My Unforgettable Encounter with an Honest Bargirl in Bangkok

Honest Bangkok Bar Girls

I promised you in my email that I am sending you a true story of my experience in Thailand.

It seems like the majority of stories are about bargirls being bad and in it for as much money as they can get from a foreigner, only to jump to the next person who gives them attention.

I never thought I would write about my experience with a bar girl, as it’s very personal to me and sacred.

My story is about a sweet and honest bargirl I met in Bangkok.

Her name was Pom.

Sweet and honest bar girl from bangkok wearing red mask

Memories of A Sweet and Honest Bangkok Bar Girl

Halfway through my tour, I had a week’s leave.

I went to Bangkok with my best friend, Willie.

Willie had been to Bangkok previously and told me all about the amazing things to do there.

Our first night in Bangkok, we went to his previous hangout on B Road.

They had a live band, which later became famous, and about a dozen girls.

I was nursing a drink and checking out the ladies.

After about an hour, I became disillusioned with the selection of girls and was asking my buddy if he wanted to go to a different place.

Sexy Thai Girl Love At First Sight

It Was Love At First Sight In The Bangkok Bar

Suddenly, I noticed a shy girl standing in the back of the bar.

I immediately decided that she was the one for me.

Call me naive or love-struck, but for me, it was love at first sight.

There was something distinctive about this girl that I found fascinating – her beautiful hair, her gorgeous eyes, and beautiful smile.

After I barfined her, we went back to my hotel.

As I said before, she was a shy girl; she even wore a towel from the shower to the bed, removing it after getting under the covers.

Beautiful Lady From Thailand Showing off Her Body

My Money Soon Ran Out In The Land of Smiles

At this point in the story, many of your listeners are probably thinking she had something to hide, such as being a ladyboy perhaps.

Well, I can assure you she had nothing to hide; she was just shy.

When I went to Thailand, I didn’t have a lot of money, but my buddy assured me that he would take care of me as he had plenty of money.

After about 3 days, our money ran out, and I asked my friend if he could finance the rest of our stay.

Little did I know that his so-called wealth was in the form of a checkbook, which was basically worthless in Thailand at the time.

Sweet and caring bar girl from bangkok

This Sweet Bar Girl Offered To Host Us For Free

I told Pom that my buddy and I were broke and would have to leave Thailand early.

She shocked me by suggesting that Willie and I stay at her house.

We eagerly accepted her kind offer and had the time of our lives staying at a Thai house off the beaten path, eating Thai food, and drinking Thai beer.

Pom paid for everything and never asked for a penny in return.

Tall Asian Bar Girl Wearing Black Showing Breasts

Love and Memories Of My One and Only Bar Girl

Willie and I reluctantly left Thailand after our seven days were up and returned to Japan.

Toward the end of my tour, I put in for Thailand to be my next duty station assignment.

Luckily, my choice was granted, and I was assigned to U-Tapao near Pattaya, which is fairly close to Bangkok.

I left Japan on a C130 and flew to Bangkok for an overnight stay before being bused to U-Tapao.

I made a mad dash for the bar to see my sweetheart, only to be told that she was off that night, and I never saw her again.

But that’s another story.


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