund him the money, but he then suggested we all undergo another DNA test, including the baby’s mother.

I was willing to go along with this, but I made it clear that he would have to cover the costs of the second test since it could be quite expensive.

Suddenly, he changed his tune and dropped the idea.

However, I requested his help in amending my son’s birth certificate to reflect the accurate father. But he claimed to have no money and put immense pressure on my son’s mother, demanding financial support.

Finding Out The Truth About My Son’s Paternity

Seeing the situation escalate, I decided to offer him 25,000 Baht to gain his cooperation, hoping it would lead to resolving the matter smoothly. Together, we tried to amend the birth certificate, but unfortunately, it turned out to be an impossible task due to various complications.

Throughout this ordeal, the Welsh guy remained demanding, which pushed me to give him the rest of the money he requested.

Once he received the funds, he disappeared from the scene entirely. Meanwhile, my son’s mother often spent time at her friend’s bar, where the Welsh guy eventually returned, finding himself a new girlfriend.

It was disheartening to learn that this man had previously lost his own house to a bar girl, and now he has lost his chance to be a part of my son’s life.

The situation left me feeling both relieved and saddened. Relieved that my son’s paternity was officially recognized but saddened that the Welsh guy, despite having the chance to be involved in the child’s life, chose to walk away.

I am determined to provide the best life and future for my son, regardless of the challenges we have faced along the way.

Moving In With My Girlfriend In Pattaya

Initially, I attempted to live in the same house as my son and his mother, hoping for a closer family dynamic, But, it soon became apparent that the mother felt a twinge of jealousy, which created some tension.

To maintain peace and ensure a positive environment for our son, I decided to move into an apartment in one of my other houses.

Despite living separately, we made it a point to meet every afternoon as our time together was precious, whether it was going to the beach or enjoying dinners together.

This arrangement worked great, and our bond as parents continued to stronger and over the course of a year, the mother expressed her desire to have another child.

Given her age, she knew time was limited for having another child, but she believed she could manage raising two kids with her allowance.

I had seen her dedication as a fantastic mother, ensuring a clean and safe environment for our son.

Her love and care for him were undeniable. Considering these factors, I agreed to her proposal. Our decision to expand our family marked a new chapter in our lives, filled with hope and excitement for the future.

Having Another Baby With My Thai Girlfriend

In 2019, we welcomed a beautiful addition to our family when our daughter was born.

During that time, I had some business matters to attend to in New Zealand. Hence, I applied for a Visa for the mother and New Zealand passports for both my children.

To my surprise, we managed to secure them, even with a small complication in my son’s birth certificate showing the wrong name.

Eventually, I sold my houses in Thailand, and although it wasn’t a perfect outcome, I nearly broke even. And after that, I decided not to invest in property in Thailand anymore, given the complexities of the market.

Taking A Thai Girl Back To Your Country

Our family relocated to New Zealand, and although I enjoyed the hunting opportunities there, we didn’t feel entirely content with our life in the country.

Despite the challenges, I took pleasure in hunting, which I couldn’t do in Thailand, except for snakes with a BB gun.

After spending 2 years in New Zealand, we decided it was time to return to Thailand in 2021.

This time, we settled in Isan, residing in my kids’ mother’s house, which I expanded and enhanced by adding a swimJuneg pool.

The rental income from the house I have in New Zealand helps cover our living expenses, and I’ve found enjoyment in share trading in volatile markets, where there’s potential to make big profits.

Surprisingly, things have turned out very well for us, despite making several mistakes along the way. I remain optimistic about the future, hoping that our journey continues to bring us joy and success. Fingers crossed for what lies ahead!

Tips From A 10 Year Thailand Veteran

After residing in Thailand for over 10 years, there are some tips and insights I’d like to share that could be helpful for first-time visitors.

Number 1, when it comes to accommodation, it’s advisable to rent instead of buying. Purchasing property in Thailand might seem easy, but selling it can be a very complicated and difficult task.

Renting, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive, and it offers flexibility when you decide to move to a different area. I’ve seen many people burn out after six or seven years because they failed to adapt to a new area or city.

Number 2, while relationships Kun seem promising, it’s essential to be cautious, especially when it involves Thai locals and foreigners.

Over the years, I’ve observed that these relationships often face difficulties, potentially due to language barriers and cultural differences.


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Forming A Relationship With A Thai Freelancer

Unlike what you might hear or think, forming a relationship with a non-bar girl doesn’t necessarily improve the odds of success.

In fact, my friends have experienced similar challenges in both types of relationships.

If you’re looking for a long-term arrangement, it’s best to agree on a reasonable allowance and stick to it firmly, Avoid giving in to requests for more money, as it’s likely to become an ongoing demand.

Lastly, attempting to make a substantial income in Thailand is an extremely difficult journey, and I strongly discourage anyone from trying.

While the small rents from my apartments provided some financial help, the amount of effort and trouble involved in managing them often outweighed the benefits.

All in all, Thailand can be an incredible place to live and explore, but it’s essential to approach certain aspects with caution and realistic expectations. By listening to my story and this advice, newcomers can avoid unnecessary challenges and make the most of their time in this beautiful country.

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