Controlling Relationship With Thai Wife

Controlling Thai Wife

This is a story that’s kinda strange.

It’s about a guy who used to be friends with me.

He’s smart but got divorced and struggles to deal with things on his own.

Back in 1998, let’s call him John, he had some tough times after a failed marriage and a long relationship that didn’t work out.

John joined a dating agency in Britain.

But he noticed most of the women were older, divorced, not very good-looking, and had a lot of problems from their past relationships.

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Finding A Thai Woman Online

Then, he met a woman from Thailand.

They got married, but things changed.

She took control of his life and money.

It was like she was in charge of everything.

I told him to check out Thailand, and he listened.

In 2002, he signed up with a dating agency there,hey introduced him to two good-looking Thai women who were around 25 to 30 years younger than him.

The first woman met the requirements for a fiancée visa, but things didn’t work out for some reasons.

So, he went with the second choice woman.

The second woman, named Dada, met the requirements for the fiancée visa.

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Bringing Thai Girl To The UK On Fiancee Visa

So, my friend brought her and her six-year-old daughter to the UK.

After about six weeks, they got married there.

Things were okay for a bit, but Dada wasn’t young like her friends who liked going to clubs, which made John upset.

There were a few awkward situations.

Once, Dada didn’t come home on time after being at a disco.

John went to the club and pulled her out in front of her friends, causing a big embarrassment.

Over time, things got worse.

John and Dada’s daughter didn’t get along, which made their marriage even worse.Thailand Girl Online Dating Profile

Marriage With Online Thai Girlfriend Ended In Tears

After four years, their marriage ended, and they went through a costly court process.

Now, John is 61 years old and divorced from Dada.

Recently, we went on a short vacation to Pattaya together.

During that vacation, John met a woman named Kitty.

She was 46 years old and could speak English well, but she turned out to be really possessive.

After the first day, John went out for a drink alone and didn’t come back to their bungalow at the agreed time.

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Meeting Another Crazy Thai Girl

This made Kitty really angry, and she chased him down the street and even threw her shoe at him.

Her possessiveness didn’t stop, and it continued throughout the whole holiday.

John kept the relationship going and tried to bring Kitty to the UK on a fiancée visa.

However, during this time, Kitty conveniently lost her passport, so she had to apply for a new one.

While applying for the new passport and the fiancée visa, the British Embassy learned more about Kitty’s background.

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Learning About My New Thai Girlfriends Past

Turns out, Kitty had worked in the sex trade in Singapore two times before.

She got kicked out of Singapore twice because she overstayed her visa, and she had been in jail there for a month because of it.

Later on, she spent three more months in jail in Singapore for another offense.

Kitty had told John she had two children, but it was actually six.

Their visa application got rejected because of Kitty’s sketchy past.

However, as you might know, these problems can sometimes be fixed by giving money to the right people.

Before coming to the UK, Kitty supposedly got dengue fever and had to stay in the hospital for a few days.

John covered the cost of her hospital stay by giving the money directly to Kitty.

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She Is Scamming My Friend

I asked why John didn’t pay the hospital directly, but he said he trusted Kitty and didn’t know the hospital’s address.

Before coming to the UK, Kitty accused John of seeing other women and said she might not come.

I told John that since he already paid for her plane ticket, he might as well let her use it.

He could just send her back to Thailand if things didn’t work out.

Kitty arrived in the UK around mid-summer in 2006.

She stayed for six months, following her visa rules, and then went back to Thailand before Christmas.

Thai is scamming husband

Girlfriend Going Back To Thailand

Later on, Kitty got sick and needed an operation.

She was rushed to the hospital.

Once again, John paid for her hospital treatment by giving the money directly to Kitty.

I asked why he didn’t pay the hospital directly, and he said he didn’t know the name of the hospital.

After Christmas, John traveled to Thailand to visit Kitty.

He wanted to see the scar from her appendix operation.

But, surprise surprise, there was no scar.

Kitty then told John that it was actually her sister who had the operation and the money was for her.

John believed her.

Thai girl is really jealous

Moving My Girlfriend Permanently To The UK

Kitty came back to the UK to live with John, but over the next year, there were many incidents due to Kitty’s controlling behavior.

This eventually led to Kitty leaving John and flying back to Thailand.

There were a number of times when Kitty demanded to fly business class, even though it wasn’t feasible and they had to stick with economy.

She thought she was special.

Whenever they flew, Kitty insisted on sitting next to John and he couldn’t even glance at the flight attendants; he had to look straight ahead.

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Thai Wife Controlling His Life

John was also under some strict rules.

He wasn’t allowed to watch the news on TV if a female newsreader was presenting it.

Additionally, he couldn’t watch TV programs if they had a female on them.

These incidents were typical of the controlling behavior that caused issues between them.

John really liked cars and had a bunch of car magazines at home.

Kitty went through those magazines and tore out pages that had pictures of women, even if it was just an ad for a laptop with a woman in it.

John wasn’t allowed to go to the gas station on his own.

When they went to restaurants, Kitty made John sit facing the wall so he wouldn’t see any women.

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He Was Made To Make Her The Only Priority

Kitty’s controlling behavior also affected John’s relationships.

His family and friends, including his elderly mother, were pushed away.

As a result, John’s mother decided to exclude her son from her will.

Once, Kitty attacked John with a knife, and the police had to be called.

This led to Kitty spending a night in a police cell.

On another occasion, she attacked him again, prompting another call to the police.

This time, Kitty spent the night in a local hotel.

Controlling Thai Wife

Heading Back To Thailand To Get Married… Again

Later that year, John and Kitty went back to Thailand where they had a Thai marriage ceremony.

However, on the same evening, John called me from the UK to say that Kitty had left him.

The reason was that he had looked at a woman while getting out of a taxi.

He didn’t know where she had gone or what to do next.

I suggested to him that he should lock his door and keep any knives out of sight in the house.

John shared with me that Kitty’s family, consisting of 16 members, were really kind to him.

They welcomed him at the airport, took him out for meals, and even organized a family trip in Thailand.

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Buying Houses In Thailand Under Wifes Name…

Afterward, John went on to buy two Thai houses under Kitty’s name, along with a pickup truck for the family.

He also got two motorbikes, two bicycles, five iPhones, and set aside an allowance for Kitty, as well as providing money for Kitty’s family.

John managed to find a job and he must have been fairly well-off.

He stayed in a flat with Kitty.

She accompanied him to and from work to ensure he didn’t interact with any women along the way.

She even made sure there were no women in the elevator when he went up to his office floor.

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Wife Diagnosed With Mental Disorder

John had a cousin who worked as a nurse and specialized in psychiatry.

She diagnosed Kitty as having a mental disorder.

Anne, John’s cousin, suggested that he should break up with Kitty.

Eventually, Anne arranged for Kitty to be sent back to Thailand on a flight.

Anne took care of John in the following four months.

John told me that he wouldn’t take Kitty back, but he didn’t keep his word.

He ended up going against his promise, which led to the end of our friendship.

Marrying A Bargirl From Pattaya Thailand

He Cant Let Go Of His Controlling Thai Wife

From what I know, the arguments between John and Kitty carried on, and Kitty left him multiple times.

The story might sound strange, but it’s indeed true.

To sum up, considering John’s current age of 76 and his health problems including a quadruple heart bypass, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction, he’s put a lot of money into his relationship with Kitty.

Despite having gone through two expensive divorces, he’s hesitant to let go.

He’s attached to his UK house and even though he’s afraid of Kitty, he’s even more afraid of being alone.

And that’s how the story goes.

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