Online Filipino Girlfriend Was Scamming Me

Hi, my name is Gee, I am UK and and have had a bit of a rough past.

At 45 years old, I went through a painful and challenging divorce that tested me in ways I never thought possible.

Having visited the Philippines multiple times, the idea of living in this beautiful country has always been firmly rooted in my mind.

I was now 49 years old, 4 years after my divorce and i hadn’t been with anyone since, not even a single date.

It was time for me to look for love again, i really liked the idea of finding love with a special filipina woman, who would be with me always.

Online Filipina Girlfriend

Looking For A Filipina Girlfriend Online


After a painful breakup in his own country, he turns turns to online and falls in love with his new filipina girlfriend šŸ‡µšŸ‡­ He eventually visits his long distance girlfriend in the Philippines, though, things dont go according to plan šŸ’” #philippines #longdistancefriendship #onlinerelationship #filipina #filipinagirlfriend

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So after gathering some ideas on how to meet a woman like that, i decided to set up a profile on a dating site called Pinalove or something along them lines.

I wasnt on the site long before I came across a girl named Jasmin, she looked really beautiful and I could describe her as everything I look for in a woman.

She was very attractive, smart and had a great job dealing with international companies, and made a very good salary.

After a few messages back and forth asking the general questions, we began messaging each other every day, we both worked from home so we would often video call and chatted while we worked.

It became a really nice long distance relationship and it was nice to feel again that someone was interested in me showing me attention and affection.

Jasmins English was very good, though 99% of filipinos speak good english, she was 38 years old so we had just over a 10 year age difference, and she had a young son.

Months went by with us chatting every day and our feelings got stronger, well they was getting stronger for me anyway.

Online Dating Filipino

Flying To Manila To See My Online Girlfriend

After a good 6 months of chatting online and having video chats, i decided it was time for us to meet in person as we had already began having serious chats about a future life together.

So we made a plan, which would be me flying to Manila and staying with her in a hotel for a couple of days, she said that I could stay at her place but she lives with all her family and that would make me feel a bit intrusive to be honest.

Jasmins mum lived with her to take care of her son while Jasmin worked and helped finacially, she also had a brother that lived with them too

After a few days in Manila we planned on going to Cambodia or Thailand for a bit of sight seeing and exploring.

I thought going to Thailand to check out all the temples and sights would be good and it sounded romantic in my head, but she really wanted to go to Cambodia.

Flying to manila to meet girlfriend

Nerves Are Kicking In Before Flying To The Philippines


Meeting long distance relationship filipina girlfriend for the first time šŸ‡µšŸ‡­šŸ’” #longdistancerelationship #onlinerelationship #meetingforthefirsttime #filipina #filipinagirlfriend

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The day of my arrival was creeping up on me, and although i had been speaking and video chatting with Jasmin for over 6 months, i was still a bag of neerves because it had been so long without any interactions with females. But they day arrived and it was finally time for me to fly there.

When i arrived at Manila airport a lot of thoughts was going through my mind, i had never done anything this crazy to meet someone from online in a different country.

I proceeded through immigration, collected my bags and headed to the leaving gate.

When i got through the gate, i saw her standing there, for a moment i was starstruck, she looked absolutely incredible, the video chats and pictures do no justice, she looked like an angel smiling back at me. Easily one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

Her brother was with her for some reason, i just thought he was there for moral support of if i wasnt who i said i was she could have easily left, im not sure.

Meeting My Filipina Girlfriend For The First Time

She ran over and gave me a hug and kiss, she did not seem shy at all, me on the other hand was a sweaty mess but we held each other and in that moment all my problems and past issues seemed to to have disappeared.

I felt that we was a great couple, and our chemistry even matched, it was like heaven, it was just as strong in person as it was online.

I was right about her brother, he had came in brought jasmin to the airport in his car, so he gave me a lift to the hotel.

Something must have gotten lost in translation because I thought me and Jasmin would be staying together, turns out she had to stay at home because her son and work.

This really put a gray cloud over my head, i had travelled all this way to see the girl i had fallen in love with online, just to be told i wont be spending my nights in bed with her.

Anyway, the next 2 days was just me and Jasmin, we got a long well and everything, we had good chemistry and i can honestly say I was in love with this girl. Just everything about her was perfect.

The day came where we was meant to be going on our trip to Cambodia. It was the morning of that day and our flight was in the evening. Jasmin called me and told me that her mother said she had to stay an extra day to help with some things.

Things Are Not Going To Plan With Our First Meet

So of course I had to cancel our flight and schedule it for the next day, ok a bit of money lost but I wasnt going to let one bad mishap ruin my time with Jasmin.

That day, i just stayed in the hotel and caught up on some work while Jasmin did whatever she needed to take care of.

I informed her that our flight was rescheduled for the next day and asked if that was ok, she said yes thats fine.

THe next day arrived and the same thing happened again, got a phone call from Jasmin cancelling the plans.

This happened for the next 5 days, i kid you not. Not only was I losing money, but i was losing patients as well.

Leaving Manila to Cebu On My Own


Meeting my long distance filipina girlfriend for the first time (gone wrong!) šŸ‡µšŸ‡­šŸ’” #longdistancerelationship #relationshipstorytime #filipinagirlfriend #relationshipproblems #onlinegirlfriend

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This kept happening day after day, so i decided I am not going to let this get in the way, if i cant see jasmin then I am going to do some exploring myself. I had always wanted to visit the island of Cebu in the philippines so i booked a ticket there and found a hotel near the beach.

I told Jasmin to let me know when she is ready to meet up and I will buy her a ticket there to cebu.

I arrived in Cebu and I was blown away with how beautiful the place was, there was lots to do depending on your mood.

I had a great little cheap hotel near the beach, but it seemed I was the only single guy there, i felt a little sad but was happy to be away from my own country and relaxing on the beach.

Me and Jasmin kept messaging and video calling, it seemed strange, we was so close yet so far and after all the money I had spent, still the only way i could see her was on video chat.

Girl On The Beach In Cebu

Is My Filipina Girlfriend Lying To Me?

She kept telling me she would come to Cebu the following day, but I would not buy a ticket until she was at the airport because she kept cancelling on the day.

My frustration grew as I had done all this traveling just to see her but now im sat here alone.

I finally told her that I am not happy with how things are going and that ive wasted a lot of money just to see her.

She got a bit angry and we got into a little argument, however I wasnt backing down and letting her walk all over me after everything I had done.

Since our argument whenever I would call Jasmin she would start hanging up on me, no matter what I said. It felt like she was trying her best to cause an argument. If i said the slightest thing that she did not like she would instantly hang up.

I then decided im going to go out and enjoy myself, im already here so no point in just staying in the hotel all day waiting for someone that keeps letting me down.

I had fun sight seeing, going to the beaches, the markets and the bars but i was still a little disapointed that I did not have Jasmin by my side to experience them moments together.

Heading Back To Manila For My Last Day

It was coming to the end of my trip, so I headed back to Manila for my last night before flying home the following day.

Once I got to Manila, Jasmin must have seen me check in on facebook because she called me apologising for everything and begging to meet up again and give her another chance.

The sucker I am, i gave in and agreed to meet her, we went for a drink but i must admit the chemistry had died off, not completely but it sure wasnt the same as it was before.

As it was my last night, i decided to push the boat out and find a nice expensive hotel in which Jasmin said she will join me.

The hotel room was huge with a nice view, even had a jaccuzi in the room, which me and Jasmin ended up putting to good use.

We had a great night together, chatting, laughing, drinking and of course very fun in many ways. It’s strange how a night with her made all my frustrations from this holiday and events with her disapear.

I asked her straight up if she was serious about this relationship because I cant be with someone that keeps cancelling on me when i make all the effort to make it work.

She replied that she wanted a serious relationship with me and that she wanted to work on building a stronger bond together, we both agreed to do this when i left the philippines for the UK.

Back To The Long Distance Relationship Scene

Once I was back in the UK, things carried on as normal, we spoke none stop and would video call every day, i was truly in love with Jasmin and it was lovely planning our future together.

I chose to ignore the warning signs of our first meet, and just put it down to wrong timing.

I did actually believe her feelings towards me were just as real and genuine as mine.

I must admit, i think a lot of my feelings was due to her looks, she is absolutely beautiful but i had a connection with her personality as well, we shared a strong mutual bond.

After a while, Jasmin mentioned that she would talk to her mother about me and begin discussing our future together and how her mother would be involved. Around this time, I got to know more about her family.

She had an older and a younger brother, all three of them well-educated with engineering degrees.

Jasmins mother was apparently sick and needed hospital treatment now and again, though she still took care of the kids in the family despite her sickness

Jasmin and her brothers had really good jobs, but a big portion of their income would go directly to their mother.

Not sure if this was a philippines thing or that they just did that to help support the family.

Realising My Filipina Girlfriend Is A Con Artist

The more i got to know about Jasmins mother, the more i realised she was quite the con artist and master manipulator, i dont think Jasmin and her brothers could actually see this.

Her mother understandably seemed to only have one thing on her mind, and that was money.

During one conversation With Jasmin, she mentioned that her mum had been talking about me and Jasmin getting married and if im willing to support the family when we do.

It came as a bit of a shock but i clearly told her that I am not rich and in a position to be taking care of a family, and that it was way too early for me and her to get married, although we had spoke about doing so in the future.

When i said this to Jasmin, she replied that it would only be 2,000 USD a month to take care of the family. The way she said this made it sound like her mother wasnt the only one thinking about it.

2,000 USD is a lot of money in the philippines and a lot of other countries, i really think her mum was trying to push me to see if iā€™d give into her requests.

I Need To Pay My Girlfriends Family To Be In A Relationship With Her

I asked Jasmin why her mother needed this amount a month, and she said it was to show that I am serious about her daughter and willing to support her needs.

Jasmins mother was quickly becoming my most hated person, she seemed rude and not a care about anything other than money, it also felt like she used her kids for money and didnt actually care about them.

Jasmin seemed to be her mothers most valuable asset, she took a big portion of her salary and also demanded money from the guys she dated in the past and in the future it seems.

With all that was going on with money there was too much red flags for me to avoid, ive heard other stories and i didnt want to end up like that.

Although i was deeply in love with Jasmin and at that time i thought she was the love of my life, the woman im meant to spend the rest of my days with, i just couldnt go through with it.

Breaking Up

I had to call it quits and say our good byes despite the feelings we had for each other.

I did not want to be the guy that makes a girl choose between me or her family, even if i was, her mother had such a strong hold on her that i dont think in a million years she would go against her mother. Its almost as if she was brainwashed.

Anyway, life went on and we slowly drifted away from texting every day, to texting now and again to finally not texting at all.

It was tough i admit because the feelings for her had grown, but there was nothing I could do about it.

6 or 7 months later, she randomly messaged me out of the blue stating that she was going to be in hong kong for work, and asked if i would be interested in going there to meet her.

Meeting Up Again In Hong Kong

Now i know its wishful thinking to act like this relationship had a future, i knew deep down it wouldnt end with the fairy tale ending, but i did want to see her, if only for a short while so i stupidly agreed.

I booked a flight to hong kong for a weeks stay in some fancy hotel.

When i got off the plane and saw her standing there, its hard to explain, every single feeling and emotion rushed back to me and again i found myself weak and in love all over again.

We spent a fantastic week together, with no problems from her family. I could easily say it was one of the best weeks of my life. We had a lot of catching up to do both in and out of the hotel room.

We did end up discussing how we could possibly have a future together, but the conversation was mostly about the issues that would arise with her mother.

If I Marry You, I Will Take Care Of Your Family


Meeting My Long Distance Filipina Girlfriend For The First Time, Gone Wrong šŸ’”šŸ‡µšŸ‡­ #filipinagirlfriend #longdistancerelationship #philippinesstory #relationships #ldrstory

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I did make the offer that if and after we get married, I would help out with finances to the family but wouldnt be comfotable just giving her 2000 USD a month for no other reason that being married to her daughter.

I told Jasmin it would feel like im paying to be her wife, and that it was just about money. I didnt want it to feel like that.

Once again, we went our seperate ways, when i arrived back in the UK though we started talking again every day and doing our regular video calls.

Jasmin went back to the philippines after a few months where she informed me that her mother had arranged a marraige with Jasmin and another guy, who was very well off but a lot older than Jasmin.

I was shocked that her mother was up to her bad habbits again, using her daughter for financial gain. I could clearly see that Jasmins mother did not care at all about her daughters wellbeing.

Girlfriends Mother Is Using Her Daughter For Financial Gain

And that is pretty much it, Jasmine was clearly brainwashed by her mother and nothing i could do or say would change that.

She was going to get married to a wealthy man that she didnt even care for, just so her mother could line her pockets with even more money.

It was time that we said our good byes, yet again.

I cant help but feel hatred and disgust for Jasmines mother, its just absolutely disgusting the way she used her daughter for financial gain.

It was like she was trying to sell her to the highest bidder, which is wrong on so many levels.

And thats that, im back in the UK living a normal life, taking each day as it comes.

Ive decided not to look for love, if its meant to be then it will find me.

I sometimes often think how Jasmins life is doing and if she actually found happiness with the arranged marriage, I guess ill never know.

I still honestly think that she was the one for me and if it wasnt for the mother, then we would be happily engaged right now.

But ah well, life goes on. Thanks.

Dating online Filipinas

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