Moving To Manila For My Online Filipina Girlfriend

Unfaithful Filipina Girlfriend

Around 10 years back, I got to know a nice young lady from Manila, Philippines, on a dating website.

We talked a lot, and then I thought of flying there to meet her.

It was a super great two weeks when I went. We went around her country, staying at places near the beach.

She was in good shape and we had lots of fun. She was exactly the kind of person I wanted to be with, and, of course, really good-looking.

Moving To Manila

I chose to move to Manila for good. My plan was to learn how to teach English online.

Then, we could travel together to places like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Living together showed me more about her, like it usually does. I realized that this girl, like many Filipinas, had a strong temper and got really jealous.

Manila City, Philippines

My Filipina Girlfriend Is Becoming VERY Jealous

One day, she insisted on looking at my phone. I didn’t have anything secret, so I gave it to her.

She checked everything – photos, messaging apps, deleted stuff, and even my internet history.

I didn’t mind because I’m not the type to cheat, even though as a foreign guy in Manila, you could have plenty of options if you wanted.

Jealous Filipina Girlfriend

Is My Girlfriend Being Unfaithful?

Then, I began to think she was keeping something from me. So, I took her phone from her.

She was kind of small, so I could hold her back with one hand and check her phone with the other.

While she tried to take it back, she got really angry and went into a wild rage. She broke plates and other kitchen stuff.

She even grabbed a chair and threw it against the wall, making a big mark. Remember, I was renting that apartment and had given a month’s worth of rent as a deposit.

Unfaithful Filipina Girlfriend

Realising I Made A Bad Choice Moving To The Philippines

She threw glasses and coffee mugs at me, so I gave her the phone back.

I felt really scared for my safety. I realized I had to leave that place as soon as possible.

But I also knew if I said straight up that it was over, she might hurt herself or even try to hurt me.

So, I thought of a made-up story. I told her I got a teaching job in Vietnam and had to go there urgently.

Manila Harbor

Breaking Up With My Filipina Girlfriend

After I got to Vietnam without any trouble, I gave her a call and broke up with her.

I didn’t want to be with someone who got so angry and violent. I’ve heard similar stories from other guys, especially about Filipino women.

Some of them can hide their really strong anger and jealousy until later in the relationship.

I lived in Japan for two years, and I found that Japanese women also got super defensive about their man.

They acted like cats, being wary of any other females trying to get close to what they saw as their own.

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