Joyride in Bangkok: A Wild Night of Taxi Swapping

Wild Bangkok Girl

The following story took place one crazy night a long time ago in Bangkok, in the early 1990s.

Some might find it hard to believe, while others will learn a valuable lesson of what not to do in Bangkok.

The following story is one hundred percent true.

Soi Cowboy Girl With Big Boobs

Experiencing Soi Cowboy For The First Time

Staring at myself in the mirror, I decided to have some drinks and grab a bite to eat in the hotel bar.

After a few drinks, dinner, and a few more drinks, I decided there was no way I was going to waste the night hanging around the hotel.

I was a single man back then and so determined to check out the famous nightlife I’d not previously had the pleasure of experiencing—Soi Cowboy.

Random Taxi Driver In Thailand

Random Taxi Driver In Thailand

It was a rainy evening as I walked out to the street to grab a taxi. When the taxi pulled up, I asked the driver if he spoke English, to which he nodded yes, a little.

I asked the driver to go to Soi Cowboy, and he nodded.

Away we went.

The driver was a quiet little guy, which is not unusual as Thai people can be very cautious and shy.

But then, all of a sudden, the driver spoke up and said to me, “You don’t want to go to Soi Cowboy.

Girls In Different Areas Of Bangkok

Taxi Driver Taking Me To Different Places Than I Asked

Well, I was pretty certain that Soi Cowboy is exactly where I wanted to go.

However, in my slightly intoxicated brain, I found the driver’s statement pretty amusing.

I smiled and thought, just where in the world did this funny little guy think I wanted to go? So I asked him.

He said the name of some other famous nightlife area and that it was a bit closer but just as good as Soi Cowboy.

So I said, “Yeah, okay, why not. Let’s go.

And off we went.

Thai Girl From Soi Cowboy Wearing Black Leather Bent Over

Take Me Back To Soi Cowboy

After what seemed like 30 minutes, we were close to the area the driver had in mind.

As he was pointing through the rainy windshield towards the nightlife area, it appeared a little too quiet for me.

I guess I might have investigated a little further, but it just seemed too dark for my interest that night.

So I told the driver I’ve changed my mind, and I want him to take me back to Soi Cowboy.

Asian Woman on beach with big breasts

Why Wont The Taxi Driver Take Me To Soi Cowboy?

Well, this is when the evening became interesting.

I wasn’t expecting the driver’s response when he said to me, “No.” In my experience, “no” is a negative word that Thais seldom speak but sort of dance around and seem to prefer explaining why they can’t do something rather than just say no.

I couldn’t help myself but to chuckle again, and I said to him,

What do you mean, no?

He said, “It’s too far away.

Foreigner Driving Bangkok Taxi

Now It Is My Turn To Drive The Taxi

You can’t imagine the look on the driver’s face when I told him that Soi Cowboy is where I wanted to go, and if he didn’t want to drive me there, to pull over to the side of the road.

Let me drive. You can ride in the back seat and give me directions how to get there.

I don’t think he really believed his ears or that any farang was crazy enough to suggest such a thing.

But sure enough, he pulled over, and just like that, I was behind the wheel, and he was in the back seat saying, “Turn here, go that way, turn there” etc.

Drunk Driving In Bangkok

I Have No Idea What I Was Thinking Drunk Driving In Bangkok

Now, if you’ve spent any time in Bangkok, you’ll know the motorcycle policemen like to hang out on the corners, sometimes in small groups.

Well, this night wasn’t any different, except for the rain.

Every time I drove by a policeman or a small group of them, the taxi driver would duck down and hide from sight.

I’m sure he did his best to direct as directors around the police, but the thing I noticed was that the police always looked to see who was in the passenger seat or the back seat of the taxi, but not once looked to see who was doing the driving.

Not The Smartest Ideas I Have Ever Had

I think they would have put me on the front page news had I been caught—farang arrested for driving a Bangkok taxi while intoxicated.

I admit it wasn’t the smartest choice I’d ever made, especially at my time in life.

But there I was, under the influence, driving a taxi through Bangkok on a rainy night while the taxi driver gave me directions to Soi Cowboy.

By the time we had arrived, we were both laughing at this highly unusual situation and that we had been lucky enough to make it there safely.

This was my first time alone in Bangkok.

I had never been to Soi Cowboy and really didn’t know where in the city I was or what difficulties, if any, there may be to catch a taxi back to the hotel in the very early hours of the morning.

Thai Bar Girl From Soi Cowboy On Hotel Bed

Asking My Taxi Driver To Join Me On Soi Cowboy

So I decided to try and keep the taxi available and asked my new friend if he wanted to come and join me for a beer in one of the bars before he left, which he was happy to accept.

While having a beer and taking in the sights, I noticed my new friend was paying special attention to a lovely girl dancing on stage.

I asked him if he liked her, to which he said, “Yes, very much.

Paying For Beautiful Soi Cowboy bar Girl

I Paid For A Bar Girl And Taxi Driver To Have Short Time

Yep, you’ve guessed it.

I paid for the girl and, on top of that, a room next door for the driver and his girl.

But told him to give me the taxi keys because I wanted him to drive me back to my hotel.

A little later, he tossed me the keys, and I told him to meet me back at the same bar at 3 am.

He just smiled, and off he went with his girl.

Bar Hopping On Soi Cowboy

Bar Hopping On My Own On The Soi

I bar-hopped until 3 am when my friend showed up with the biggest smile you ever saw on a grown man.

I tossed him the keys and said, “Okay, then. Now take me back to my hotel.” When we arrived at my hotel, my new friend refused to take my money for the use of the cab.

He said he had the best night of his life.

Crazy Bangkok Bar Girl

This Was By Far My Craziest Night In Bangkok

The following afternoon around 2 pm, I left the hotel and was going for a short walk to get a bite to eat and a beer.

When I arrived at the street curb, my taxi friend pulled up with the window down and said, “Where do you want to go, boss? I take you wherever you want, no charge.” I smiled and told him thanks but I was just going for a walk nearby and didn’t need his services that evening.

He handed me his business card and told me anytime I come to Bangkok to call that number, and he will drive me wherever I want to go, no charge.

He would never forget me.

I never did call or see my taxi friend again and certainly will never forget the craziest night I’ve ever spent in Bangkok.


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