Experiencing A Soapy Massage For The First Time

Thai Soapy Massage

I went to Bangkok for the first time not long ago.

I had a great time there for a few days.

I saw the cool stuff like the Grand Palace and other fun places during the day and at night, I hung out with a freelancer.

After that, I spent nine days in Pattaya and had a blast.

I did lots of cool stuff like getting awesome and affordable massages, walking and jogging by the beach, and playing pool with the girls at the bars.

I even did some exciting laps at the go-kart track.

I made friends with some of the girls, and we still talk.

It was a good time.

Later, I went back to Bangkok for a couple of days before heading to Phuket.

Soapy Massage Parlour

Heading For The First Soapy Massage

I thought it was time to try a soapy massage.

It’s an old thing that tourists usually like, I looked it up and found out about some places.

In these places, there are fishbowls with lots of girls behind glass.

You can choose a girl by picking a number, and she’ll give you a massage.

These places have different kinds of girls, and the prettier ones cost more.

There’s even a place where you can go up a couple of floors and pay a lot for a really good-looking girl.

It’s a bit much for me, though.

A massage is just a massage, right? But who knows, I might want to try it one day.

Instead, I find some smaller places that offer soapy massages with less fuss.

I picked one place and decide to give it a try.

Walking around in Bangkok is fun because the streets are busy.

The only tricky thing is crossing the streets – you have to be really careful because it’s risky.

The cars might stop, but the motorbikes keep zooming by.

I reach the small soapy massage shop and a really nice lady welcomes me inside.

Soapy Massage Girls

So Many Girls In The Massage Parlours

The entrance has a few good-looking ladies sitting in chairs.

I later learn that the lady who greeted me is one of the more experienced massage girls and sort of manages the others.

On that evening, she’s really friendly, super beautiful, and makes me feel welcome right away.

We hit it off well.

She invites me to sit on the couch and tells me about the different things they offer.

She gives me a menu – just like you get at a restaurant.

It’s a little book with pages that are covered to keep them nice, and it clearly says in simple words what they have.

They have prices for massages that last 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

I’m listening and starting to really like the girl who’s explaining everything.

I’m so into her positive vibes.

I don’t need to see the other girls.

I ask if I can get a massage with her because she looks so awesome.

But she says she’s kind of like a boss tonight, so I’ll have to choose one of the other girls for now.

I Want A Massage From The Mamasan

An Asian guy comes in, a tall good-looking guy in his 30s.

He sits down on the sofa with a lady in the middle.

She talks to him a little, and then she gives a sign.

Suddenly, like magic, six or seven pretty girls come out and stand in front of us.

They all look nice, but none of them catch my eye like the lady next to me.

The Asian guy looks at the girls but doesn’t seem to like any of them.

He says he’ll come back later, but everyone knows he won’t.

He stands up and goes towards the door.

The girls are still standing there, and I feel a bit awkward because I’m not sure who to pick.

I don’t see the girl I really like among them; she’s sitting next to me.

I think for a moment and decide to be honest.

I tell her that I don’t really like any of the other girls, so I’ll leave.

I mention that if she’s available, I’d like her to massage me, but if not, I understand.

She thinks about it and then says she’ll do the massage.

I’m super happy because I already like her a lot.

She’s really good-looking, friendly, and we get along well.

Choosing which girl to have in massage parlour

Choosing A Massage From The Menu

I check the menu again and choose the longest massage, which is two hours.

Let’s call her “Kwan.”

Kwan tells me about an extra option: I can pay 500 Baht more for a VIP room.

I ask her what that is, and she says it’s a bigger, fancier room with a big TV, a bigger tub, and nice decorations.

I think about it, and she says the larger room would be great for a two-hour massage.

I agree and book the room.

Now I’ve chosen the best service with the girl I’m really sure will do a great job.

I pay the fee and also get a beer for an extra 100 baht.

We go to the back of the place and up the stairs to the VIP room.

Beautiful Thai Girl Working At A Soapy Massage

The room is big and nice, just like Kwan said.

She fills up the bathtub with water and turns on the big TV.

Then, she goes downstairs while I get undressed.

She’s gone for a while, maybe telling another girl what to do while she’s in charge,

It’s hard to know for sure but I think Kwan is around 35 years old, while most of the other girls seem to be in their late 20s.

Kwan finally comes back when I’m standing there with no clothes on, not really interested in the TV and looking forward to spending time with her.

Let The Massage Begin

The bathtub is almost full, and she suggests we take a shower before getting in.

There’s a shower right next to the tub, probably to keep the water clean.

So, we shower, and then Kwan puts bubble bath stuff in the tub.

We both get in the tub together.

What comes next is pure happiness.

Kwan turns on the bubbling water in the tub, and the bubbles start to rise.

She gives me one of the best soapy massages I’ve ever had.

While she’s massaging me, we talk, joke, and laugh.

We’re having a really good time.

This goes on for a while, and I realize my feelings about Kwan were right.

The connection I feel with her is real, and our time together is really nice so far.

Thailand Go Go Girl On The Sofa

Eventually, we need to get out of the tub, dry off, and move to the dry bed.

She asks if I want gel or oil for the body-to-body massage.

I’m not sure what’s better, so I ask in a hopeful voice, looking for her approval.

She nods and says gel is good.

Next comes the massage with gel.

Kwan is really good at it.

This goes on for quite some time and is just as wonderful as the fun we had in the tub.

Then Kwan grabs a towel, cleans off the gel, and tells me to turn over so she can massage my other side.

It was a perfect time with a beautiful, kind, and skilled Thai woman.

When we finish, there’s still a bit of time left, so we chat with each other.

I find myself looking into Kwan’s eyes and smiling a lot.

What a wonderful experience! My first soapy massage was a great success.

I exchanged contact information with Kwan, and I’ll definitely find her again the next time I’m in Bangkok.


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