How I Got A Holiday Girlfriend In Thailand

Holiday Girlfriend In Thailand

Hi, I’m James, and I’d like to share a little bit about myself and an experience from my trip. Just so you know, my English skills aren’t super strong, but I’ll give it my best shot to tell you my story.

I was exploring Thailand, having a great time. While I was over there I thought I’d give Tinder a try to meet new girls, and I matched with a girl named Nut, and we started talking.

Trying Tinder While In Thailand

I had a plan in mind as I knew I’d be heading back to Phuket in just a few days. Instead of trying to meet new people, I thought it would be a great idea to spend time with someone I had already matched with on Tinder.

So, after a few days of chatting with Nut through the app, we decided to meet up once I got back to Patong.

To be completely honest, my main aim was simply to find a girl to have a good time with during my trip. However, Nut had a different idea and made it pretty clear that she expected me to take care of her in return for her company.

I guess this is the holiday girlfriend thing I had heard about.

I wasn’t really on the lookout for a romantic relationship or anything physical for that matter, so it was a bit disappointing when she assumed that’s what I was after.

Thai Girls Tinder Profiles

Not Looking For Love In Thailand

As I mentioned before, my goal was to have a fun and enjoyable time while I was on the island, and I didn’t mind covering Nut’s expenses to make that happen.

Meeting with Nut began at a local bar where we had a great time playing some games of pool and later on, we decided to head to a larger bar where a live band was performing. So far, so good.

when I was with Nut in person – she seemed quite shy and quiet, which was unexpected after the earlier conversations we had online about “taking care” of each other. To be honest, im glad she acted that way and wasn’t the loud and out there type of person.

Nut asked if we could have ice cream together again the following day, and I agreed.

I thought it would only be us two, so it was a big surprise when I saw her mother had come along too.

I started feeling a tad uneasy, especially when Nut’s mother asked me if I had any intentions of marrying her daughter.

In my head, I was thinking, “I don’t even know her daughter’s birthdate!”

But we both had a little chuckle about it, and Nut’s mother continued chatting, saying how great we looked together as a couple.

She mentioned that she had also been married to a Belgian guy who used to send her money regularly.

Thailand Holiday Girlfriends

Now I Have A Holiday Girlfriend

So, Nut became my holiday girlfriend, and I still thinking about the good memories we made together. I believe I wouldn’t have explored so many places without her by my side.

She took me to all sorts of places, from a Buddha Day ceremony to local night markets, restaurants, and waterfalls. I genuinely loved being with Nut, and I believe she enjoyed her time with me too.

I had one conversation with her that struck me as a bit odd. I should mention that, at this point, I was sharing my hotel room with a friend, and we had two separate beds to save money.

So, as a joke, I asked Nut, “Could you feel the same way about my roommate as you do about me?” She replied with a firm “No, because I know you.” Then, I followed up with, “Well, what if you didn’t know me?” To that, she said, “Hmm, maybe then.”

Dating In Thailand

Did She Really Love Me?

I was a bit confused by this because she said she loved me and that I was special, but it seemed like my roommate could have been special too if she didn’t know me.

I kept thinking about it, and I usually trust what my brain tells me, not just my feelings.

One time, I caught her secretly using Tinder while we were together. She said that it was just to make new friends, even though she didn’t plan to meet anyone because she was with me.

I didn’t really believe that explanation, but since I was going back to Belgium in a few days, I decided to let it slide.

A few days before I left, Nut asked me to buy her a gold ring, and at first, I wasn’t sure about it. But then, I saw her selling several rings for cash, and it made me feel really sorry for her.

Two Bangkok Girls

Buying My Thai Holiday Girlfriend Jewellery

Well, I guess I’m a bit of a softy, so I ended up buying a ring for her.

It wasn’t because I was thinking about marrying her, but I wanted to give her something that she could exchange for money if she ever needed it.

Some might say I was foolish, but honestly, I would do it again. We all have our own ideas of what love should be, and I have my own.

I’m sure Nut had hers too. But the thing is, I’ve never had to sell my belongings to buy food, and that’s a privilege I’m grateful for.

Seeing Nut having to sell her rings for food really saddened me. I won’t ever judge her or her way of life.

Despite our disagreements and the times when she got on my nerves, I genuinely wish her a good life and all the luck in the world.

I’d be really happy to see her again if I ever come back to Thailand.

Of course, making sure someone is with you for love and not just money should always be a top priority. But sometimes, it can be really hard not to let your heart overrule your head.

And that my friends is my short story of me and my holiday girlfriend in Thailand

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